Belle Turnbull: On the Life & Work of an American Master

Belle Turnbull: On the Life & Work of an American Master


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Poetry. Edited by David Rothman and Jeffrey Villines. Since 2009, The Unsung Masters Series has presented accomplished writers who deserve greater attention. In this, the ninth book in the series, the featured writer is Belle Turnbull (1881-1970), the first strong poet to live in and write about the mountains and high mining towns of the Colorado Rockies. Well-known during her life but long out of print, Turnbull's lyrics of sublime alpine wilderness and her narratives about the harsh and dangerous world of hard rock mining offer us a profoundly original vision of the American west that transcends the region.

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ISBN-13: 9780964145498
Publisher: Pleiades Press
Publication date: 06/15/2017
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introductions: "Too near heaven": Belle Turnbull, Poet of Colorado David J. Rothman 15

Poet-Archive/Archive-Poet: Knowing Belle Turnbull through Her Collections Jeffrey R. Villines 29

A Note on the Text 38

From Goldboat(1940)

[Opening/Dorn's Arrival] 42

[Dorn writes to Alicia] 44

[Dorn meets the Buffins] 46

Telegrams [I] 48

[Construction of the Goldboat] 49

[Leafy sees Alicia] 50

[Olsen] 53

Telegrams [V] 57

[The nightwatchman] 60

[The Goldboat settles] 62

Telegrams [VI] 65

[Dorn resigns/Conclusion] 67

From The Tenmile Range (1957)

The Tenmile Range

Foreword 70

Topography 71

Weather Conditions 72

Government 73

History 74

At that Point Mr Probus

Time as a Well-Spring 75

Lunch Time in the Tunnel 76

Lyric Mood 77

Hardrock Miner 78

Mountain Woman 79

Address to a Tenderfoot 80

Miner's Pension 81

Opus 8 82

Summons to the Undertaker 83

From House in the Valley

Walls 84

Window on the Range 85

Dialog 86

From The Folk

In Those Rude Airs 87

Words About a Place 90

From Trails (1968)

High Trail 92

Observations Above Timberline 93

Short Lease 94

Long Lease 95

To Be Tacked on a Cabin Door 96

Pasque Flowers 97

Cycle: I. Sun Dance 98

Cycle: II. Easter Service 99

Bomber Over Breckenridge 100

These Who Shorn Return 101

By Stravinsky 102

Never the Words (A Monolog) 103

Uncollected & Unpublished Poems

Uncollected Periodical Verse

Sonnet to Gertrude Buck 105

Song for Female Voices 106

Mountain-Mad 107

Reckoning 108

From The Long Arc

The Answer's in the Back 110

[Weather Report] 111

This Fir 112

Now the Slow Dawn 113

Epitaph for Clelia, a Spinster 114

The Long Arc 115

No Other Water 116

Small Stone 117

Inward Tussle for a Couple of Lines 118

Never the Words (A Monolog) [variant] 119

Unpublished Miscellany

Delinquent Tax List of Summit County 120

Answers to a Questionnaire 121

What is your religion? 122

"Not to be Published [During My Lifetime]"

Chant 123

Echo 124

Stone 125

Deep Music 126


Autobiographical Note 128

From Gold Boats on The Swan: The Story of Ben Stanley Revett, Gold Dredger 131

Scholarly Essays

Poverty Gulch and Mendicant Ridge: Prospecting for the Real Colorado George Sibley 148

A Way of Seeing: Belle Turnbull's Geography of Love Susan Spear 162

Belle Turnbull: Poet under Quandary Uche Ogbuji 172

Belle Turnbull's Western Narrative David Mason 185

Notes and Acknowledgments

Notes on the Poetry 196

Works Cited Editorially 200

About the Editors 201

Acknowledgements 201

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