Bright Blue Miracle

Bright Blue Miracle

by Becca Wilhite

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Seventeen-year-old Leigh Mason is not sure she’s ready to share her mom, her bedroom, and her little sisters with her new stepsister, Betsy. And she’s definitely not ready to share her best friend, who happens to be a boy!

Coping with a blended family is not easy for either Leigh or Betsy, especially during their senior year in high school. Each step brings them nearer to a crisis that will either send them running in different directions or bind them firmly together (which, let's face it, would take a miracle).

Bright Blue Miracle is a new young adult novel that has everything a girl wants: a hero (more specifically, a really cute boy), a villain (who happens to be a stepsister), comedy, despair, pedicures, ice cream, love, hate, tennis, revenge, and, of course, a couple of surprises that might send you for some tissues.

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ISBN-13: 9781606416044
Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 09/21/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Bright Blue Miracle 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
pagese More than 1 year ago
I found this at my local Walmart one day quite a long time ago. The cover really caught my interest because its so bright. The story sounded promising. Although, since I found it in the LDS section I knew it was apt to be pretty cleanly written as well. I think its a true tribute to her upbringing that Leigh doesn't all out rebel at the changes she has to go through. Being a teenage girl isn't easy, add in a new step-sister and things are going to be challenging. She asked to share her room with a person she barely knows and really doesn't like much in the beginning. I was a little surprised at that arrangement. I think it put to much pressure on the girls to get along. I think the family probably could have functioned better if they found a way to let them both have their own space. I was also surprised that Betsy chooses to date Leigh's best friend. I know she asked if it was ok, but it was another way I felt that Leigh was asked to bend over backward for Betsy. Be nice to her...she gave up her home and friends to move here was a phrase while not necessarily spoken was definitely felt. I never though Leigh got a fair chance to display her emotions, or that her family thought she was justified in doing so. I did really like the overall message that's displayed in this story. Family comes first, even when its a blended family. That sometimes things need to fall apart a little before they can fully come together. And I think perhaps the biggest one is that everybody deserves a chance. I think it takes courage to look beyond what you initially see and look deeper.
Kymburlee More than 1 year ago
With her first published novel, Becca Wilhite has accomplished what few first time novelists manage. She has created characters who truly live and breathe in the pages of her book. They, and the main character particularly, are genuine and believably and provoke a wide gamut of emotions. From outright laughter to actual tears, I found this book incredibly compelling and moving. A coming of age story of the highest order!
Novel_Teen_Book_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Seventeen-year-old Leigh Mason is not thrilled that her mom is remarrying. She is even less thrilled that her new dad comes with a daughter her age. Not only does Leigh have to share her bedroom, but her best friend Jeremy quickly develops a crush on her new sister, Betsy, and Leigh has to share her best friend, too. This book tugs at your heart. Becca Wilhite writes a wonderful first person voice in Leigh. You feel betrayed along with Leigh. You hate Betsy, yet grow to love her at the same time. It's a great journey through a change so big it can't help but bring pain, confusion, and eventually joy. I thought the crisis at the end of the book came out of nowhere and that it should have been mentioned earlier. Since Becca and Jeremy were so close, it didn't feel right that the readers not know about his past. I'm wording this carefully not to spoil the ending, since I'm certain the author wanted to surprise the readers by not bringing it out sooner. It would have been more powerful to have not been surprised by it, in my opinion. It bothered me a bit that Jeremy kept prodding Becca to go have a "fling" with some cute guy and get kissed. I have no problem with girls dating, but the motivation for Becca to date just because she never has was a bit shallow. This book is published by Shadow Mountain publishing. The only references to the Church of Latter Day Saints is that Jeremy loves Mormons and is going to Brigham Young University after graduation. Another of the boy characters is going to go the BYU also. This was a fun read.