Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! Affirmation Journal Vol. 11: Kindness

Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! Affirmation Journal Vol. 11: Kindness


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If you’ve ever wondered why your daily recitations seemed grossly ineffective, look no further—your solution is HERE!

This is no ordinary book of affirmations! Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE! Affirmation Journals quickly facilitate formidable transition toward betterment by adding interactive tasks and journal prompts into the coaching process. Purpose-driven readers become impactful change agents in their own lives through daily application of this intuitive life guide!

Kindness is an expression of goodness toward others. It’s a showing of high regard for people you come in contact with. To the beautiful people who cross your path, may you fill their days with many, many hugs and kisses, much fun, laughter and boatloads of AWESOMENESS! Words alone can’t always sufficiently express how much people mean to you, but you can let them know you’re thankful, through random acts of kindness.

KINDNESS AFFIRMATION (Repeat this aloud)

To be kind is to act for the good of other people at all times. Through kindness and respect, I show myself useful and fit. I adapt myself in servitude and sweetness, exhibiting compassion and sympathy with no sign of abrasiveness.

For more on KINDNESS, buy the book!

A Note From the Author:

Greetings Dear Friends!

Welcome to this beloved journey toward increased humility in life. Humility is a tough one. The activity of humility is not so tough, but what is noticeably difficult are our responses to reminders that we may not be as humble as we’d like. Life presents us with opportunities to be more humble daily. Are we taking advantage of them as we should? Well, this journal will surely help us to figure it out!

As you work through this journal, share your progress along the way. You can email with your news! I would LOVE to hear of your hopes, helps, and hiccups, so keep me posted!!!

Talk to you soon!

— Coach D!

How to Get the MOST Out of This Journal…

  • Read. Write. Reflect.
  • Cry if you need to
  • Phone a friend and let’s get major WORK done in our lives with these journals!!!

Take the time you need to be the friend YOU need. Do it for YOU! Don’t wait around for another! This is the season to take over your own life and take control of your thoughts through affirmation!

  • Thought bubbles are included throughout the book so you can share your own ideas and reflections.
  • There are boxes included for you to doodle OR you can use them as spaces to ask questions of yourself… that’s up to you!

No matter what you use each space for, be sure that you are authentic! This is your time, and this is your space to be the YOU that YOU need for YOU! Do it now. Show YOURSELF what YOU are made of…

Change Your Posture! Change Your LIFE!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942650379
Publisher: Sh'Shares NETWORK
Publication date: 12/25/2017
Series: Change Your Posture! (Affirmation Journals) , #11
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

Coach D Nicole is passionate about helping, supporting and encouraging others within their personal and professional lives as well as within their business endeavors. As a transformational life coach, D Nicole is most loved for her wit, boisterous personality, direct and upfront coaching style, and generous, authentic smile. Through remarkable leadership and modest humility, Coach D Nicole has presented numerous audiences with the opportunity to confess their deepest challenges and concerns. Audiences very readily connect with Coach D as she never shies away from the opportunity to help others through sharing inspirational stories of her own!

D Nicole holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. After having lived in various cities in Florida and Georgia, including Atlanta, Orlando and Tampa, Coach D Nicole has returned to her hometown using a widely-spread, highly supportive network as a platform upon which to bolster her emerging life coaching and training career. Since obtaining her formal certification as a Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, D Nicole has gone on to pursue her credential as a life coach trainer which positions her to guide aspiring coaches along their own coaching paths.

The bulk of client list includes pastors and their leadership teams, various women's groups, politicians, entrepreneurs, other coaches and young women. She draws inspiration from the young ladies whom she mentors formally, and she seeks to give back the blessing of mentoring in ways not provided to her back in her youth. With these goals in mind, Coach D Nicole established Sh'Shares NETWORK as an agent for growth, support, and open dialogue with a focus on highlighting and promoting business success!

Future plans include helping to build a healthy respect and admiration for the coaching profession within the North Florida market. Coach D Nicole is looking forward to developing relationships with high schools, colleges and universities, religious and community organizations throughout the area with the goal of affecting impact within thought-provoking, insight-seeking environments.

Of it all, Coach D Nicole is MOST excited about the opportunity to help YOU...
#ChangeYourPosture! #ChangeYourLIFE!

Coach Regina Roberts was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL where she attended Duval County Public Schools. After graduating high school in 2004, Coach Roberts pursued an Associate's Degree in General Education. Shortly thereafter, she continued her study in the Supervision and Management Bachelor's of Applied Science Program at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Table of Contents

affirmations! Kindness

03. Passion for OTHERS

11. Kindness

  1. I Will Work on KINDNESS! 9
  2. I Will CHANGE My ATTITUDE! 11
  3. I Will LISTEN to Others! 13
  4. I Will Be PEACEFUL! 14
  5. I Will Be a Better FRIEND! 15
  6. I Will Let My Light SHINE! 16
  7. I Will RESPECT My Partner! 17
  8. I Will SMILE! 18
  9. I Will RESPECT Others! 19
  10. I Will SERVE! 21
  11. I Will Be USEFUL to Others! 23
  12. I Will Be a RESOURCE for Others! 24
  13. I LEAD!!! 26
  14. I TEACH!!! 27
  15. I Am SHARING! 28
  16. I DO!!! 30
  17. I Will GIVE! 31
  18. My Life is a GIFT! 34
  19. I Am SUPPORTIVE! 35
  20. I Will Not Be a CRITIC! 37
  21. I Will MENTOR! 38
  22. I Will Speak LIFE! 38
  23. I Will SHARE! 39
  24. I Will Spread GOOD CONTAGION! 41
  25. I SHOW! 42
  26. I Am a VESSEL! 43
  27. I SHARE! 44
  28. I Will Serve My COMMUNITY Better! 45
  29. I WILL GO GREEN!. 46
  30. I Will Be KIND! 47

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