Alterno-Daze: Natural Selection - '90s

Alterno-Daze: Natural Selection - '90s


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Rebound's Alterno-Daze: Natural Selection -- '90s attempts to offer a brief summary of post-punk, college-rock and alternative rock to kids turned onto alternative music through Nirvana or Green Day. Since it's a budget-priced compilation, it shouldn't be surprising that it clocks in at 12 tracks (ten on cassette) and occasionally gets it wrong -- some of the bands are worthy, but their selections are puzzling; some haven't stood the test of time (which means that even a few years on, bands like the Wonder Stuff and Quicksand feel like artifacts of their era). What is a surprise is that the rest of the album is pretty good indeed. Certainly, a budget-line collection could never provide a definitive portrait of alternative music, especially since the genre was entering its death throes when this was released in 1995, but this has its fair share of strong songs, including "Dreams," "Connected," "Sit Down," "Bruise Violet," "Firepile" and "Valerie Loves Me." That alone makes it worthwhile for budget-minded curious listeners.

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Release Date: 04/14/2015
Label: Jdc Records
UPC: 0731452032522
catalogNumber: 520325

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