Army Field Manual FM 3-25.26 (U.S. Army Map Reading and Land Navigation Handbook)

Army Field Manual FM 3-25.26 (U.S. Army Map Reading and Land Navigation Handbook)

by The United States Army

Paperback(Reprint ed.)

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The field manual provides a standardized source document for Army-wide reference on map reading and land navigation. It applies to every soldier in the army regardless of service branch, MOS, or rank. This manual also contains both doctrine and training guidance on map reading and land navigation.

Part One addresses map reading and Part Two, land navigation. The appendices include an introduction to orienteering and a discussion of several devices that can assist the soldier in land navigation. For soldiers, hunters, climbers, and hikers alike, this is the definitive guide to map reading and navigation.

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ISBN-13: 9781626544529
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Edition description: Reprint ed.
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