Burning Britain: A Story of Independent Punk 1980-1984

Burning Britain: A Story of Independent Punk 1980-1984


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Release Date: 05/11/2018
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929105300
catalogNumber: 9105300
Rank: 24316


Disc 1

  1. Bad Man!
  2. Ghetto
  3. Tommy Kowey's Car
  4. I Thought You Were Dead
  5. Pretty Polly
  6. Volume Control
  7. No Government
  8. Decontrol
  9. Witch Hunt
  10. Last Rockers
  11. Gangland Warfare
  12. Kings Cross
  13. One Law for Them
  14. No Survivors
  15. Reality
  16. Harry May
  17. Kids of the 80’s
  18. Two Years Too Late
  19. Bewerewolf!
  20. Evacuate
  21. London Bouncers
  22. Young Offender
  23. No Room for You
  24. Banned From the Pubs
  25. Whose Bomb?
  26. The Masque
  27. Death's a Career
  28. Victimised
  29. Alternative

Disc 2

  1. Endangered Species
  2. The Abuse Of Power
  3. Survival
  4. Dreaming
  5. No Trust
  6. Reason for Existence
  7. Wait for the Blackout
  8. Shell Shock
  9. Nuclear War
  10. Police State
  11. Go to Hell
  12. British Man
  13. Mary Whitehouse
  14. T. D. A.
  15. Dogs of War
  16. Mindless Violence
  17. Dying Man
  18. Viva La Revolution
  19. 17 Years of Hell
  20. Fuck the World
  21. Too Late
  22. Take No Prisoners
  23. Dead Hero
  24. Victims of War
  25. 1000 Marching Feet
  26. Northern Ripper
  27. Face the Facts
  28. Dogsbody

Disc 3

  1. Warriors
  2. Have You Got 10p?
  3. Jubilee
  4. The Thatcher
  5. Drag You Out
  6. Urban Rebel
  7. Murder in the Subway
  8. Dead Revolution
  9. They’ve Taken Everything
  10. Lust for Glory
  11. For You
  12. Dragnet
  13. TV Times
  14. Keep on Running
  15. Jerusalem
  16. Nuclear Attack
  17. Summer of 81
  18. Crazy World
  19. Mr. Nobody
  20. No War No More
  21. Cream of the Crop
  22. Let There Be Anarchy
  23. Have Visions
  24. Rampton Song
  25. Points of View
  26. Limo Life
  27. Fashion Parade
  28. They’ve Got It All Wrong
  29. Born to Lose

Disc 4

  1. Megalomania
  2. Capital Letters
  3. Holocaust
  4. Not Prepared
  5. Crime for Revenge
  6. Freedom Peace & Unity
  7. Ballykelly Disco
  8. Toleration Street
  9. Stepdown
  10. Unite and Fight
  11. East of Dachau
  12. Blame It on the Youth
  13. Animal Welfare
  14. Facts of War
  15. Keep Your Hands Off Me (Rich Bitch)
  16. Suffragette City
  17. Die for Your Government
  18. Last Rites
  19. Revolution Times
  20. The Angel Of Death
  21. Xenophobia
  22. Psycho Killer
  23. The Serenade Is Dead
  24. One Step Forward
  25. Problem
  26. Loud and Clear
  27. What Do They Know?
  28. Middle East Mayhem

Album Credits

Technical Credits

David Bowie   Composer
System   Composer
Anti System   Composer
Billy Karloff   Composer
David Simmons   Composer
Skeptix   Composer
Ian Lowery   Composer
Rab Fae Beith   Composer
Jim Brooks   Composer
Paul Burgess   Composer
David Cook   Composer
Tom Coulter   Composer
Greg Cowan   Composer
Rick Fox   Composer
Mick Geggus   Composer
Dean Grant   Composer
Paul Gray   Composer
John Hamilton   Composer
Charlie Harper   Composer
Gary Hodges   Composer
Karl Jenkins   Composer
Ronnie Mathews   Composer
Ricky McGuire   Composer
Chris Millar   Composer
Steve O'Donnell   Composer
Paul Palmer   Composer
Phil Parker   Composer
John Reed   Licensing
Vince Riordan   Composer
Vi Subversa   Composer
Dave Vanian   Composer
Ian Wallace   Composer
Mike Williams   Composer
Brian Young   Composer
Ian Hodson   Composer
Steve Kent   Composer
Keith Warren   Composer
Dave Paul   Composer
Naked   Composer
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Colin "Jock" Blyth   Composer
Paul Cavanagh   Composer
Sean Chadwick   Composer
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Paul Hoddy   Composer
Colin Jerwood   Composer
Keith Salmon   Composer
John Duncan   Composer
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Michael "Olga" Algar   Composer
Glynn Barber   Composer
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Andy Garner   Composer
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