Bluiett's Barbeque Band

Bluiett's Barbeque Band

by Bluiett's Barbeque Band



This outing by baritonist Hamiet Bluiett is quite a mixed bag. The music ranges from electric funk to gospel vocals by Amba Hawthorne and a poetry reading by Shirley LeFlore. The performances certainly keep one guessing with Bluiett seeming to operate more as an instigator than necessarily the lead voice. Listeners expecting to hear avant-garde explorations will be disappointed although the leader's baritone solos are often quite adventurous. The most satisfying selection is the closer, a version of "Body and Soul" that has Bluiett playing bass sax with surprising fluency. Otherwise the music is a bit erratic but certainly stimulating and heartfelt.

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Release Date: 11/19/1996
Label: Mapleshade Records
UPC: 0735561040324
catalogNumber: 4032


  1. Oasis/The Well
  2. Give Me Rivers
  3. Bonitablu
  4. The Wind Beneath My Wings
  5. Wide Open
  6. Nanna/Ena Brown
  7. Uluru/Dreamtime
  8. Precious Lord
  9. Body and Soul

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