Apples & Bananas

Apples & Bananas

by The Countdown Kids



Another in Madacy's long-running children's music series, Apples & Bananas at least mixes up the set list a bit, even if its sound keeps close to convention. Besides the syllabic sashaying of its title track, the album also includes the personified flea of "Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great to be Crazy" and the goofy "On Top of My Pizza." The best is "Once an Austrian Went Yodeling" -- it's impossible to get that warbling chorus out of your head. While the album's arrangements and singing performances are satisfactory at best, the fun moments outweigh the clichéd or impossibly cute, making Apples & Bananas a particularly successful installment in this long-running series. A full lyric sheet is included.

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