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Alfred Music
Play Congas Now: The Basics & Beyond (Spanish, English Language Edition), Book & 2 CDs

Play Congas Now: The Basics & Beyond (Spanish, English Language Edition), Book & 2 CDs

by Richie Gajate-Garcia
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Play Congas Now approaches conga playing in a very user-friendly way and is a must for all students who wish to learn the basic styles, patterns and techniques from world-renowned artist/teacher Richie Gajate-Garcia. The package contains two CDs with Richie performing all exercises and has play-along tracks to practice with. Styles include Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, pop/rock, funk, and R&B, along with a section on school jazz band use. A complete study of the conga!

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ISBN-13: 9780769296579
Publisher: Alfred Music
Publication date: 10/01/2000
Edition description: Book & 2 CDs
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 8.96(w) x 11.86(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Audio CD Index6
About the Author7
A Brief History10
Notation Key12
Conga Sizes13
Playing Positions: Sitting and Standing15
Let's Get Started16
Your Hands17
The Sounds18
The Open Tone18
The Muted Slap19
The Open Slap19
The Heel-Fingers Motion19
The Bass Tone20
The Muffled Tone20
Basic Notation21
Note and Rest Values23
Basic Reading Exercises24
Sound Developing Exercises31
Open Tones31
Muted Slaps32
Bass Tone33
Heel-Fingers Motion34
Open Slaps35
The Clave37
Son Clave37
Rumba Clave37
6/8 Clave38
Preliminary Exercises39
Conga Drum Patterns41
Patterns from Cuba41
Patterns from Puerto Rico43
Patterns from Santo Domingo44
Pop, Rock, R&B, and Funk45
Pop, Rock, R&B, and Funk Patterns for One Conga46
Drum Set and Congas47
The High School Band53
Independence Exercises56
Mis Tres Hijos Play-Along57
Additional Credits58
Available from Richie59
Spanish Translation: Texto En Espanol63
Audio CD Index
CD 1
Track 1Notes and Their Values, Ex. 1-7
Track 2Notes and Rests
Track 3Eighth Notes and Rests
Track 4Quarter & Eighth Notes and Rests
Track 5Sixteenth Notes
Track 6One Eighth & Two Sixteenths
Track 7Two Sixteenths & One Eighth Note
Track 8Dotted Eighth-One Sixteenth
Track 9Triplets
Track 10Combining Quarters, Eighths, Sixteenths
Track 11Combining Quarters, Eighths-Sixteenths One-Eighth
Track 12Adding Two-Sixteenth-One-Eighth, Three Rests
Track 13Adding the Dotted Eighth-One-Sixteenth
Track 14Adding Triplets & Rests
Track 156/8
Track 165/8
Track 177/8
Track 18Open Tone, Ex. 1-5
Track 19Slaps, Ex. 1-5
Track 20Bass Tone
Track 21Heels Fingers
Track 22Open Slaps
Track 23One Conga, Ex. 1
Track 24One Conga, Ex. 2
Track 25One Conga, Ex. 3
Track 26One Conga, Ex. 4
Track 27One Conga, Ex. 5
Track 28One Conga, Ex. 6 Old Tumbao
Track 29One Conga, Ex. 7 Contemporary
Track 30Two Congas, Ex. 8 Adding the Tumba
Track 31Two Congas, Ex. 9
Track 32Two Congas, Ex. 10
Track 33Challenge Exercise (all exercises in succession)
Track 34Patterns Cuba, Ex. 1
Track 35Patterns Cuba, Ex. 2-Variation 1
Track 36Patterns Cuba, Ex. 3-Variation 2
Track 37Patterns Cuba, Ex. 4-Variation 3
Track 38Patterns Cuba, Ex. 5-Variation 4
Track 39Bolero, Ex. 6
Track 40Guajira, Ex. 7
Track 41Songo, Ex. 8
Track 42Songo Variation, Ex. 9
Track 43Guaguanco 3/2, Ex. 10
Track 44Puerto Rico Plena, Ex. 11
Track 45Puerto Rico Bomba Xica, Ex. 12
Track 46Puerto Rico Jibaro, Ex. 13
Track 47Puerto Rico Salsa, Ex. 14
Track 48Puerto Rico Bomba Holandes
Track 49Santo Domingo Merengue Patterns
Track 50Merengue with Stick
Track 51Merengue Accompaniment to the Tambora Part
Track 52Merengue Ex. 2 and 3 Parts Together
Track 53Merengue Ex. 2 Conga Accompaniment to the Tambora
Track 54Merengue Variation
Track 55Rock/Pop/R&B/Funk Patterns for One Conga, Ex. 1
Track 56Rock/Pop/R&B/Funk Patterns for One Conga, Ex. 2
Track 57Rock/Pop/R&B/Funk Patterns for One Conga, Ex. 3
Track 58Rock/Pop/R&B/Funk Patterns for One Conga, Ex. 4
Track 59Rock/Pop/R&B/Funk Patterns for One Conga, Ex. 5
Track 60"Fields of Gold" w/Congas
Track 61"Fields of Gold" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 62"La Vida Loca" w/Congas
Track 63"La Vida Loca" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 64"If You Had My Love" w/Congas
Track 65"If You Had My Love" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 66"Sex Machine" w/Congas
Track 67"Sex Machine" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 68"Unchain My Heart" w/Congas
Track 69"Unchain My Heart" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 70"Two Hearts" w/Congas
Track 71"Two Hearts" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 72"Give Up the Funk" w/Congas
Track 73"Give Up the Funk" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 74"Disco Groove" w/Congas
Track 75"Disco Groove" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 76"Seven Days" w/Congas
Track 77"Seven Days" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 78"Homemade 7" w/Congas
Track 79"Homemade 7" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 80"High School" Swing Groove
Track 81"High School" BeBop Groove
Track 82"High School" Rock & Roll Groove
Track 83"High School" Shuffle Groove
Track 84"High School" Sixteenth Note Funky Groove
Track 85"Perc Independence" (Tumbao One Drum)
Track 86"Perc Independence" (w/Cowbell)
Track 87"Perc Independence" (w/Shaker)
Track 88"Perc Independence" (w/Tambourine)
Track 89"Mis Tres Hijos" w/Congas
Track 90"Mis Tres Hijos" wo/Congas (play-along)
CD 2
Track 1"Guajira Pa Lissete" w/Congas
Track 2"Guajira Pa Lissete" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 3"Gozando Y Caminando" w/Congas
Track 4"Gozando Y Caminando" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 5"El Meneito" w/Congas
Track 6"El Meneito" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 7"Sabroson" w/Congas
Track 8"Sabroson" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 9"Techno Me" w/Congas
Track 10"Techno Me" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 11"Full Moon" w/Congas
Track 12"Full Moon" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 13"Shoe On Me" w/Congas
Track 14"Shoe On Me" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 15"Faldo" w/Congas
Track 16"Faldo" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 17"Lenny Kravitz" w/Congas
Track 18"Lenny Kravitz" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 19"Lou Kev" w/Congas
Track 20"Lou Kev" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 21"Symfonico" w/Congas
Track 22"Symfonico" wo/Congas (play-along)
Track 23"Rock Ya" w/Congas
Track 24"Rock Ya" wo/Congas (play-along)

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