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Basic Structural Theory

Basic Structural Theory

by Jacques Heyman


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This book introduces the basic equations of the theory of structures. Conventional presentations of these equations follow the ideas of elastic analysis, introduced nearly two hundred years ago. The present text is written against the background of advances made in structural theory during the last fifty years, notably by the introduction of the so-called plastic theory. Tests on real structures in the twentieth century revealed that structural states predicted by elastic analysis cannot in fact be observed in practice, whereas plastic ideas can be used to give accurate estimates of strength. Strength is discussed in the first part of this book without reference to equations of elastic deformation. However, the designer is concerned also with stiffness, for which elastic analysis is needed, and the standard equations (suitable, for example, for computer programming) are presented. Finally, stability is analyzed, which again is essentially an elastic phenomenon, and it is shown that a higher factor of safety is required to guard against buckling than is required to guarantee straightforward strength. The emphasis throughout this book is on the derivation and application of the structural equations, rather than on details of their solution (nowadays best done by computer), and the numerical examples are deliberately kept simple.

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About the Author

Jacques Heyman is the former Head of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge and the author of ten books including The Stone Skeleton, Elements of the Theory of Structures, Structural Analysis, a Historical Approach, Elements of Stress Analysis, and the two volume set Plastic Design of Frames: Volume 1 Fundamentals and Volume 2 Applications, with Lord Baker. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and the Royal Academy of Engineering. He acted as a consulting engineer for a number of English cathedrals, and as a member of the Architectural Advisory Panel for Westminster Abbey and of the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England, and has served on many British Standards committees. The Stone Skeleton won the Choice Outstanding Academic Books award in 1996.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

1 Introduction 1

1.1 Structural assumptions 3

1.2 Structural equations 6

2 Strength 8

2.1 Trussed frameworks 8

2.2 Virtual work 17

2.3 Structures in bending 20

2.4 Plastic theory 26

2.5 Masonry 39

2.6 The structural state 48

3 Stiffness 51

3.1 The truss 51

3.2 Bending stiffness 58

3.3 Matrix formulation 66

4 Elastic analysis 70

4.1 Elastic properties 71

Reciprocal theorems 71

Influence lines 74

Indirect model tests 76

Energy methods 77

4.2 Methods of calculation 82

Slope-deflexion equations 82

Moment distribution 87

5 Stability 96

5.1 Elastic buckling 96

5.2 Practical behaviour 103

5.3 Other buckling phenomena 111

Appendix A Virtual work 115

A.1 Structures in bending 115

A.2 Trusses 120

Appendix B The plastic theorems 123

Appendix C Buckling calculations 129

Index 133

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