Arguments and Metaphors in Philosophy

Arguments and Metaphors in Philosophy

by Daniel Cohen


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In this book, Daniel Cohen explores the connections between arguments and metaphors most pronounced in philosophy, because philosophical discourse is both thoroughly metaphorical and replete with argumentation. The metaphors we use for arguments, as well as the ways we use metaphors as arguments and in arguments, provides the basis for a tripartite theoretical framework for understanding and evaluating arguments. There are logical, rhetorical, and dialectical dimensions to arguments, each providing norms for conduct, vocabulary for evaluation, and criteria for success. In turn, the identified roles for arguments in general discourse can be applied to metaphors, helping to explain what they mean and how they work. Cohen covers the nature of arguments, their modes and structures, and the principles of their evaluation. He also addresses the nature of metaphors, their place in language and thought, and their connections to arguments, identifying and reconciling arguments' and metaphors' respective roles in philosophy.

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ISBN-13: 9780761826774
Publisher: UPA
Publication date: 02/21/2004
Pages: 248
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About the Author

Daniel H. Cohen is Professor of Philosophy at Colby College.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 Introduction: Philosophical Arguments and Philosophical Metaphors; Arguing with God Chapter 3 Arguments in Philosophy: Introduction: Arguments in Philosophy; To Philosophize is to Argue; Argument is War. . . and War is Hell; One Way to Lose an Argument Chapter 4 Philosophical Arguments: Introduction: Thinking about Arguments; Evaluating Arguments and Making Meta-Arguments; Logical Fallacies, Dialectical Transgressions, Rhetorical Sins, and Other Failures of Rationality in Argumentation; Why Should I Argue?; Chapter 5 Metaphors in Philosophy: Introduction: Metaphors in Philosophy; On Metaphors; Metaphors and the Discourse of Philosophy; The Tragedy of Philosophy's Metaphors Chapter 6 Metaphors versus Arguments: Introduction: Metaphors versus Arguments; Once Upon an Argument; Postscript: On Performance and Interpretation; The Logic of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Logic; Metaphors as Arguments and Arguments as Metaphors; Wor Chapter 7 Bibliography Chapter 8 Index

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