(Re)Imagining Content-Area Literacy Instruction

(Re)Imagining Content-Area Literacy Instruction

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Today’s teachers need to prepare students for a world that places increasingly higher literacy demands on its citizens. In this timely book, the authors explore content-area literacy and instruction in English, music, science, mathematics, social studies, visual arts, technology, and theatre. Each of the chapters has been written by teacher educators who are experts in their discipline. Their key recommendations reflect the aims and instructional frameworks unique to content-area learning.

This resource focuses on how literacy specialists and content-area educators can combine their talents to teach all readers and writers in the middle and secondary school classroom. The text features vignettes from classroom practice with visuals to demonstrate, for example, how we read a painting or hear the discourse of a song.

Additional contributors: Marta Adair, Diane L. Asay, Sharon R. Gray, Sirpa Grierson, Scott Hendrickson, Steven L. Shumway, Geoffrey A. Wright

Roni Jo Draperis an associate professor in the Department of Teacher Education in the David O. McKay School of Education.Paul Broomheadis associate professor and coordinator of the Music Education Division in the School of Music.Amy Petersen Jensenis an associate professor in the College of Fine Arts and Communications.Jeffery D. Nokesis an assistant professor in the History Department.Daniel Siebertis an associate professor in the Department of Mathematics Education. All editors are at Brigham Young University, Utah.

“This is a must-read for educators engaged in professional development efforts aimed at improving students’ learning across the content areas. The editors and chapter authors are to be applauded for taking up the call to place content-area literacy squarely in the disciplines.”

—From the Foreword byThomas W. Bean, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“A great tool for developing disciplinary literacy.”

Douglas Fisher, San Diego State University

“Draper and her colleagues successfully convey the complex and subject-specific nature of effective content area literacy instruction. This book reminds us in refreshing ways that there is more to effective reading than decoding and prior knowledge.”

George G. Hruby, Executive Director, Collaborative Center for Literacy Development, University of Kentucky

“From its grounding in inquiry and collaboration, to its contemporary views of literacy and text, this book is an important response to recent calls to redress century-old recommendations for teaching reading. It is exciting to recommend(Re)ImaginingContent-Area Literacy Instructionfor any course or in-service project with a focus on content-area literacy instruction.”

Kathleen Hinchman, Syracuse University, School of Education

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ISBN-13: 9780807771334
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 04/26/2013
Series: Language & Literacy
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Table of Contents

Foreword Tom Bean vii

1 Aims and Criteria for Collaboration in Content-Area Classrooms Roni Jo Draper Paul Broomhead Amy Petersen Jensen Daniel Siebert 1

2 Rethinking Texts, Literacies, and Literacy Across and Curriculum Roni Jo Draper Daniel Siebert 20

3 (Re)Imagining Literacies for Mathematics Classrooms Daniel Siebert Scott Hendrickson 40

4 (Re)Imagining Literacies for History Classrooms Jeffery D. Nokes 54

5 (Re)Imagining Literacies for Music Classrooms Paul Broomhead 69

6 (Re)Imagining Literacies for Technology Classrooms Steven L. Shumway Geoffrey A. Wright 82

7 (Re)Imagining Literacies for Theatre Classrooms Amy Petersen Jensen 97

8 (Re)Imagining Literacies for English Language Arts Classrooms Sirpa Grierson Jeffery D. Nokes 113

9 (Re)Imagining Literacies for Science Classrooms Roni Jo Draper Marta Adair 127

10 (Re)Imagining Literacies for Visual Arts Classrooms Amy Petersen Jensen Diane L. Asay Sharon R. Gray 144

11 (Re)Imagining Collaborations for Content-Area Literacy Roni Jo Draper Jeffery D. Nokes Daniel Siebert 159

About the Contributors 172

Index 175

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an academic reading of various studies and experiences. Do NOT buy if you are looking for actual ideas for teaching.