Best Paleo Desserts: 33 Scrumptious Valentines Day Recipes With Grain Free & Gluten-Free Baking & Healthy Dessert Recipes (Scrumptious Low Fat Chocolate Desserts - No More Food Allergies): Paleo Food Poetry For The Primal Paleo Lifestyle (Paleo Poem A Day

Best Paleo Desserts: 33 Scrumptious Valentines Day Recipes With Grain Free & Gluten-Free Baking & Healthy Dessert Recipes (Scrumptious Low Fat Chocolate Desserts - No More Food Allergies): Paleo Food Poetry For The Primal Paleo Lifestyle (Paleo Poem A Day

by Ginger Wood

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This compilation includes 2 titles: Book 1: Paleo Desserts: Paleo Desserts: Paleo Dessert Recipes: Paleo Muffins, Paleo Cupcakes, Paleo Smoothies&Paleo Pudding Book 2: Paleo Is Like You! The Paleo diet is one of the most unquestionably interesting diet concepts that have racked up the points in the last few decades. The healthy desserts&gluten paleo baking book will tell you why Paleo is the craze now&why you should be enjoying the Paleo lifestyle, too! This grain free Paleo vegan sweets book for the Holidays will also tell you ways in which the Paleo diet will change your lifestyle for the better&turn guilt into guilt free pleasures 4. This Paleo cupcake&frosting recipes book will also tell you what ingredients to have in your kitchen as a staple for paleo dessert pleasures during the Holidays This Valentines Day recipes book will give you 33 scrumptious Paleo desserts (Paleo Gluten Free&Grain Free Muffin Recipes, Paleo Cupcake And Frosting Recipes, Paleo Vegan Sweets&Paleo Smoothies) that you probably desire right now 5. Inside the Paleo Holiday recipes book you will learn how to make these easy Paleo desserts in a quick&no fail fashion&even if you are a busy mom or a busy person who works a lot. Based on the knowledge of this paleo dessert book you will be empowered and enabled to discover and explore more and more Paleo dessert applications by yourself and this is where the fun begins... Inside you'll find: * Paleo Marzipan&Berry Muffins With Coconut Whipped Cream * Flourless Paleo Chocolate Muffins With Coconut Whipped Cream * Sweat Paleo Caramel Apple Muffins * Paleo Mug Cakes With Hot Fudge Sauce (Easy Done In 3 Minutes) * Paleo Pineapple, Ginger&Passionfruit Cupcakes For Lovers * Paleo Pink Champagne Cupcakes * Gooey Paleo Ferrero Mousse * Decadent Dairy Free Coco Choco Whipped Cream * White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Paleo Smoothie and more pleasures... Book 2: "Paleo Is Like You" is an inspirational poem a day book...

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ISBN-13: 9781632877840
Publisher: Inge Baum
Publication date: 04/04/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 176
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Ginger Wood was born in Germany and raised in the US and London where she studied at London and Los Angeles universities and where she discovered American desserts. After working for ABC News in the US and enjoying American desserts so much, she decided to set up her baking brand called Oh So Scrumptious&Oozing. Her home-cooked muffins, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, pies, brownies and other high-quality American desserts are a huge success among her friends and family so that she decided to turn her passion into a profitable entity. Oh So Scrumptious&Oozing was founded in 2013 by Ginger Wood. Among her fans she is best known for her collection of family-friendly, community-style cookbooks and craft books that offer specific reliable results to busy users. Each book is charming and heart-warming, but created with one single goal in mind. Help today's time-strapped, budget- conscious families. She fixes every kitchen, food and household related issue with her quick-fix-it mentality and without sacrificing the good taste! Her books are filled with satisfying, scrumptious, and oozing recipes that she has collected over the years and adapted to the reality of today. No matter if one is looking for delicious&unique gourmet holiday treats or healthy new year's resolutions, Ginger brakes down the concept into a simple and no-fail process. Along with treasured family recipes, each of her books include real&inspirational stories that go along with these proven and tested recipes. She is big on usability and always gives additional value in the form of usable tips and advice throughout her books. The goal of Oh So Scrumptious&Oozing is to grow from a home based kitchen-table operation to become a nationally recognized best-selling publisher and helping individuals who are new to cooking and baking as well as the advanced users. Check out all the Oh So Scrumptious&Oozing books below and visit their fanpage to get your free share of scrumptious&oozing recipes that are going to quickly fix your cooking and baking in a healthy and delicious way! You'll love the Oh So Scrumptious&Oozing way of life because you will learn how to bake&cook it the quick- fix and no-fail way that will save you hours of work and plenty of tears in the kitchen. The Scrumptious&Oozing cookbook series will bring lots of happy gourmet moments on your table! More Info:

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