Carpet Burns: My Life with Inspiral Carpets

Carpet Burns: My Life with Inspiral Carpets

by Tom Hingley




Tom Hingley's account of his time as the lead singer of Inspiral Carpets. He provides an account of what it is like to be at the center of a pop hurricane, and what happens when the hits end and the arguments kick in. 16 color plates.

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ISBN-13: 9781901927542
Publisher: Route
Publication date: 10/22/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Plane Crash

1 I see a skull on a stick 9

2 Husband don't know what he's done 10

3 You're so shallow but you're in too deep 21

4 You've got 27 years on me 32


5 Please be cruel 39

6 You should learn to walk before you crawl 49

7 The 8:15 from Manchester 58

8 Throw your caution into the wind 61

9 It's a different world 66

10 I'm going to build a monument 70

11 We all pray for simple things 77

The Beast Inside

12 I steal to feed 83

13 I read it in a book in school 84

14 Don't count your chicken 88

15 Here's the rain, slip and slide in vain 96

16 I'm moving on, you are right besides me 98

17 On a white knuckle ride 112

18 The harder I try, it gets further away 132

Revenge of the Goldfish

19 Monkey on my back 141

20 When I'm flying so high 142

21 How d'you know I won't pray for you 146

22 The temple which they built is an empty shell 152

23 Just a nail I could hammer home 161

24 I've found a new girl, she's all I wanted for 166

Devil Hopping

25 Where has that smile on your face gone? 177

26 No one ever said it was gonna be easy 179

27 I think you should remember whose side you are on 185

28 Dreams are all we have 198

29 The jewels you sell are the finest in the world 207

30 The snake is a charmer, can turn on its master 211

31 I don't want to go blind 214

Keep the Circle

32 You once had a home, a job, a family and pride 223

33 I want to be you 225

34 This is how it feels to be lonely 230

35 A man is no man if he doesn't have the beast inside 234

36 Come back tomorrow 241

37 You can see inside of me 245

38 So you live to fight another day 252

Acknowledgements 256

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