The NME had released 22 promotional cassettes in the years leading up to 1986; the tape they released that year eclipsed what came before, and helped to define a sound and an era in British pop. The C86 cassette featured 22 bands ranging from the candied drug pop of Primal Scream with their classic "Velocity Girl" to the damaged art pop of Stump, the clattering noise of bIG fLAME, and the jangling indie pop that made up the majority of the tape (the Bodines, the Servants, the Soup Dragons). Even though the tape is quite diverse, this last sound is what people think of when they reference the C-86 style for better or for worse. The original tape is a thrilling, often transcendent (as on the Pastels' "Breaking Lines" or the Wedding Present's "This Boy Can Wait [A Little Longer!]") look at a very interesting moment in the U.K. pop timeline. Cherry Red's reissue adds two discs' worth of additional material to the original tape, sticking to the idea of showcasing a variety of sounds and styles. There is plenty of off-kilter noise and weirdo pop to go along with the tuneful jangle and wistful melancholy. The two discs add many familiar suspects from the era who weren't on the tape, such as the Primitives, the Weather Prophets, Razorcuts, Talulah Gosh, the Membranes, and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Picking less obvious songs from them, like JAMC's "Inside Me" and the Primitives' "Lazy," was a good move, as was digging deep to find bands that were second string at the time, but have stood the test of time quite well. Any comp that showcases tracks by bands like the Dentists, Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes, St. Christopher, the Claim, the Chesterf!elds, and Biff Bang Pow! is a comp worth checking out if you're interested in indie pop even a little bit, and the selections are uniformly excellent. It's also nice that the set includes a large number of tracks by bands that were beyond obscure at the time and are completely forgotten now. Hearing them, it's easy to see why they were below the radar, since their contributions pale next to the better-known groups. Still, many of them are interesting finds; Kilgore Trout's "The Peacock Nose" is a bracing slap of aggro-pop noise, the McTells' "Virginia M.C." sounds like Billy Childish's take on indie pop, North of Cornwallis' "Billy Liar" should have been released by Sarah Records, and the Love Act's bouncy "Hep Clothes" is loads of goofy fun. The original C86 tape was an unquestionable classic and worthy of purchase all on its own, and while the extra two discs don't quite hit classic status, they add some additional depth and dimension to the original set to help give a clearer, more expansive look at a pretty incredible year.

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Release Date: 06/24/2014
Label: Cherry Red
UPC: 5013929101203
catalogNumber: 1097423

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Paul Clark   Composer
Richard Lloyd   Producer
Ian Beveridge   Composer
Ian Broudie   Producer
P.J. Court   Composer
Tim Gane   Composer
David Gedge   Composer
Bobby Gillespie   Composer
Ian Kearey   Composer
David Keegan   Composer
Steve Mack   Composer
Mark Matthews   Composer
Joey McKechnie   Composer
Gary Newby   Composer
Stephen Pastel   Composer
Jim Reid   Composer
Shaun Ryder   Composer
Gary Whelan   Composer
Kev Hopper   Composer
Robert McKahey   Composer
Fuzz Townshend   Composer
Peter Astor   Composer
Amelia Fletcher   Composer
Graham Crabb   Composer
Steve Dullaghan   Composer
Tony Linehan   Composer
Lester Noel   Composer
Shrubs   Composer
Duglas T. Stewart   Composer
Salmon   Composer
Richard Preston   Producer
Jan Perry   Composer
Alun Jones   Composer
Sue Dorey   Composer
Mighty Mighty   Composer
Dave Callahan   Composer
Meat Whiplash   Composer
Rick Aitken   Composer
Tom Donnelly   Composer
Mark Flunder   Composer
Richard Hawley   Composer
Vince Hunt   Composer
Kevin McMahon   Composer
Peter Momtchiloff   Composer
Mick Murphy   Composer
Nick Beales   Composer
Derek Hammond   Composer
David Westlake   Composer
Malcolm Eden   Composer
Andy Golding   Composer
Tim Vass   Composer
Becky Stringer   Composer
Robin Surtees   Composer
Charley Keigher   Composer
Martin Mittler   Composer
Angus McPake   Composer
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Paul Apperley   Composer
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Gregory Webster   Composer
Stuart Ellis   Composer
Andrew Jarrett   Composer
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Phil Wilson   Composer
Andy Winters   Composer
Peter Byrchmore   Composer
Neil Howson   Composer
Steve Elvidge   Composer
John Reed   Concept,Annotation,Licensing
David Newton   Composer
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Neil Taylor   Liner Notes,Concept,Annotation
Michael Ryan   Composer
Leigh Gracie   Composer
Jon Kent   Composer
Spencer Birtwistle   Composer
Victoria Perks   Composer
Eddy Ball   Licensing
John Grayland   Composer
Brendan Holden   Composer
Stewart McFayden   Composer
Dominic Manns   Composer
Margarita Vasquez-Ponte   Composer
Elizabeth Price   Composer
Adam Sanderson   Composer
Paul Rixon   Composer
Robert Sekula   Composer
Fran Schoppler   Composer
Chris Scott   Composer
Andrew John Coulthart   Composer
Enormous Room   Composer
Mick Lynch   Composer
Nicholas Wroe   Composer
Dave Treble   Producer
Ron Caine   Composer
Mike Bryson   Composer
Jo Bartlett   Composer
Robert Adamson   Composer
Craig Hope   Composer
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Paul Groovy   Composer
Chris Fenner   Composer
Andrew Denton   Composer
Paul Currie   Composer
Peter Crowe   Composer
Andy Crossan   Composer
Jonathan Cooke   Composer
Catherine Ryecroft   Composer
Mark McQuaid   Composer
Tristan King   Composer
Hal Jordan   Composer
Paul Infanti   Composer
John Wood   Composer

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