An Unreliable History of the Second World War

An Unreliable History of the Second World War

by M J Harper


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In thirty-five separate but themed and chronological chapters the author exposes the failings (and occasional successes) of the main combatants of the Second World War. Beginning with the run up to the war and a re-evaluation of the policies of the key participants, the book offers much more realistic explanations for the early successes of Germany and Japan. And for their ultimate failure. There are sections on each of the armed services, the difficulties of grand strategy and wartime administration, the politics of neutrals, critiques of individual campaigns notably the Battle of the Atlantic, Monte Cassino and Arnhem, and offers fresh perspectives about such controversial subjects as strategic bombing, the treatment of POW’s and and the Holocaust. But there are also excursions into lighter subjects, for example the role of ‘aces’, the naming of tanks and the cult of the amateur. The book concludes with the actual reason why the war concluded.

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ISBN-13: 9780954291136
Publisher: Urquhart Press
Publication date: 08/01/2018
Pages: 220
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Table of Contents

1 Britain's Drang Nach Osten

2 The Great Dictators

3 Teschen: The Cause of the Second World War

4 Up For The Cup

5 Maginot Line Vindicated

6 The Manstein Plan

7 Why The Cheesemonkeys Surrendered

8 German Ship Rocks World

9 Neutrals For The Asking

10 Neutrals For The Taking

11 Roosevelt Leads From Behind

12 The Lion, the Bear and the Wardroom

13 What Hitler Should Have Done

14 Balkan Follies

15 You Win Some, You Lose Some

16 By Any Other Name

17 Tanks: the Penny Packet Theory

18 The British Empire versus Michael Wittman

19 Aces High

20 Airmindedness

21 The Wooden Walls of England

22 Beacon of Light

23 Jews In High Places

24 The Holocaust: For or Against?

25 Napoleon and Hitler

26 Gentlemen and Players

27 Behind the Wire

28 Going Down With The Ship

29 Senior Service

30 Getting What You Wished For

31 How Intelligent Are Armies?

32 Airborne Soldiers, Chairborne Generals

33 First Rule of Fight Club

34 Last Knockings

35 Who Won The War?

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