Art of War: Centennial Anthology Edition with Translations by Zieger and Giles

Art of War: Centennial Anthology Edition with Translations by Zieger and Giles


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From business to politics to sports, the Art of War is as timely for leaders today as it was for military strategists in ancient China: strategy, negotiation, management, analysis, psychology, logistics, risk, conflict -- everyone from Secretary of State Colin Powell to influential tech CEO Larry Ellison to NBA super-coach Phil Jackson has profited from the timeless wisdom of Sun Tzu's classic. This centennial anthology of Art of War celebrates a hundred years of English translation and scholarship in the study of Sun Tzu's timeless military strategy masterpiece.

Included with the original source Chinese are two groundbreaking translations: Andrew W. Zieger's 2010 Sun Tzu's Original Art of War, which utilizes the latest scholarly and archeological research to bring the modern English reader closer than ever before to experiencing Sun Tzu as his first readers did some 2500 years ago; and the translation that started it all, Lionel Giles' 1910 seminal, oft-quoted The Art of War: The Oldest Military Treatise in the World.

Building on the scholarship and research of the last hundred years, PART I is the 2010 Zieger translation, the first translation of Sun Tzu to utilize the rigorous and painstaking methodologies refined by the thousands of translators, editors and scholars that have dedicated their lives in the field of biblical translation. The result is a rendering of Sun Tzu that pushes beyond concepts and meaning to clearly reveal the imagery and voice of the original Chinese.
PART II presents the 1910 Giles Translation, undoubtedly the most influential and ubiquitous version in publication - and a must-read for anyone seriously interested in Sun Tzu or translation. Despite the limitations of the age - incomplete archaeological data and undeveloped translation methodology that resulted in inevitable inaccuracies - it is a translation that stands up remarkably well against many modern translations.

A must-have volume for those serious about understanding Sun Tzu.

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