Back to Basics

Back to Basics

by Christina Aguilera


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Plenty of pop singers talk the talk when it comes to taking chances -- but Christina Aguilera really walks the walk on this ambitious, exciting double album. The blonde bombshell sets the bar high for herself, intro-ing the disc with a promise to honor "the soul singers, the blues figures, the jazz makers" -- and later, in "Back in the Day," name-checking such giants as Etta James and Marvin Gaye. The thing is, she sails over that bar with surprising ease, revealing an uncanny affinity for '40s-era vocal sass on the va-va-voom nugget "Candyman" and a genuine flair for old-school blues on the Billie Holiday-channeling "I Got Trouble." Much like the folks she's paying homage to, she even tempers the lasciviousness with a shot or two of church-borne testifying -- most notably on the swooping "Makes Me Wanna Pray." Not all of Back to Basics is that old-school, of course. The first disc is largely given over to tunes that let Aguilera push her pipes to the limit over sample-savvy dance floor beats -- a Gladys Knight snippet pops up in the low-slung "Slow Down Baby" -- and gritty funk bass lines (see the appropriately titled "Still Dirrty"). It's impossible, however, to listen to the disc without coming to the conclusion that Aguilera is a changed woman, having come a long way from her days as a spinner of sugary pop confections. She's no longer just playing soul-diva dress-up -- she's actually become the real deal.

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Release Date: 08/09/2006
Label: Tombstone Records
UPC: 4988017642443
catalogNumber: 28064/5
Rank: 223621

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Christina Aguilera   Primary Artist
Steve Winwood   Piano,Hammond Organ
Glenn Berger   Saxophone
Bill Bottrell   Guitar,Conga
Aleta Braxton   Choir, Chorus
Cheryl Brown   Choir, Chorus
Mathew Cooker   Cello
DJ Premier   Percussion,Drums
Richard Dodd   Cello
Terry Glenny   Violin
Ray Hermann   Clarinet,Saxophone
Ray Herrmann   Saxophone
Victor Lawrence   Cello
Rob Lewis   Bass,Guitar
Jim McMillen   Trombone
Linda Perry   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Hammond Organ,Choir, Chorus,Mellotron
Dieyelle Reed   Choir, Chorus
Eric Schermerhorn   Guitar
Danny Seidenberg   Strings
Garrett Smith   Horn
Tom Tally   Viola
Josefina Vergara   Violin
Elin Carlson   Choir, Chorus
Susan Chatman   Violin
Ivan Gilliland   Choir, Chorus
Kenya Hathaway   Choir, Chorus
Joan Ellis   Choir, Chorus
Julie Rogers   Violin
Roger Wagner Chorale   Choir, Chorus
David Hernandez   Choir, Chorus
Sharlotte Gibson   Choir, Chorus
Tony Reyes   Bass,Percussion,Strings,Keyboards
Wayne Bergeron   Trumpet
John Krovoza   Cello
Ray Yslas   Percussion
Barbara Allen   Choir, Chorus
Darrin McCann   Viola
Paul Klintworth   French Horn
Erika Jerry   Choir, Chorus
Julian Hallmark   Violin
Eric Gorfain   Violin
Angel Williams   Choir, Chorus
Raymond Angry   Organ,Piano,Clavinet,Moog Synthesizer
Daphne Chen   Violin,Soloist,Concert Mistress
Printz Board   Trumpet
Cameron Patrick   Violin
Onitsha   Choir, Chorus
Mark Ronson   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Meelah Williams   Choir, Chorus
Aroussiak Baltaian   Strings
Melissa Reiner   Violin
Jacinda Townsley   Choir, Chorus
Leah Katz   Viola
Diego Miralles   Cello
Alyssa Park   Violin
Francis Senger   Double Bass
Audrey Solomon   Violin
Chara Hammonds   Choir, Chorus
Damon Fox   Hammond Organ
Marisa Kuney   Violin
Thomassina Atkins   Choir, Chorus
Kevin Shannon   Choir, Chorus
Bonita Brisco   Choir, Chorus
Sonya Byous   Choir, Chorus
Roseland Holmes   Choir, Chorus
Traneen Young   Choir, Chorus
Marda Todd   Viola
Alwyn Wright   Violin
Caroline Buckman   Viola
Natalie Ganther   Choir, Chorus
Nicole Ganther   Choir, Chorus
Camille Grigsby   Choir, Chorus
Cassandra Grigsby   Choir, Chorus
Randy Jones   Tuba
Paul Ill   Bass
Richard Redd   Choir, Chorus
Jason Torreano   Double Bass
Amy Wickman   Violin
Richard T. Sledge   Choir, Chorus
Ilana Setapen   Strings
Mabvuto Carpenter   Choir, Chorus
Jherimi Leigh Carter   Choir, Chorus
Desarae Johnson   Choir, Chorus
Erica L. King   Choir, Chorus
Vernon Keith Allen   Choir, Chorus
Radu Pieptea   Violin
Joel Pargman   Strings
Traci Brown   Choir, Chorus
William Tell Taylor   Choir, Chorus
Nathan Wetherington   Drums
Raymond "Ez" Monteiro   Horn
Stephen Amerson   Choir, Chorus
Esther Marie Austin   Choir, Chorus
Sandra Beckwith   Choir, Chorus
Monika Bruckner   Choir, Chorus
Hanymons Cahra   Choir, Chorus
Charlean Carmon   Choir, Chorus
Nancy Gassner Clayton   Choir, Chorus
Carver Cossey   Choir, Chorus
Miguel Gandleman   Horn
Denise Grisgsby   Choir, Chorus
Janet Korsmeyer   Choir, Chorus
Cookie Lewis   Choir, Chorus
Lynda Sue Marks Guarnieri   Choir, Chorus
Jason McGee   Choir, Chorus
Susan Taylor Mills   Choir, Chorus
Denisha Millsap   Choir, Chorus
Yvette Andrews Mitchell   Choir, Chorus
Movement Orchestra Horns   Horn
Judith Siirila Paskowitz   Choir, Chorus
Daniel Plaster   Choir, Chorus
Rochelle Rawls   Choir, Chorus
Alyss Olivia Sanner   Choir, Chorus
Angela Joy Seard   Choir, Chorus
Section Quartet & Friends   Strings
Isabelle Senger   Violin
Anna Stafford   Violin
Garik Terzian   Strings
Chris Tedesco   Trumpet
David Sage   Viola
Victoria Lanier   Violin
Brian Macleod   Drums
Marcy Vaj   Violin

Technical Credits

Steve Winwood   Composer
Roy Hawkins   Composer
Bill Bottrell   Composer
Don Costa   Composer
DJ Premier   Producer,Engineer,Vocal Scratches
David Frank   Composer
Rob Lewis   Composer,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements,Vocal Producer,Choir Arrangement
Linda Perry   Composer,Producer,Engineer,Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Mark Rankin   Composer
Allen Toussaint   Composer
William Guest   Composer
Kara DioGuardi   Composer,Vocal Scratches
Jeri Heiden   Art Direction
Tony Reyes   Composer,Producer
Charles Roane   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Harold Beatty   Composer
Jonathan Pryce   Sample Clearance
Pamela Sheyne   Composer
Marc Jameson   Programming
Barbara Allen   Choir Contractor
Rick Darnell   Composer
Oscar Ramirez   Engineer,Vocal Recording
Eric Gorfain   String Arrangements
Christina Aguilera   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Jeannine Wagner   Choir Contractor
Raymond Angry   Composer
Kobie Brown   Sample Clearance
Heather Holley   Composer
Rich Harrison   Composer,Producer
Tal Herzberg   Engineer
Glen Nakasako   Art Direction
Mark Ronson   Composer,Producer,Engineer,beats
Christophe Barratier   Composer
Paul Ill   Composer
Kwame Holland   Composer
Joe Buissink   Photo Courtesy
Tracie Burton   Vocal Scratches
Coodie & Chike   Director
Charles Martin Roane   Producer,Engineer
Chris Tedesco   Horn Conductor
Alan Mason   Vocal Scratches
Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli   String Conductor

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