Big Tunes: Back 2 the 90s

Big Tunes: Back 2 the 90s



Whereas most dance retrospectives concentrate on the credible Ibiza club anthems of yesteryear, Big Tunes: Back 2 the 90s is an unashamed celebration of all the decade's guilty pleasures, from the thumping techno of 2 Unlimited's "No Limits" to the novelty pop of Whigfield's "Saturday Night" to the Euro trance of Sash!'s "Stay." And with the likes of Calvin Harris and Bloc Party making old-skool piano riffs fashionable again, its release couldn't be better timed. Disc one mainly relies on the summer holiday favorites that dominated the upper reaches of the charts in the mid-'90s. There are irritatingly catchy one-hit wonders (Ann Lee, Doop), faux-American rap/Europop crossovers (La Bouche, Clock), and some rather unique dancefloor tunes (the Grid's banjo instrumental "Swamp Thing," Technohead's stoner anthem "I Wanna Be a Hippy"). The superior second disc opens with the powerhouse artists of the genre, Haddaway, Real McCoy, Snap!, and Corona, all of whom managed to at least briefly carve out a career, but Jam & Spoon's flamenco-tinged "Right in the Night," Urban Cookie Collective's chillout classic "The Key, the Secret," and the Original's uplifting "I Luv U Baby" are the highlights. Disc three sounds like a far more conventional dance compilation, with contributions from esteemed DJs Todd Terry and Pizzaman, one of Norman Cook's many guises.De'Lacy's soulful "Hideaway," Baby D's drum'n'bass chart-topper "Let Me Be Your Fantasy," and Phats & Small's Gallic house-inspired "Turn Around" are the highlights, but there are also several forgotten gems from the likes of Praxis, Pulse, and T-Empo. The Prodigy's menacing rave anthem "No Good" and Aswad's reggae-pop smash "Shine" feel like they belong on a different album, and there are a few notable omissions (e.g., Livin' Joy, Tony Di Bart). But overall, Big Tunes: Back 2 the 90s is a unique collection of songs that represents a genre, often neglected, at its best.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/11/2009
Label: Ministry Of Sound Uk
UPC: 5051275028522
catalogNumber: 7502852

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Barbara Tucker   Background Vocals
Benny Diggs   scat
Sherry McGhee   scat
Angel Rogers   scat
Mike Rogers   Background Vocals
George Morel   Background Vocals
Sandra Edwards   Vocals
Aldo Marin   Background Vocals
Bobby Guy   Keyboards
Rob D.   Keyboards
Mark Quashie   Vocals
Heather Small   Vocals
Peter Tulloch   scat
Mad Stuntman   Vocals
DOSE   Rap
Pete Macnamara   Trumpet,Keyboards
Antoine Robertson   Vocals
Charlotte Small   Background Vocals
Fred "the Animal"   Percussion

Technical Credits

Michael Zager   Composer
Todd Terry   Producer
Blaze   Producer
Alvin Fields   Composer
David Morales   Composer
Grid   Producer
M People   Producer
Patrick Adams   Composer
Afrika Bambaataa   Composer
Benito Benites   Composer
Carla Bianco   Composer
Gianfranco Bortolotti   Composer,Producer
Leroy Burgess   Composer
Jim Cox   Composer,Producer
Jean-Paul DeCoster   Composer
Jam el Mar   Composer,Producer
K. Fingers   Composer
G.T.O.   Producer
John "Virgo" Garrett   Composer
Dee Dee Halligan   Composer,Producer
Paul Heard   Composer
Ernie Lake   Engineer
Fred McFarlane   Composer,Producer
Josh Milan   Composer
Dwayne Richardson   Composer
David Shaw   Producer
Junior Torello   Composer,Producer
Phil Wilde   Composer
Cheri Renee Williams   Composer
Liam Howlett   Composer,Producer
Sam Zucchini   Composer
Nosie Katzmann   Composer
Mark Spoon   Composer,Producer
Outhere Brothers   Producer
Pizzaman   Producer
Alex Party   Producer
Loveland   Composer,Producer
Jinny   Composer
Soul Solution   Producer
Erick "More" Morillo   Producer
George Morel   Composer,Producer
Yosh   Composer,Producer
Chris Scott   Producer
Hex Hector   Producer
Cevin Fisher   Producer
Bobby Guy   Programming
Sash!   Producer
O-Jay   Producer
Soul Train   Producer
Visnadi   Composer
Rob D.   Composer,Producer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Mark Quashie   Composer
G. Ripley   Composer
Simon Thornton   Engineer
3 Mi   Producer
Nigel Swanston   Composer,Producer
James Calloway   Composer
A. Gilardi   Composer
Lisa Marie Experience   Producer
Walter Taieb   Composer,Producer
DJ Pippi   Composer,Producer
Ken Doh   Composer
Mauro Picotto   Composer
Checco   Producer
Davide Riva   Arranger,Remixing
Tokapi   Producer
Francesco Bontempi   Composer
R.L. Slijngaard   Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Steven Levis   Composer
Hula Mahone   Composer
Keith Mayberry   Composer
Simon Slater   Composer,Producer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
DJ Chus   Composer
Francis Wright   Composer
Antonio Puntillo   Composer
Garnefski   Composer
Jake Williams   Composer,Producer
Goetz   Engineer
Kevin Hedge   Composer
Luciano Zucchet   Producer
Maurizio Lobina   Composer
G. Trivellato   Composer
Floyd Dyce   Composer,Producer
J.C. Molina   Composer,Producer
Randone   Composer
D. Penin   Composer,Producer
James Reynolds   Engineer
Jürgen Wind   Composer,Producer
Ultra DJs   Remixing,Additional Production
Moratto   Composer
B. Lloyd   Composer
Allan George   Composer,Producer
A. Gardner   Composer
Enrique P.   Producer
W. Cremonini   Composer
P. Glenister   Composer
D. Allen   Composer
C. Fisher   Composer
A. Colandreo   Composer
Ralphie 'Boy' Muniz   Producer
A. Hinton   Composer
M. Banks   Composer
Gaetan Schurrer   Additional Production
K. Brown   Composer
S. Gibson   Composer
Derek A. Jenkins   Composer
S. Allan   Composer,Producer
W. Garfield   Composer
M. Baroni   Composer
M. Molella   Composer,Producer
M. Pickering   Composer
M. Gaffey   Composer
G. Spagna   Composer
F. Mertens   Composer
F. Carmeni   Composer,Producer
Erick Morillo   Composer,Producer
Cook Barton   Composer
Casio Ware   Composer
Abraxas Mix   Remixing,Additional Production
J.P. Cundall   Composer
S. Dal Pino   Composer
Rahan Heath   Composer
Massimo Gobutti   Producer
M.G. Compton   Composer
Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli   Composer,Producer
Ken Morris   Composer

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