Awaken the Learner: Finding the Source of Effective Education

Awaken the Learner: Finding the Source of Effective Education

by Darrell Scott, Robert J. Marzano


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Create a compassionate, caring school environment. Examine how a change in teaching philosophy can help awaken the passion for learning in students. Learn how to promote kindness in the classroom, and understand the power of stories in engaging students. Explore research-based strategies to enhance teacher-student and peer relationships. Discover how to inspire purpose, reach students’ hearts, and cultivate student security, identity, and belonging.

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ISBN-13: 9780991374816
Publisher: Marzano Research
Publication date: 07/25/2014
Series: Essentials for Principals Series
Pages: 232
Sales rank: 376,636
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authors xi

About Rachel's Challenge xiii

About Marzano Research Laboratory xv

Preface xvii

Introduction: An Idea Whose Time Has Come 1

Part I Reaching the Heart, Head, and Hands 5

Chapter 1 My Awakening Call 7

Rachel's Story 7

My Story 11

Discovering My Why 14

Experiencing Truth 15

Chapter 2 Awaken to Purpose 19

A Passionate Purpose in Life 19

Purpose, Process, and Performance 24

Purpose-Oriented Teaching 28

Chapter 3 A Philosophy of Awakening 31

Philosophies and Systems 32

The Heart, Head, and Hands 33

Chapter 4 Principles of Awakening 45

Reach the Heart Before the Head 45

Be a Candle Lighter, Not a Darkness Fighter 47

Be a See-Througher, Not a Look-Atter 49

Be the Change You Wish to See 54

Chapter 5 An Atmosphere of Awakening 57

Students as Seeds, Not Soil 58

An Environment That Encourages Growth 60

Chapter 6 The Awakened Learner 75

Security 76

Identity and Belonging 77

Seven Learning Phases 84

Your Personal Journey 87

Chapter 7 Three Kinds of Truth 89

Methodical Truth 89

Metaphorical Truth 90

Mystical Truth 90

The Power of Stories 92

The Influence of a Story 93

The Influence of a Teacher 94

Instructing and Awakening the Learner 97

Chapter 8 Instruct and Awaken 99

How Humans Think and React 100

Cultivating Self-Efficacy 105

Chapter 9 Effectively and Efficiently Instructing the Learner 107

Decrease the Amount of Time Directly Teaching Knowledge 108

Increase the Amount of Time Directly Teaching Cognitive Skills 110

Tightening and Focusing the Current System 122

Chapter 10 Laying the Foundation to Awaken the Learner 123

The Curriculum of the Self-System 124

The Curriculum of the Metacognitive System 140

Being Overt About the Conative Skills of the Self- and Metacognitive Systems 145

Chapter 11 The Teacher Who Instructs and Awakens the Learner 147

Providing a Positive Emotional Environment and Inspiration for Students 148

Providing Opportunities for Students to Practice the Conative Skills of the Self-System and Metacognitive System 157

Engaging Students in Personal Projects 161

The Transformed Classroom 164

Chapter 12 The School That Instructs and Awakens the Learner 165

A Clear Progression of Knowledge 165

Reporting Status and Growth 167

A Competency-Based Approach 174

The Transformed School 181

Epilogue 183

References and Resources 185

Index 201

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