Anti-Chomsky Reader

Anti-Chomsky Reader

by Peter Collier, David Horowitz


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This description is based on the MIT professor's writings on linguistics in the 1950s; but beginning with his criticism of the Vietnam War in the 1960s, Chomsky became much better known for his radical politics than for his theories of language. Over the past forty years he has gained a devoted following in the United States and Europe for his increasingly bitter—some say hysterical—censure of U.S. "crimes." Chomsky has complained about being ignored by mainstream publications such as the "New York Times," but in fact his steady stream of polemical works, like the best-selling "9-11," have made him the center of a veritable cult. In "The Anti-Chomsky Reader," editors Peter Collier and David Horowitz have assembled a set of essays that analyze Chomsky's intellectual career and the evolution of his anti-Americanism. The essays in this provocative book focus on subjects such as Chomsky's bizarre involvement with Holocaust revisionism, his apologies for Khmer Rouge tyrant Pol Pot, and his claim that America's policies in Latin America in the 1980s were comparable to Nazism. Scholar Paul Bogdanor writes about Chomsky's hatred of Israel. Ronald Radosh and David Horowitz discuss his gloating reaction to the September 11 attack. Linguists Paul Postal and Robert Levine reevaluate Chomsky's linguistics and find the same qualities there that others see in his politics: "a deep contempt for the truth, descents into incoherence, and verbal abuse of those who disagree with him." "The Anti-Chomsky Reader" presents a fascinating composite portrait of a man who arguably is our most influential public intellectual.

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ISBN-13: 9781893554979
Publisher: Encounter Books
Publication date: 07/28/2004
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.68(w) x 8.96(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part IChomsky, the World and the Word
1Whitewashing Dictatorship in Communist Vietnam and Cambodia1
2Chomsky and the Cold War35
3Chomsky and the Media: A Kept Press and a Manipulated People67
Part IIChomsky and the Jews
4Chomsky's War against Israel87
5Chomsky and Holocaust Denial117
Part IIIChomsky and the War on Terror
6Chomsky and 9/11161
7Noam Chomsky's Anti-American Obsession181
Part IVChomsky and Linguistics
8A Corrupted Linguistics203
9Chomsky, Language, World War II and Me233

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Anti-Chomsky Reader 2.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Noam Chomsky is a cult figure among anti-American leftists in Europe and the USA, especially on university campuses. This book, which consists of essays by several distinguished scholars, exposes the hollow foundations of Chomsky's reputation. Though there is some variation in the quality of the contributions, the best essays are superb. In particular the lead essay by Stephen J. Morris 'Whitewashing Dictatorship in Vietnam and Cambodia' exposes the fraudulent scholarship of Chomsky with regard to communist rule in Vietnam and Cambodia. Chomsky has always presented himself as an anti-war activist, interested in the rights of the oppressed. Yet Morris, who was at Harvard during the 1990s, and has had his history of Vietnamese and Cambodian communism recently published by Stanford University Press, shows how Chomsky blatantly misrepresents the quality and breadth of available evidence in order to defend brutal dictatorships in these countries. The essay on 9/11 by Ron Radosh and David Horowitz is valuable exposure of Chomsky's misrepresentation of the US overthrow of the Taliban dictatorship in Afghanistan as 'silent genocide.' And one real eye opener is the last essay by John Williamson on Chomsky's linguistics and his history of World War II, which exposes Chomsky's bizarre view that the US helped the Nazis against the USSR (an old Stalinist myth). Chomsky's views are not only wrong but also pathologically so. Yet he has been so widely respected. After this book's mostly careful and judicious expose of Chomsky's intellectual deceit and bigotry, the mythmaking political extremist now has no place to run and no place to hide.
toadlip on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Interesting reading. It certainly makes you wonder why he's such the darling of the media. He gets a lot of press. Sometimes the book does get tedious, but the research seems to be done well.
AsyaRagnarok More than 1 year ago
logic is dead.
Panoply More than 1 year ago
There is no doubt that Chomsky lives his life in perpetual adolescence and that only those under the age of 25 are able to find any resonance in his all-too-predictable writing. Having said that, you don't really need this book to take Chomsky's measure. Reading ANY selection of his writing is more than enough for that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book contains within it some very intelligent and insightful thought. However articulate this book is, it is a blatant and transparent attempt to discredit a man who has devoted his life's energy to attacking arbitrary power and not letting crimes of aggression and complacency to go unnoticed in a country as indoctrinated in the apathy of patriotic zeal in the United States. As every author entrenched in political science and philosophy, conjectures are often made in relation to a patterns of behavior. Such as Governmental policy that refuses to take accountability for the possible and predicable consequences of their actions, a characteristic repeated without limits in sight. This book wishes to take several examples of conjecture and magnify there existence in order to discredit Chomsky¿s fundamental thought process. If these author are the benign objective scholars with the altruistic objective of shedding light on deceit... I ask the editors and the authors to investigate the pathological deceit involved making war in the Middle East, and for that matter in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, but an analysis like that wouldn't serve any productive means, such as giving a voice to those murdered for there land and resources and then labeled militants and communists. If you have any understanding of the existence/need for dissent in our society, this is a predictable example of the forces that attempt to discredit and marginalize the opinions that run contrary to the needs of powerful leaders. Let us look at the authors and what the are trying to convey¿ Chomsky, sticking up for the underdog, the oppressed, the murdered one¿s without voices, the one¿s robbed of life and dignity. When we look at the authors and editors of this book their goals are far from admirable, rather they think their articulation will serve somehow to detracted from the books low goals, which are nothing but attempts at discrediting Chomsky on minor mistakes through his life long scholarship dedicated fundamentally to preserving humanity by shared thought. Books like this are transparent especially because they are predicable, they rely on institutionalized lies, and will always appeal to indoctrinated beliefs we wish not to let go of, beliefs that when questions people become belligerent and impractical, and confounded with questioning things that have been especially pounded into our culture like the so-called benevolence of our ¿Leaders¿. See through the lies and the coercion, think independently and try to be human.