Chain Reaction: Egypt's Revolt 2011 Illustrated

Chain Reaction: Egypt's Revolt 2011 Illustrated

by Mohamed El-Hewie


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Chain Reaction: Egypt's Revolt 2011 Illustrated
The 2011's Egyptian revolt is illustrated in the context of the trend of events since the establishment of Israel in 1948 during King Farouk's reign in Egypt, followed by Naser's revolution, Sadat's peace treaty with Israel and his assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood, the capture and execution of Saddam, and ending by the ousting of Mubarak by his own people.

King Farouk Gammal Abdel Naser 1952's revolution Jehan Sadat Moshe Dayan , Golda Meir, October 6, 1981, Khaled Al-Islambouli, Sadat's assassination, February 11, 2011, Omar Suleiman, Minister of information, Financial involvements, Barak Obama travel Egypt, Hillary Clinton, Change of history, Obama's approach to crooks and despots, Frank Wisner, Jimmy Carter, George Bush, American President leading, No dialogue until Mubarak is gone, Egyptians in Qatar, Egyptians abroad and the flag, No to police state, Tearing Mubarak's poster, Shaking hands with Shimon Perez, Ariel Sharon devoted his entire life promoting apartheid, The Massacre of Sabra and Shatilla, The image that shocked the world, Saddam's ceremonial trail, God Is Great, Men and women waving the flag of Egypt, Tahrir Square's art work, Tahrir Square, the two tanks, Tanks in Tahrir Square, The Egyptian people, Tahrir Square or the Square of Liberation, Wedding on the background of a tank, Tahrir Square on the 18th day of revolt, His wife is pregnant, and his future son does not want to see Mubarak, Hunger and poverty, Blood sucker, The people want to try the killer president, Martyr till you leave, One nation in the great fight for destiny, Poem: "Leave" means depart, don't you get it?, Sell the Nile and the Dam, The revolution of Tunisia, Social justice and liberty, Egypt riots turned violent as Mubarak's supporters, Mubarak's regime and the government employees, Riot Police in Cairo, Tear gas, Street fighting, Stone throwing as a weapon, Organized revolution in the Tahrir Square, Praying in Tahrir Square during the revolt., Camping in Tahrir Square from January 25, Alexandria, Ramelah Square, Praying, revolting, in the company of the American made tanks, Gamal Abdel Nasser as an Egyptian hero, Nasser's funeral, Nassar brought confidence to the Egyptians, Nasser as an honest man, Gamal and his son Khaled, Yasser Arafat, Nikita Khrushchev's1964 visit to Alexandria., Peace with Israel, King Farouk's lazy and corrupt lifestyle, King Abd al-Aziz al-Saud and King Farouk of Egypt, Farouk with his wife Narriman

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