Around the World in 10 Years: the Book of Independence: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt

Around the World in 10 Years: the Book of Independence: Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt


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    First we thought we could go around the world in four years. Then we were convinced that we could do it in seven. When we got to the sixth year of travel, we felt that 10 was a good round number. In June 2010 we celebrated 10 years living on the road, and there's still half the planet left to explore...

      "...I'll never forget that Monday when I put the barrel of a gun to my head and fired until I was out of bullets, without stopping to think of what I was doing so I wouldn't have a chance to change my mind. It was my resignation to a future which I already knew, a farewell to a secure job, an adieu to a brilliant career in advertising, the microcosm where I had lived for the last twelve long years. It was ten minutes after ten in the morning and my last words were, more or less 'keep the corpse, I'm leaving.' My body collapsed and I walked out the door..."

        Around the World in 10 Years: The Book of Independence is the story of a dream, of how one day two normal people decided to declare their independence and give up that double life that makes us do on the weekends what we would like to do Monday through Friday.

          Around the World in 10 Years: The Book of Independence, is the story of Babel's back country, a journey through some of the world's worst roads with a 4 × 4 truck transformed into a house on wheels. There is no bathroom, no shower, no sponsors, no hotels, no phone and no Auto Club. "The road will provide" is a statement of optimistic intent. Well, optimistic optimism.

              There are encounters with the Turkish police, conversations with the heart of Kurdistan, nights shared with traditional Islam, desolate desert tracks, tricks for traveling with little money and many little known facts that dispel prejudices and uncover an exciting world, much closer than you ever thought possible. First and foremost, this is a story of people.

                This overland autobiography will leave you laughing aloud, inspiring you to get out and experience another part of the world -one that is well outside your comfort level. If learning Spanish is on your bucket list, then be sure to jot down these books on that list as well.

                Overland Journal Magazine, United States

                  They're intent on completing their round the world trip in 10 years and, possibly, to invent whatever excuse afterwards to remain in motion.

                  Lonely Planet Magazine

                    "They've lived through everything... from elephant attacks provoked by getting too close to a herd with calves to getting shot at in Ethiopia."

                    Telediario 2, Spanish Televisión Española


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                      ISBN-13: 9781479278978
                      Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
                      Publication date: 09/15/2012
                      Pages: 224
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                      About the Author

                      Pablo Rey was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He arrived in Madrid in 1992, when Spain was in the midst of a bad recession. In 1996 he moved to Barcelona and in 2000 he rented his mortgaged apartment and moved into a 4wd van with Anna Callau, his partner in adventures. The goal: to drive around the world through Southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa from north to south, America from south to north, and back to Barcelona via Vladivostok to Finisterre.
                      He has written articles for Overland Journal and Lonely Planet Magazine and has published three books in Spanish about his overland trips. Pablo has won more than 20 awards as a creative advertising writer, is a former illegal immigrant, an antique bottle hunter in ghost towns and one of many Argentinians from Barcelona, or Spaniards from Buenos Aires, with a leg in both continents.
                      Pablo and Anna still live on the road.

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