Boys in Fatherless Families

Boys in Fatherless Families

by Elizabeth Herzog, Cecelia E. Sudia


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CONTENTS Introductory Comment Focus of Review -- The Core Group of Studies -- Defining Father Absence Juvenile Delinquency Problems of Differential Treatment -- Are They Really Overrepresented? -- Connection Between Father Absence and Juvenile Delinquency -- Family Factors -- Individual Psychological Factors -- Community Factors -- To Sum up Intellectual and Psychosocial Functioning School Achievement -- SES Controls -- Types of Father Absence Masculine Identity Controls and Replications -- Measures Employed -- Long-term Prognosis -- Mental Illness and Marital Instability -- Recurrent Findings and Questions Some Conclusions. Implications, and Questions Recurrent Themes and Differentiations -- Fathers. Present and Absent Research Considerations The Family -- Un-families -- Context and Perspective -- Misleading Research Models -- The Type III Error Some Practical Implications Programs for all Boys -- Supports for the One-parent Mother -- More Men in Their Lives -- Public Attitudes and Information -- "Prevention"

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