Brave the Tempest

Brave the Tempest

by Karen Chance

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Cassie Palmer, chief seer of the supernatural world, faces her biggest challenge yet—her own allies! Everything's on the line in the latest thrilling entry in the New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series.

Cassie Palmer has been chief seer of the supernatural world for a little over four months. In that time, she's battled two gods, fallen in love with two men, and confronted the two sides of her own nature, both god and human. So it's not surprising that she currently finds herself facing two adversaries, although they have a single purpose: to wipe out the supernatural community's newest fighting force, leaving it vulnerable to enemies in this world and beyond.

To prevent catastrophe, the vamps, mages, and demons will have to do the one thing they've never managed before and come together as allies. Cassie has the difficult task of keeping the uneasy coalition intact, and of persuading her own two opposing forces, a powerful mage with a secret and a master vampire with a growing obsession, to fight at her side. She just hopes they can do it without tearing each other apart.

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ISBN-13: 9781101990001
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/30/2019
Series: Cassie Palmer Series , #9
Pages: 576
Sales rank: 29,912
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Karen Chance is the New York Times bestselling author of the Cassie Palmer novels and the Midnight's Daughter series. She has lived in France, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, but always comes back to America.

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Brave the Tempest 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Another great book in the series. Definitely a must read.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Did I say love?! Karen Chance just keeps you on your toes by giving you a taste that makes you keep on wanting more ! I can’t wait for the next one to come out... PLEASE PLEASE COME out with another one.. my heart won’t take it if this can’t continue!!
Anonymous 4 months ago
As the timeline runs on, you get suck into a whirlwind of action.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Karen Chance wove so much backstory into this book that you could read it as a standalone. But why would you want to? The characters (some of which have their own series or short stories) are so rich and their stories so intertwined that after every new book drops I am compelled to reread everything in that verse! Because you can't just walk away. So be warned. Karen Chance's books can cause sleep loss and obsessive behavior.
J_Daj 4 months ago
This book deals with a lot of fallout from Ride the Storm, in all the best ways. There is a ton of payoff of things set up in previous books. Lots of twists and turns. All in all a solid addition to the series. I could say more, but you'd be better off experiencing it for yourself!
Evampire9 4 months ago
For the past four months, Pythia Cassandra Palmer has been quite busy battling gods, falling in love with two men and confronted the two sides of her own nature, both god and human. So it’s not really surprising that she is now facing two adversaries with a single purpose – to wipe out the supernatural community’s newest fighting force. Cassie also has the difficult task of keeping the uneasy alliance between the vamps, mages and demons intact and persuading her own two opposing forces, a powerful mage and a master vampire to fight at her side without tearing each other apart. Cassie is being run ragged in this riveting and volatile new story. Fans of the Cassandra Palmer series love all the strong, dominant characters and all the explosive action and thrilling suspense and they’re definitely disappointed with one as continues in true Cassandra Palmer fashion and keeps readers’ hearts pounding and their eyes cemented to the pages. The non-stop, fast paced plot is full of suspense, excitement and emotionally gripping turmoil of personal issues, relationship issues, political issues and of course, the issues of all the two adversaries with plans to make the supernatural community vulnerable in this world and beyond. The Senate is planning an offensive but of course is plagued with mistrust and their own arrogance with the politics getting in the way, betrayals and enemies keep stirring up things up and testing Cassie’s endurance. While Cassie’s still questioning her relationship with Mircea and wondering what is happening between her and Pritkin. With all of this going on, is it any wonder that readers can’t possibly put this stunning, deliciously thrilling story down once they have begun.
QuirkyCat 4 months ago
Brave the Tempest is the latest installment in the Cassie Palmer series, and man could I not be happier to have a copy of this book in my hands! I know some fans have only been reading one series or the other (Cassie or Dory), but there is some backstory that is very relevant in Dory’s series (and short stories) that you probably don’t want to miss out on! Plus they’re a blast, so there’s that. This novel continues the battle that Cassie and her allies (not quite the accurate term, all things considered, but we’re going with it) have been prepping for and dealing with for years. And yes, it lived up to all of my hopes and expectations. Cassie has had to put up with a lot over the past few months (though it’s hard to believe what has been years for us has only been months for her), and Brave the Tempest didn’t give her any breaks. She’s still learning how to be a Pythia, on top of dealing with multiple senates and courts, plus prepping for a battle to end all battles. One that they’ll hopefully win. And somehow Cassie has to get all of these different factions to work together in order to have any chance of having everybody survive it all. The Cassie Palmer series (and the Dory series by extension) has been one of my favorite series for a long time now. And while we may be more than a dozen books in now, I still can’t get enough! So I may be just a tiny bit biased in this review. But only as biased as any fan would be. Brave the Tempest had a lot of expectations riding on it, and yet it managed to meet all of them. I enjoyed every minute of this read, all of the lows and all of the highs. And everything in between. This novel is a whopping 544 pages, but honestly? It blew by in no time. This series has always been an eventful one – with Cassie having to deal with problems left and right. And Brave the Tempest is no exception to that rule. There was just SO much that happened here, I’m not even sure where to begin. Cassie was fantastic, as always. I adore her drive and determination. And honestly, I love that nothing Cassie does is ever easy – you’re always fully aware of the cost and ramifications of her actions. The last few novels in this series have really upped the ante on the emotional level. Cassie has always had to deal with a lot – but suddenly the whole mess felt a lot more personal. And I’m happy to say that Brave the Tempest continued this trend. Though naturally the how and why has altered, thanks to the conclusion of Ride the Storm. And boy, was this novel an emotional roller coaster. In a good way, I promise. Every battle and conflict that Cassie and her allies have been prepping for are looming on the horizon. And yet more and more keeps creeping up to complicate the matter. I don’t envy anyone in this situation. The secondary characters in this novel are numerous. As they would have to be, given how many people Cassie has to work with. Yet, I feel like many of them had moments in this novel. Some more than others, naturally. But all of the important players were there. More than that though, it seemed like they’ve all had character growth along the way. The personal moments in this novel were deeply moving. And I don’t just mean the romantic sort of personal moments. There were several heart to heart moments here, and I feel like they have been a long time coming. I’m happy that Karen Chance made time for them here. I think it was time. I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again here. I adore the political shenanigans
Anonymous 4 months ago
Sailon 4 months ago
Cassie Palmer is the Pythia, the supernatural world’s top seer. Even though she holds the title, none of the powers that be really have told her much about her position. It seems they like keeping her in the dark so they can hold the power at each of their own whims… Big mistake on their parts, because Cassie isn’t going to take their hand out sitting down. She finally takes the reins for her own powers and realizes the machinations each faction has been using to hold her back. Now the vampires, mages and demons will have to work together to face their newest foes and it is up Cassie to bring them all together without them destroying each other before they can save their worlds. Chance writes a perfect addition to the Cassie Palmer series! The balance of humor, drama, action and world building flat out works! This was one of those reads that I read from start to finish and then started all over again because yes, there is that much going on. There is no denying, I love the Karen Chance’s writing and I loved Brave the Tempest. I highly recommend this book as a must read to any urban fantasy connoisseur. I received this ARC copy of Brave the Tempest from Penguin - Random House and Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review.
valerie holm 4 months ago
Cassie Palmer's world is one of the best urban fantasies on the market. Once you start a Cassie Palmer book, walking away from the story is not an easy thing to do. Every novel in the series proceeds at a breakneck pace, and this one is no exception. Be aware that Brave the Tempest is book nine. All relevant information is summarized when necessary, but it will enhance the adventure if you know these characters. This series is an excellent binge read. Before reading my early copy of Brave the Tempest by Karen Chance, I wish I had time to revisit preceding books. What I like: Karen Chance combines fantastic wit with pulse-pounding action. These supernaturals stand out. The characters have a unique voice and creative backgrounds that transform typical stereotypes. I relish the twists placed on the urban fantasy genre norms. Cassie Palmer's world is one of the best on the market. What I don't like: As an avid series enthusiast, I find that repeated summarization interrupts my flow. That fact is not unique to this book, or even this series, and it is often my biggest complaint in a sequential read by any author. I understand the necessity of it, so I take it in stride. Brave the Tempest was no more bothersome than any of the others I have read. For some, maybe most, I think it will be a great addition. Random Spoilery Thoughts. Cassie has made her opinion well known about how vampires inherently lie and manipulate. Her horrible experience in Tony's Court doesn't give her many reasons to feel differently, but that also makes her biased on the subject. I want to trust Mircea. Doing so is easier for me when reading a Dorina book as opposed to a Cassie book. I don't believe Mircea always does the right thing, especially when it comes to the Pythias, and he is currently making some pretty bold choices. But Cassie declares some critical judgments concerning Mircea, ones I don't regularly accept as truth. Hopefully, I end up more right about Mircea than Cassie before the series is over. I am, however, pleased with where their partnership is by the end of Brave the Tempest. I really want them to find a solid non-romantic bond. Pritkin continues to struggle with his dual-nature. I understand where he is coming from, but if Pritkin and Cassie learn to harness their power, they will be a formidable force. Pritkin will need convincing. Or most likely, down the line, the necessity will be thrust upon them. Pritkin will have no choice but to trust in himself. I am eager to see how that union transforms them. And I have to give a little yay! Pritkin and Cassie together are oh so satisfying! I eagerly await the next installment in the Cassie Palmer series.
_A_ 3 months ago
Cassandra Palmer just saved the world from a God... again. Does that mean she gets a break, no. But she does get to stay in her current time for most of her adventures in this story. I enjoyed getting to meet the Pythian Court and Cassie being able to interact with her Vampire bodyguards. We get to see the world of Cassie Palmer expand with this story, Cassie crashes a war meeting at the Consul's, shops at a coven mall, re-enters faerie and finds herself back in Shadowland. I loved this story, Cassie got the opportunity to expand her character interactions outside of Pritkin without losing the epic battles. Can't wait to read again!
desertsunsets 4 months ago
Brave the Tempest is the 9th book in the Cassie Palmer series and should be read in timeline order with the Dorina Basarab series. Cassie and Pritkin — that’s right, he’s back! — have killed two gods but the war still rages. Jo’s spirit, the last of Agnes’ acolytes, is still out there causing problems and Jonathan, Louis-Cesare’s nemesis, is back to his old tricks. Plus a couple of ancient demons get thrown in the mix. This book has the complete cast of characters plus most of the characters from the Dory books. Which is so fantastic! Cassie and Dory finally have a conversation instead of trying to kill each other and it was everything I had ever hoped for. Caedmon apparently flirts with everyone and gets his just desserts. Cassie takes a trip to faerie and goes to a coven mall which was a major highlight for me (think Diagon Alley magical wonderment). I love that Cassie has grown so much as a character. She’s embracing her position and the power that gives her in the supernatural community. She finally expects to be respected as Pythia and is no longer allowing the other leaders to roll over her. She’s also stepping it up on the emotional side and opening up to all the new people in her life. Having a court and a family no longer just means people to protect but people to love and let inside her emotional walls. I think the best thing about this book is “the between times.” Most Cassie books are constant action and running from one crisis to the next. Which I absolutely love and there is plenty of that here. But there’s also quite a bit of downtime where they get to just talk to each other. Augustine opens up about his childhood. Cassie helps Rhea, Pritkin, and Mircea through some of their issues. And Marco helps Cassie through hers. We get to spend time getting to know Saffy and Vi from the covens, the young Pythian court members, and the latest vampire bodyguards. Cassie gets some unexpected help and training. And some Casskin hanky panky makes everything complete. Karen Chance is one of my favorite authors. Not just for her endearing characters but the amazing, intricate storylines with insane fights and crazy politics. Read this book, well this whole timeline. It’s fantastic. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Cassie discovers new worlds and amazing magic as age discovers the Coven that have been in hiding. Loved this book, and it gives the series new life.
Anonymous 19 days ago
Cassie Palmer is finally coming into her own! I was getting tired of hearing her whine about her powers, however, this book shows her strength and determination. I am hooked all over again!!!
BookNut1996 19 days ago
Brave the Tempest is fast paced with a lot going on. Cassie once again finds herself bouncing from one chaotic moment to the next. Many of the support characters make appearance with a few stepping up to the plate to take on more of the burden. The story rehashes several prior books throughout the story, which I don't recall happening much in the other stories and was kind of irritating. A rehash point took place during an intimate scene, which in my opinion was the absolute worst place to do so. This story also felt a little bit like a filled as the overall series arc was not progressed by this story. However, Cassie is finally standing up against some of the powers.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I loved it. I love all of Karen chances work, they are always so intriguing and this book is no different. I never wanted to put the book down, I think it was the shortest time to read as I barely stopped reading it. Will definitely be reading it again and I recommend to others to read as well. Can't wait for the next one.
EclecticMusicLover 3 months ago
I love this series! This book spends a lot of time with my favorite characters in the series. Also, I really like the way Cassie has developed. For those reasons, I think this is my favorite in the series.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Reading Karen Chance is a procession of sips- the action is too overwhelming otherwise!
Jen Kyle 3 months ago
Wow! FINALLY! This book was above amazing. I absolutely love this series. The characters, how much they are developing. I'm still smiling. Karen does such a good job with how her story delivers. The flow is smooth. It's a story you never want to put down.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 4 months ago