Behaviour Management: A Whole-School Approach

Behaviour Management: A Whole-School Approach

by Bill Rogers


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Praise for the First Edition:

"Bill Rogers has an entertaining style and communicates his ideas in a way that will be easily accessible to teachers."
—Behaviour UK

"This is an extremely readable book on children's behavior and the management of behavior in a classroom and school context. Provides a useful guide to developing a whole-school approach to positive behavior."
—Amazon Review

In this revised and updated edition of the bestseller, the author draws on his extensive experience as an educational consultant and trainer to help teachers and managers develop a whole-school strategy for dealing with student behavior.

In a distinctive accessible and entertaining style, the book offers practical suggestions to support teachers as they face the pressures of accountability, assessment and rising concerns about student behavior.

This resource covers:

  • Positive discipline and the importance of consistency
  • Specific skills in the language of discipline, both verbal and non-verbal
  • Techniques for managing bullying, aggression, rudeness, and violence
  • Methods to use with behaviorally disordered students
  • The 4Rs--rights, rules, responsibilities, and routines
  • Behavioral consequences including 'time-out'
  • Behavior agreementsor 'contracts'
  • Playground management
  • Setting up a behavior management plan and expressing it in policy

This book helps strengthena school's capacity to work as a cohesive, cooperative unit linked with parents and the community to manage behavior successfully.

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ISBN-13: 9780761969297
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 01/28/2000
Pages: 256
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About the Author

Dr. Bill Rogers taught for many years before becoming an education consultant and author; he lectures widely on behaviour management, discipline, effective teaching, stress management and teacher welfare across the UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Bill also works as a mentor-teacher, team-teaching in challenging schools. He is well aware of the challenges of teacher leadership in schools today.

Bill read theology at Ridley College Melbourne University, then psychology and education also at Melbourne University. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Education, Honorary Life Fellow of All Saints and Trinity College, Leeds University and Honorary Fellow at Melbourne University Graduate School of Education. He has written many books for SAGE Publications.

To find out more about Bill’s work, visit his website where you will find full details of how to book him for a workshop or training event.



Dr Bill Rogers will be lecturing in the UK and for schools, authorities and universities this autumn 2017, mid-September to mid-December. For details of events, or to book Bill in to do training for your organization, please contact Lora Rogers at See his website for further information


Table of Contents

Developing a Whole-School Approach: Assumptions and Benefits
Developing Preferred Practices of Behaviour Management
Positive Discipline
The Establishment Phase of the Year
The Language of Discipline
Some Problem Areas in Behaviour Management
Managing Playground Behaviour/Bullying
Supporting Colleagues: A Whole-School Plan
Developing a Behaviour Management Policy

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