Blue Fish in a Dark Sea: Police Intelligence in a Counterinsurgency

Blue Fish in a Dark Sea: Police Intelligence in a Counterinsurgency

by Randall Wilson


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"The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea."

Mao Tse-Tung claimed in On Guerilla Warfare that the guerrilla move seamlessly amongst the people. If the guerrilla are the fish and the people the sea, then police intelligence are the blue fish which live and hunt in that sea alongside them.

All modern counterinsurgency theories rely on separating the people from the insurgent. But Randall Wilson's Blue Fish In A Dark Sea contends that the use of police intelligence will allow for a different approach; of separating the insurgent head from the insurgent body so that the body is seen by people as an infection, ridding it of a protective camouflage.

The existence of police intelligence and its unique, but all too often marginalised capacity for uncovering and destroying the prime movers of an insurgency must be re-examined. It is by no means a panacea for civil strife but, as an integral component of a combined counterinsurgency strategy, it provides a weapon which is more feared by insurgents than any other. Knowing who they are and where they're hiding renders the insurgent visible and touchable.

In Blue Fish In A Dark Sea: Police Intelligence in a Counterinsurgency, Wilson explores and discusses the various elements of police intelligence ubiquitous to the trade, and presents the most efficacious means of employing this skill set in the environment of a counterinsurgency.

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ISBN-13: 9781908684226
Publisher: University of Buckingham Press
Publication date: 03/01/2014
Pages: 180
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About the Author

RANDALL WILSON has served with and advised the police forces of a number of nations beset by insurgencies. These include the highly visible conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as in other theatres where the stakes were equally high but the coverage considerably less. He has worked in the field of law enforcement, police intelligence and counterinsurgency over the past twenty four years.

Table of Contents

Preface i

Orientation 1

An example from the field 1

Differences in Intelligence 3

The Nature of the Threat 7

Network Neutralization 10

The Nature of the Network 12

Identify, Penetrate, Dismantle 15

Human Intelligence 17

An example from the field 17

Stoolies, touts and hamcars 18

The sticking points considered 21

The delicate art of informant handling 30

The ways and means of informant handling 34

Lessons Learned 39

Interrogation 41

An example from the field 41

A controversial topic 42

Guilt by association 43

Interrogation Defined 44

Extracting the truth 45

The Reid Method 47

Approach Based Interrogation 68

The best of both worlds 71

Lessons Learned 72

Surveillance 75

An example from the field 75

Seeing (and hearing) is believing 76

Primary categories of surveillance activity 77

Physical surveillance 80

Technical surveillance 85

The path less travelled 93

Lessons learned 95

Analysis 97

Making sense of it all 97

Three levels of analysis 99

The strategic element 101

Actionable analysis 108

Synthesis of police intelligence analysis functions 114

Lessons learned 118

Pseudo Operations 121

Define your terms 121

The Counterterror Conundrum 135

Current affairs 135

Police Intelligence in a Counterinsurgency 147

Fitting it all together 147

Bibliography 155

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