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Antiquities under Siege: Cultural Heritage Protection after the Iraq War / Edition 1

Antiquities under Siege: Cultural Heritage Protection after the Iraq War / Edition 1


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As Saddam Hussein's government fell in April 2003, news accounts detailed the pillage of Iraq's National Museum. The museum's looting grabbed headlines worldwide and public attention briefly focused on Iraq's threatened cultural heritage. Less dramatic, though far more devastating, was the subsequent epidemic of looting at thousands of archaeological sites around the country. Illegal digging on a massive scale continues to this day, virtually unchecked, with Iraq's ten thousand officially recognized sites being destroyed at a rate of roughly 10 percent per year. This book contains the first full published account of the disasters that have befallen Iraq's cultural heritage, and it analyzes why the array of laws and international conventions; the advocacy efforts of cultural heritage organizations; and the military planning and implementation of cultural protection operations all failed, and continue to fail, to prevent massive and irreversible loss. Looking forward, the book identifies new planning procedures, policy mechanisms, and implementation strategies capable of succeeding, so the mistakes of Iraq will not be replicated in other regions in crisis whose cultural heritage are at risk. Both archaeologists and policy-makers will benefit from this detailed study.

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ISBN-13: 9780759110991
Publisher: AltaMira Press
Publication date: 03/27/2008
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 340
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About the Author

Lawrence Rothfield is faculty director and co-founder of the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. He was previously the director of the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities at the University of Chicago and is also a professor of comparative literature, in which field he has three publications.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Part I. The Case of Iraq and the Context of Looting Chapter 2 Chapter 1. Preserving Iraq's Heritage from Looting: What Went Wrong (within the United States) Chapter 3 Chapter 2. Preparations at the Iraq Museum in the Lead-Up to War Chapter 4 Chapter 3. Thieves of Baghdad: The Looting of the Iraq Museum Chapter 5 Chapter 4. Who Are the Looters at Archaeological Sites in Iraq? Chapter 6 Chapter 5. See No Evil: Museums, Art Collectors, and the Black Markets They Adore Chapter 7 Chapter 6. The Western Market in Iraqi Antiques Part 8 Part II. Preventing Future Looting after Armed Combat Chapter 9 The Way Forward for Legislative Bodies with Respect to International Law Chapter 10 Chapter 7. The 1954 Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict: Its Background and Prospects for Ratification in the United States Chapter 11 Chapter 8. The Implementation of International Treaties at the National Level: Law and Practice Chapter 12 The Way Forward for Legislative Bodies and Military Commanders: Beyond Implementing International Law Chapter 13 Chapter 9. Congressional Responses to the Looting of Iraq's Cultural Property Chapter 14 Chapter 10. The Chain of Command Chapter 15 The Way Forward for Military and Civilian War Planners Chapter 16 Chapter 11. Bridging the Public Security Gap: Stability Police Units in Contemporary Peace Operations and the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units Chapter 17 Chapter 12. Italian Carabinieri and the Protection of Iraq's Cultural Heritage Chapter 18 Chapter 13. Technology for the Prevention of Cultural Theft Chapter 19 The Way Forward for Postwar Reconstruction Planners Chapter 20 Chapter 14. The Way Ahead: A Five-Point Plan for Future Action Chapter 21 Chapter 15. Assignment Blue Shield: The Looting of the Iraq Museum and Cultural Property at War Chapter 22 Chapter 16. The Role of NATO and Civil Military Affairs Chapter 23 The Way Forward for Government and Intergovernmental Agencies Chapter 24 Chapter 17. Practical and Policy Considerations in Protecting Cultural Heritage and Preventing Looting during International Peace and Stability Operations Chapter 25 Chapter 18. UNESCO and the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in Postconflict Situations: Efforts at UNESCO to Establish an Intergovernmental Fund for the Protection of Cultural Property in Times of Conflict Chapter 26 Chapter 19. Engaging Interagency Processes to Protect Cultural Sites: Communities, Authorities, and Capabilities Chapter 27 The Way Forward for Cultural Ministries, Departments, and Agencies Chapter 28 Chapter 20. Governmental Agencies and the Protection of Cultural Property in Times of War Chapter 29 Chapter 21. What Cultural Ministries and Heritage Sites Should Do to Prepare for Conflict Chapter 30 The Way Forward for Cultural Heritage NG's Chapter 31 Chapter 22. Preventing Looting after Armed Combat: The Way Forward for U.S. Nongovernmental Cultural Organizations

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