Bible Belt

Bible Belt

by Diane Birch


Diane Birch's much-lauded debut record hits stores across the country today. Written entirely by Diane and expertly produced by Grammy winners Steve Greenberg, soul legend Betty Wright and Michael Mangini - working together as a team for the first time since the first two critically acclaimed Joss Stone albums - 'Bible Belt' was recorded in New York and New Orleans with an impressive group of accomplished musicians, all of whom were so dazzled by Diane's songwriting that they agreed to come together as her band for the recording: Lenny Kaye (of The Patti Smith Group), Adam Blackstone from The Roots, George Porter of The Meters, acclaimed drummers Stanton Moore of Galactic and Cindy Blackman, saxophonist Lenny Pickett, and trombonist Tom 'Bones' Malone. And while Diane sings most of the album's background vocals herself, both Betty Wright and legendary Jive Five lead singer Eugene Pitt join in on occasion to lend their vocal magic.

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Release Date: 06/02/2009
Label: S-Curve Records
UPC: 0807315110123
catalogNumber: 51101

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Diane Birch   Primary Artist,Organ,Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Vocals,Bells,Hand Clapping,farfisa organ,fender rhodes,Finger Snapping,Wurlitzer
Betty Wright   Vocals,Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Tom "Bones" Malone   Trombone,Flugelhorn
Cindy Blackman   Drums
Jim Hines   Trumpet
Joel Katz   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Lenny Kaye   Electric Guitar
Jeanne LeBlanc   Cello
Frank London   Trumpet
Lou Marini   Saxophone
John McCurry   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Angelo Morris   Electric Guitar,Acoustic Bass
Suzanne Ornstein   Violin
Sandra Park   Violin
Lenny Pickett   Saxophone
George Porter   Bass
Shannon Powell   Tambourine
Erik Ralske   Horn
Mary Wooten   Cello
Sophie Shao   Cello
Eugene Pitt   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Stanton Moore   Percussion,Drums
Eileen Moon   Cello
Raymond Angry   Hammond Organ
Fionn Ó Lochlainn   Electric Guitar
Daniel Panner   Viola
Phil Myers   Horn
Lisa Kim   Violin
Jenny Strenger   Violin
Vivek Kamath   Viola
Jung Sun Yoo   Violin
Liza Lim   Violin
Dawn Hannay   Viola
Adam Blackstone   Bass
Shan Jiang   Violin
David Creswell   Viola
Minyoung Chang   Violin
Desiree Elsevier   Viola
Karen Marx   Violin
Michael Longoria   Vocals
Bobby Jay and the Hawks   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Sarah OBoyle   Violin
Eugene Briskin   Cello
Steve Greenberg   Hand Clapping,Finger Snapping
Tomas K. Carney   Violin
Eva Burmeister   Violin
Kuan Cheng Lu   Violin
Wei Hong Yu   Cello
Cole Williams   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Sumyia Dabney   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Sumire Kudo   Cello
Jose Moro   Vocals,Hand Clapping
Annaliesa Place   Violin
Arnaud Sussmann   Violin
Michael Roth   Viola

Technical Credits

Betty Wright   Producer
Tom "Bones" Malone   Horn Arrangements
Alicia Svigals   String Arrangements
David Gorman   Packaging
Howie Beno   Engineer
Steve Greenwell   Engineer
John R. Angier   Horn Arrangements,String Arrangements
Sheldon Steiger   Engineer
Maxim Moston   String Arrangements
Diane Birch   Composer
Steve Greenberg   Producer,Executive Producer
Michael Mangini   Producer

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Bible Belt 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 50 reviews.
sroyse More than 1 year ago
I love to listen to fun, upbeat music while driving, but it is often difficult to find a CD that pleases my ears as well as my toddler's. But that's not the case with Diane Birch's album, Bible Belt. Her album is enjoyed by both of us! She has an amazing voice and clever lyrics. Her voice reminds me of Carole King and Natalie Maines. "Ariel" and "Rewind" are two of my favorite songs, but all of the songs are great! I received this CD through the One2One Network and I must say I am very impressed. I have recommended this album to many of my friends and family members and I look forward to hearing more songs from Diane Birch in the future!
SaphireEyes More than 1 year ago
I had never heard this artist before listening to this cd. I was pleasantly surprised. This album is a soulful, fresh sound great for all ages. I find it to be a mixture of Dianna Krall and Patsy Cline The lyrics are very meaningful and will touch your heart as they potently relate to true life experiences we have felt or been through at some pint in our lives.
Chefdruck More than 1 year ago
Diane Birch's voice is like liquid gold. Soulful yet powerful, this is the perfect album to cook with a glass of white wine, or to get romantic. Some albums have one or two good songs, but this is a special CD and you won't want to miss any songs.
Zha More than 1 year ago
I purchased this CD because I saw the video and the girl's voice seemed really cool. But a "cool voice" does not a CD make. Just wasn't my cup-o-tea. Songs were so-so...nothing locked me in. Nothing noteworthy to mention. Not into I gave it away.
Lacibird More than 1 year ago
This is one of the most unique CDs that I have listened to in a long time. Her voice and sound remind me so much of Carol King. I love the soulful and bluesy sound of this album.
rugame2 More than 1 year ago
Diane Birch's, Bible Belt puts you in a bluesy mood with her soulful singing, and smoky room filled piano playing. You have to listen to "Rewind", which is a thought provoking song. It makes you wonder if the circumstances were different, would you have made the same decisions? So many people have felt this way, but she articulates it perfectly in a thought provoking manner. The rest of her cd is similar, in the fact that it makes you really think about your life and how you live it. The anthem, Little Sister should be included in every teenagers cd collection.
KimB32 More than 1 year ago
I love music, I love alto vocalists (cause then I can sing with them!), I love Diane Birch. Her voice is so smoky and sultry. She is original, funky and just plain amazing. She reminds me of Norah Jones, Joss Stone and Carole King with a lot of her own originality included. You will not be disappointed in this amazing album that she has written.
emma_m More than 1 year ago
Like other reviewers have mentioned, Diane Birch is very reminiscent of Carol King and other 17's singer song writers. I've found this cd to be very true to its description. I found her music to be very relaxing, especially while driving or cooking. Diane is very talented and I'll be listening to this cd for years.
girlsrus More than 1 year ago
Diane Birch sounds like an old favorite, with all the sparkle and magic of a breakthrough talent. People says she sounds like a combination of early Carole King, Linda Ronstadt and Stevie Nicks, with a little Joss Stone and Cat Power mixed in. Bible Belt is only her first record, but it's one of the most accomplished albums you'll hear all year. From the opening track "Fire Escape" to the closing "Magic View," Diane's stunning voice is mesmerizing. Written entirely by Diane, Bible Belt was recorded in New York City and New Orleans with an impressive team of Grammy-winning producers: S-Curve Records founder Steve Greenberg, soul legend Betty Wright and Mike Mangini, in their first project together since producing Joss Stone's first albums.
Phoenixj More than 1 year ago
Diane Birch sings with a great deal of soul and passion. I can hear gospel, jazz and blues influences, but her style is all her own. She composes her own songs, sings lead and plays keyboards. She's accompanied by a great band, including saxophone and trombone, plus a rousing chorus of back-up singers on several songs. Many of the songs are upbeat and high energy, but what I like most is that they don't all sound alike. Some artists are still finding their way when they release their first album, and their tunes aren't always distinctive and different from each other. Birch may be new to the recording scene, but she's clearly been honing her musical skills and sensibility for a while. Her voice is strong and confident. My favourite cuts include Don't Wait Up, Ariel and Rise Up. I'm not always sure of the meaning of her lyrics, but I quickly find I'm singing along and feeling good. This woman has a lot of talent, and I'm looking forward to hearing more.
SW_Sounds More than 1 year ago
I had this CD for a few days before I popped it into my car on a long drive, and couldn't believe I had waited so long. There's something about a singer-songwriter album that gets me every time and Diane Birch's Bible Belt is no exception. Her soulful melodies and raw but refined voice are a powerful combination. I can imagine it as the background for a mellow cocktail party where everyone would be taken with the cool sounds. I love discovering new artists when they're on the upswing, and I am confident Diane Birch has a long career ahead of her.
wbarker More than 1 year ago
Only in her mid-twenties, Diane Birch has a beautifully clear, mature voice that is sure to soothe and inspire at the same time. While slightly similar to Norah Jones in sound, Diane Birch has added her own special touch to her songs. Originally a pianist, this singer-songwriter is sure to become a favorite with her debut album Bible Belt, which is rapidly climbing in popularity (currently #30 on iTunes Top 100 Albums, #40 on Amazon in music). This album is great to play while in the car or working on the computer. It is equally as nice for home use, while cooking, cleaning, or just hanging out. This album would make great background music for a get-together over coffee or dinner party. While I've enjoyed listening to the entire album, after listening to the cd a few times, I've developed these favorites: Fools, Don't Wait Up and Choo Choo.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great CD, she is soulful and gives off an intense blues sound. The music sounds and feels like New Orleans. My favorite cuts are Fools and Choo Choo.
DebraBoston More than 1 year ago
I listen to a lot of music, but, it is rare for me to find someone who is truly a rare bird. Diane Birch is that fresh new voice whose debut album "Bible Belt" just came out this month. Diane is in her mid-twenties, but she truly sounds like an old soul. As I listened to her cd, so many of my favorite women singers came to mind: The Indigo Girls, The Dixie Chicks, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone, KT Tunstall, Adele, Laura Nyro, Ricki Lee Jones, even Janis Joplin and Billie Holiday. I truly questioned how someone could remind me of all these stellar women and yet be completely her own person, yet that is the paradox and the joy of Diane Birch. Diane's music has an eclectic feel and seems to encompass all sides of her personality and musical loves. Her life has covered a lot of ground thus far as well. She was born in Michigan, but spent her childhood traveling between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia before her family settled in Oregon. Her father was a preacher, and, in some ways, Diane rebelled against the constraints that this placed on her. And, yet, what's fascinating is that after all that rebellion, a lot of her early influences are part of her music now as she is inspired by church hymns and sings about angels, heaven and forgiveness. Now, imagine taking blues, classic rock, du wop, and combining them with jazz and gospel and you'll have a hint of what Diane's music is about. She's also a brilliant piano player. The cd opens with one of my favorites, "Fire Escape". It's a soulful sultry song about love and loss. Diane's music is the type that slowly saunters in wearing an unlikely hat. It beckons to you, seduces you, slowly charms you and soon you find yourself dancing in a familiar dream. Her music speaks of heartbreak, of finding oneself, of life's experiences - but even through the tears, it soars. Her music does not drag, but instead finds wings, upbeat grooves to carry it. Another favorite, "Rise Up" is inspiring. I have gotten so tired of people trying to be trendy, of musical fads that come and go, of formulaic overproduced pop. And, for me, Diane Birch is the antidote. She writes all of her own songs and is a gifted musician in the true sense of the word. She is fresh and new, yet her music hearkens back to the 60's and 70's. In short, her music is timeless, which to me, is the very best thing to be. I can't really give it enough stars, but, I can say, give it a listen. I really think you'll love it. Another favorite of mine is "Rewind", about how you wish you could just go back and press start again, but, you know you can't. "Valentino" has rhythms which, for me, are reminiscent of "Iko Iko", a popular New Orleans folk tune, covered by the Dixie Cups. Honestly, there is not a song on this cd I don't like. "Bible Belt" was recorded in NYC and New Orleans with the same producers who collaborated on Joss Stone's first albums. Diane is working with the best and it shows. Diane Birch's voice is heartfelt, full of soul, and completely fearless - powerful, yet nuanced. Her music is that of a true artist who needs to create to fulfill their vision and their passion. Sometimes you have to "sing the blues" - and sometimes the blues just have to sing, dance, and soar beyond the sky. This is the magic of Diane Birch.
Smiles11 More than 1 year ago
Diane Birch has a wonderful and fresh sound. She is an absolute joy to listen to, especially if you want to relax. Her voice is so elegant. Her new CD Bible Belt really moves me and I love it during the drive home after a busy day. Pick it up if you can, you won't be disappointed. She is very talented and I think you will be pleased. "Valentino" and "Fire Escape" are my two favorite songs on this album. Five stars to this talented newcomer!
ss4000IL More than 1 year ago
In all honesty, I had never heard of Diane Birch until listening to this CD. I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. As I listened to Fire Escape, the first song on the CD, I was reminded a bit of Carly Simon's No Secrets album from 1972. Ms. Birch is hard to categorize. Her music is a bit pop, blues, jazz all mixed together with a touch of country funk thrown in. Her music is obviously written from the heart, and her voice has a clear lilt that is quite enjoyable. The first time I played the CD, I was mostly interested in hearing this new artist. By the time I played it the second time, I was singing along and really enjoying the diverse mix of songs. My favorite song is Don't Wait Up. I think Diane Birch has a long future ahead of her, she is unique and very talented.
ptshep More than 1 year ago
Growing up, I listened to a lot of Carol King and love her singer/songwriter vibe. It is the same kind of feel to Diane Birch's new CD, The Bible Belt. She has been compared to a whole host of musicians, but really does have a sound all her own. Her music seems to have gospel,soul, R&B, and classic rock influence. She describes herself as an old soul and her music definitely has a throw back sound, but not as overt as some of the others around like Amy Winehouse. She is far more subtle. I love just putting her on in the background and chilling. It is definitely feel good music.
jean242 More than 1 year ago
I just love this CD. I wasn't sure what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the way the songs each have a different sound to them. Folk, blues, gospel. Diane Birch's voice is just amazing. Great CD to unwind
aloc More than 1 year ago
Diane sounds like a mix of Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt! Her music is classic and reminds me of a simpler time. It's like I've heard her music before, so it makes me like it even more. Most songs on the album are terrific. One of the few albums where I would buy the entire thing. She will be a big hit!
BlessedMommy More than 1 year ago
When I opened this album I was not sure what to expect. I can honestly say I am a huge fan now! I love the soulful music and her voice. All of the songs are catchy and I find myself singing them throughout the day...without the music even on! LOL It is easy listening and very peaceful music. A wonderful way to start, I hope there are many more CD's to come!
theresamoe More than 1 year ago
If you like the beautiful vocals of Norah Jones, Ella Fitgerald, and even the rock style tone of Stevie Nicks then I highly recommend Diane Birch's Bible Belt! Her music is easy to listen to and has a wonderful bluesy quality. She definitely has the voice of an angel that I could listen to over and over again. The title of her one song, "Nothing but a Miracle," sums up the whole CD, her style and vocals are a miracle worth listening to.
mommysreview More than 1 year ago
I agree Diane Birch does have a little Norah Jones in her voice and music, but it also has a little country along with some gospel. I enjoyed this CD very much although most of the songs did start to sound alike. I will listen to this Cd over and over and I can't wait to see what's next for her. She can only move forward with her voice and music abilities.
AMaly More than 1 year ago
My first impression of Diane Birch was of how much she reminded me of Norah Jones. She has a very rich, fresh voice that makes the album worth listening to. The songs on the album varied in style (blues, soulful, fast paced, ballads) but did not make me feel inspired. I do love Diane Birch's voice, yet there are very few memorable songs on the album and believe she can do much more with her talent. She has a lot of potential and I look forward to hearing her next album!
trista17pluto70 More than 1 year ago
Diane Birch has a voice as smooth as chocolate. No two songs on this album are alike. There is the rebellious "Don't Wait Up", the melancholy "Rewind", the introspective "Mirror, Mirror", "Valentino" will have you bouncing in your seat and my absolute favorite "Choo Choo". Diane Birch's album is something new pop, blues and gospel, sung with the evocative power of one twice her age. She is one to look out for. Thanks to O2O Network for the chance to hear this great album.
Natalie55 More than 1 year ago
Diana Birch is a great singer and songwriter. Her songs were so appealing to me and I really enjoyed them. Diane's CD has a lot of soulful songs that I really caught onto when I heard them for the first time. It was a very exciting CD and it will be one that I will play over and over again for years to come.