Call the Lost Dream Back: Essays on History, Race & Museums

Call the Lost Dream Back: Essays on History, Race & Museums

by Lonnie G. Bunch III




Lonnie G. Bunch III, historian, author and educator, founding director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, is one of the museum profession's leading writers and thinkers. In this collection of his work from the mid-1980s to the present, including new chapters written for this book, Bunch presents a personal and passionate view of American history, "the Gordian knot" of race relations, and the role of the museum in shaping the perspective of a nation.

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ISBN-13: 9781933253176
Publisher: American Alliance Of Museums
Publication date: 05/18/2010
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 6.99(w) x 10.43(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

Preface by Senator William S. Cohen and Janet Langhart Cohen
Section One: The Recent Past
1   Remembering My Past: The Wisdom of Not Trying to Fight Uphill (2010)
2   And I Was Never the Same: My Global Transformation (2010)
3   Standing on the Shoulders of History: The Election of Barak Obama (2008)
4   The Pain and Power of Remembering: 40 Years After the Newark Riots (2007)
5   Embracing Ambiguity: The Challenge of Interpreting African American History in Museums (2005)
Section Two: Writings, 1995-2005
6   "The Greatest State for the Negro" Jefferson L. Edmonds, Black Propagandist of the California Dream (2003)
7   In the Shadow of Uncertainty: Museums in the Aftermath of 9/11 (2002)
8   Flies in the Buttermilk: Museums, Diversity, and the Will to Change (2000)
9   Curating the Recent Past: The Woolworth Lunch Counter, Greensboro, North Carolina (1996)
10  Fighting the Good Fight (1995)
Section Three: Writings, 1984-1994
11  The Gaigin Are Coming! The Gaigin Are Coming! An American Curator's Odyssey in Japan (1994)
12  Embracing Controversy: Museum Exhibitions and the Politics of Change (1992)
13  A Past Not Necessarily Prologue: The Afro-American in Los Angeles (1989)
14  Allensworth: The Life, Death and Rebirth of an All-Black Community (1987)
15  In Search of a Dream: The Flight of Herman Banning and Thomas Allen (1984)

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