Behind Japanese Lines: With the OSS in Burma

Behind Japanese Lines: With the OSS in Burma

by Richard Dunlop

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In early 1942, with World War II going badly, President Roosevelt turned to General William “Wild Bill” Donovan, now known historically as the “Father of Central Intelligence,” with orders to form a special unit whose primary mission was to prepare for the eventual reopening of the Burma Road linking Burma and China by performing guerilla operations behind the Japanese lines. Thus was born OSS Detachment 101, the first clandestine special force formed by Donovan and one that would play a highly dangerous but vital role in the reconquest of Burma by the Allies.
Behind Japanese Lines, originally published in 1979, is the exciting story of the men of Detachment 101, who, with their loyal native allies—the Kachin headhunters—fought a guerilla war for almost three years. It was a war not only against a tough and unyielding enemy, but against the jungle itself, one of the most difficult and dangerous patches of terrain in the world. Exposed to blistering heat and threatened by loathsome tropical diseases, the Western-raised OSS men also found themselves beset by unfriendly tribesmen and surrounded by the jungle’s unique perils—giant leeches, cobras, and rogue tigers.
Not merely a war narrative, Behind Japanese Lines is an adventure story, the story of unconventional men with an almost impossible mission fighting an irregular war in supremely hostile territory. Drawing upon the author’s own experiences as a member of Detachment 101, interviews with surviving 101 members, and classified documents, Dunlop’s tale unfolds with cinematic intensity, detailing the danger, tension, and drama of secret warfare. Never before have the activities of the OSS been recorded in such authentic firsthand detail.

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About the Author

Richard Dunlop was the author of many travel and history books, a freelance journalist for the Chicago Tribune and a past president of the Society of Midland Authors. In the late 1960s he was awarded back-to-back Mark Twain Travel Writers Grand Awards. Dunlop passed away in 1987.

Table of Contents

Preface 7

Acknowledgments 11


The Village 21


The Invasion 47

The Recruits 63

The Preparation 81

The Arrival 95

The Secret Base 111

"A" For Able 121


Into Burma 139

The First Jump 151

Evasion 163

Flight 191

Disaster 201

Knothead 213

The Prisoner 225

Beyond the Ledo Road 237

Donovan 255


The Hukawng 265

Weretigers 281

Galahad 299

Chindits 315

The Airport 325

The Fall of Myitkyina 341

Lazum Tang 367

Sinlumkaba 385


The Burma Road 403

The Last Campaign 421

Glossary 439

Bibliography 440

Index 443

List of Maps

Burma Theater 18

Adventures of "A" Group 160

Myitkyina Campaign 268

Four Area Bases 283

Opening the Burma Road 404

The Last Campaign 428

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Behind Japanese Lines: With the OSS in Burma 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did not know the extent of Allied involvement with the Kachina ofBurma. We could not have won the war without the loyal help of these people. An interesting & informative read.