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Oxford University Press
Art in China / Edition 2

Art in China / Edition 2

by Craig Clunas
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China boasts a history of art stretching over 5,000 years and embracing a vast array of forms—objects of jade, lacquer and porcelain, painted scrolls and fans, sculptures in stone, bronze and wood, and murals. With more than 130 halftone illustrations, including almost eighty in full color, this new edition of Art in China presents the finest one-volume introduction to all forms of Chinese art. The book examines Chinese art in a variety of contexts—as it has been designed for tombs, commissioned by rulers, displayed in temples, created by the men and women of the educated elite, and bought and sold in the marketplace. Drawing on recent innovative scholarship—and newly accessible studies in China itself—Craig Clunas surveys the full spectrum of the visual arts. This updated edition contains expanded coverage of modern and contemporary art, from the fall of the empire in 1911 to the contemporary video art scene.

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ISBN-13: 9780199217342
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 03/15/2009
Series: Oxford History of Art Series
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 288
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About the Author

Craig Clunas was appointed Professor of the History of Art, University of Oxford in 2007, where he is the first holder of the chair to specialize in art from Asia. He has also has worked as a curator of Chinese art at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Art in the Tomb
Neolithic to Bronze Age: 2500-200 BCE
The First Empires: 221 BCE -220 CE
North and South: 220 CE-589 CE
Tomb Sculpture: 400-650 CE

Chapter 2: Art at Court
Tang to early Song: 618-960 CE
Northern Song Court Art: 960-1127 CE
Southern Song Court Art: 1127-1279 CE
Yuan Court Art: 1279-1368 CE
Ming Court Art: 1368-1644 CE
Early Qing Court Art: 1644-c.1735 CE
The Qinglong Reign: 1736-1795 CE
Late Qing Court Art: 1796-1911 CE

Chapter 3: Art in the Temple
Early Buddhist Art
Buddhist Art: c.450-c.580
Religious Art of the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-906) Dynasties
Religous Art of the Northern Song Dynasty: 960-1127
-Southern Song Religious Act: 1127-1279
Buddhist Monks and the Élite in the Southern Song
Buddhist Art in the Yuan Dynasty: 1279-1398
Religious Painting of the Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries
Religious Art of the Ming Dynasty: 1368-1644
Religoius Art of the Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911

Chapter 4: Art in the Life of the Élite
Calligraphy as an Élite Art
Art and Theory in the Northern Song
The Southern Song (1127-1279) and Yuan (1279-1368)
The Ming Dynasty: 1368-1644
The Art and Theory of Dong Qichang: 1555-1636
The Seventeenth Century and the Ming-Qing Transition
The Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911
The Nineteenth Century

Chapter 5: Art in the Market-Place
The Song and Yuan Dynasties: 960-1368
The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): Painting
The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): Printing
The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644): Textiles and Crafts
The Amateur/Professional Problem in Late Ming Painting
The Qing Dynasty: 1644-1911
Prints and Perspective
Shanghai in the Nineteenth Century
The Republic of China
Art in the People's Republic of China
Art in China since the 1970s

List of Illustrations
Bibliographic Essay
Museums and Galleries
1. Art in the Tomb
2. Art at Court
3. Art in the Temple
4. Art in the Life of the Elite
5. Art in the Market-Place
Bibliographic Essay
List of Museums and Galleries

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