As It Is in Heaven: How Eternity Brings Focus to What Really Matters

As It Is in Heaven: How Eternity Brings Focus to What Really Matters

by Greg Laurie


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Our lives here are so often cluttered with the “cares of this world” that we fail to consider heavenly priorities and how they should be reflected in our earthly ones. At the beginning of Jesus’ most famous prayer, He teaches us to pray that God’s will “be done on earth as it is in heaven”. What heaven is up to is critical for us to understand if we’re going to live biblically. Pastor Greg Laurie explains that heaven is anything but a long, boring church service. People in heaven know about the time and place of ongoing events on earth. They are rational and recall everything from their earthly days, but most importantly for us, they have a unique perspective from which we can learn a great deal.

In this rich and relevant study, Greg sheds scriptural light on the sensational books and stories about people going to heaven and coming back, answers the nagging questions we are all dying to ask, and guides us to focus—right now—on what really matters.

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ISBN-13: 9781612915692
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication date: 01/14/2014
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 897,827
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Greg Laurie is the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowships in Riverside and Orange County, California. Harvest is one of the largest churches in America, with over 20,000 members. He also holds large-scale evangelistic events called Harvest Crusades. More than 4,405,000 people have attended Harvest Crusades, held in Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Madison Square Garden in New York City, and Australia and New Zealand. More than 370,900 people have made professions of faith through these outreaches.

Greg is featured on the nationally syndicated radio program A New Beginning, broadcast on 500 radio outlets worldwide. He has authored over 70 books, including Signs of the Times, Discipleship-Start! To Follow, Hope for Hurting Hearts, Married.Happily., Essentials, What Every Christian Needs to Know, Upside Down Living, and The Greatest Stories Ever Told. He has written study notes for the best-selling New Believer's Bible and for Start! The Bible for New Believers in the New King James.

Greg has been married to Cathe for 39 years, and they have two sons, Christopher and Jonathan, and five grandchildren.

Table of Contents

1 Much Ado About Heaven 7

2 Life is he Warm-Up Act 19

3 The Man from Heaven 31

4 A Hopeful Heaven 43

5 Flung Over Heaven 55

6 What Heaven Knows About Earth 67

7 When Seeing is Believing 79

8 Heaven's Messengers 91

9 Heaven's Heroes 103

10 A Royal Cheering Section 113

11 Party Time 125

12 In the Twinkling of an Eye 137

13 Here Comes the Judge 149

14 Heaven's Rewards 163

15 Christ's Resurrection - And Ours 173

Conversation Guide 183

Notes 245

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