The Case Officer

The Case Officer

by F. W. Rustmann Jr.


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In the murky world of espionage, where shadowy intelligence operatives struggle against one another to gain tactical advantage, things can often go very, very wrong. This is one such story. Told by a former master CIA spy, truth is woven with fiction to create a gripping yet authentic action packed tale of real intelligence operatives at war.

From Somalia, to Ethiopia, to Hong Kong, to Paris, we follow the path of CIA case officer "Mac" MacMurphy as he uncovers an intricate Iranian plot to draw China into a terrorist alliance against America. But when organizational inertia within the CIA hierarchy disrupts his operational plans, he must resort to unconventional methods to achieve his goals.

The unintended consequences of his actions pits MacMurphy against an unstable Chinese case officer in a gritty crescendo of action where only one will survive.

The book the CIA tried to keep off the bookshelves!

In an early letter to the author, the CIA's Publications Review Board said in part:

"The Publications Review Board has completed its review of your manuscript entitled The Case Officer. Unfortunately, after a lengthy consultation...the Board determined that we must deny your request to publish this novel. As you are aware, the based in large part on classified information obtained by you while employed by the CIA..."

Accolades for The Case Officer:

"Retired CIA case officer Fred Rustmann has written a novel that rings with authenticity -- a story replete with field cunning and tradecraft...(He) draws upon his decades of experience in CIA's clandestine service to craft a story that likely had a modified counterpart in real life...The Case Officer is a book that warrants a five-cloak, five-dagger rating." Joseph C. Goulden -- Washington Times

"Too many spy novels are written by those with little real-world espionage knowledge or experience. Fred Rustmann, a career CIA operations officer, steps out of the shadows in The Case Officer, a book steeped in tradecraft, espionage, betrayal, and the life-and-death risks an officer or his agent face. Novel or thinly-veiled nonfiction? Like the profession itself - you will be caught up in the action with little time to ponder the question. Nor will you care. Authentic and fast-paced."

S. Eugene Poteat
Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO)

"Chockfull of real tradecraft tricks, written by a master spy, engrossing page turner inhabited by folks I knew when I was in the clandestine world!"

William Askins
Best Selling Author and
CIA Case Officer (Ret.)

"How do CIA field operatives find clandestine sources? Answer: with patience, hard work, and above all - smarts. Street smarts and people smarts. In The Case Officer, you'll accompany a master operative step by step in his tradecraft-rich pursuit of a high value target. But be prepared for surprises as Rustmann's brisk narrative hurtles along to its unexpected but all-too-realistic resolution."

Peter Earnest
Executive Director
International Spy Museum

"If you want to know how to make a martini or woo a woman, read James Bond. If you want to know what it's sometimes like in the real world of espionage, read The Case Officer. Rustmann didn't just write it, he lived it."

Phillip Jennings
Author of Nam-A-Rama and
Goodbye Mexico

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Publisher: DoubleTap Books
Publication date: 12/19/2012
Pages: 336
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About the Author

F.W. Rustmann, Jr. is a twenty-four year veteran of the CIA's Clandestine Service. He retired as a member of the elite Senior Intelligence Service (SIS), with the equivalent rank of major general. One of his assignments was as an instructor at the CIA's legendary covert training facility, "the Farm." After retiring from the CIA, he founded CTC International Group, Inc., a pioneer in the field of business intelligence and a recognized leader in the industry. His numerous articles on intelligence and counterintelligence have appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Newsmax and elsewhere. He has been frequently quoted and interviewed in many national and international publications including Time Magazine, USA Today, New York Times, New York Daily News, Far East Economic Review, CNN, FNN, Reuters, Newsmax and the Associated Press, among others. He is the author of the best selling non-fiction book CIA, Inc.: Espionage and the Craft of Business Intelligence. He lives and works in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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