Chasing The Hunter's Dream: 1,001 of the World’s Best Duck Marshes, Deer Runs, Elk Meadows, Pheasant Fields, Bear Woods, Safaris, and Extraordinary Hunts

Chasing The Hunter's Dream: 1,001 of the World’s Best Duck Marshes, Deer Runs, Elk Meadows, Pheasant Fields, Bear Woods, Safaris, and Extraordinary Hunts

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Under the guiding philosophy of "The Honorable Pursuit of Fish and Game," Jeff and Sherol Engel and James A. Swan present their expert advice on the most enjoyable and affordable places to hunt both big and small game throughout North America, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Down Under.

Organized by location, Chasing the Hunter's Dream covers the best hunting spots and possible game as well as outfitters, guides, and lodges. This book also serves up some tasty wild game recipes and shares inspiring stories of extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime "dream hunts." The authors provide information on preparing for each hunt and how to get a trophy home, and they share wonderful hunting camp remembrances.

Chasing the Hunter's Dream is for the modern hunter and those others who may wish to join them in enjoying the passion and the pleasure of hunting. Informative and inspiring, this is the one book that all hunters must own.

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ISBN-13: 9780061914560
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/02/2009
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 528
File size: 935 KB

About the Author

Jeffrey Engel and Sherol Engel are the hosts of the award-winning TV show Engel's Outdoor Experience. They live in Delafield, Wisconsin.

James A. Swan, Ph.D., is a columnist for, writes for Engel's Outdoor Experience, and is the author of In Defense of Hunting and The Sacred Art of Hunting. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Chasing The Hunter's Dream

Chapter One

Getting Prepared

Checklist: Preparing for a great hunt

Whether you are going for a weekend hunt just a couple of hours away, for a week in the Rockies, for a trek above the Arctic Circle, or on safari to Africa or Mongolia, being prepared is always better than being sorry that you weren't prepared. The following packing list was developed for our television show Engel's Outdoor Experience. You don't want to make mistakes and forget something. Sure, you don't need to take it all, but use this guide to create your own checklist.

Engel's Outdoor Experience Packing List

aerial photos
air freshener—for bathroom use
airplane tickets
back tag holder
balaclava cap (camouflage)
ballpoint and felt-tip pens
bathroom container
belt shell carrier
belt shell holder
binoculars (compact)
binoculars (regular)
black electrical tape
boot blankets
boot dryer
boot oil/rag
boots (felt-lined)
bota water bottle
business cards
camera (compact)
camouflage face mask
camp slippers
car-top carrier (truck)
chewing gum
collapsible dome blind(s)
collapsible front "stake" blind
compact belt pliers (sheath)
compass (2)
coolers (various sizes) copies of passport, driver's license, credit cards on one 8-10 page—leave at home with someone you can call if needed
credit card phone numbers
deck shoes
deer scent
digital alarm clock
dog first-aid kit
drinking cup (personal)
duck stamps
electrical converter kit
electric boot dryer
electric hair dryer
emergency survival kit
extra keys for any vehicle
extra liners (for any vehicles or boats)
extra plastic bags
extra turkey calls
eyeglass screws
fanny packs (various sizes)
filet knife
first-aid kit
fishing gear
fishing license
fishing regulations
flashlight (mini)
flashlight (regular)
fleece jacket
fleece neck warmer (gaiter)
fleece vest
floppy rain hat
folding chairs
folding hunting knife (sheath)
folding table
fold-up saw
foot powder
gaiters (leggings)
gas charcoal grill
gloves (Gore-Tex)
gloves (thin)
Gore-Tex rain suit
Gore-Tex sox
GPS/instruction book
granola bars
gun-cleaning kit
gun-oil rag
hand cream
handgun and shotgun
handgun shoulder holster
hard and soft gun case
health insurance and ID card
heater/fuel—for blind
hip boots/chest waders
house keys
hunting license
hunting regulations
ice scraper
insect repellent
jogging suit (lounge wear)
jumper cables
knee braces
knife-sharpening tool
landowner gift
large water container
laser range finder
laundry bag
leather hiking boots
locks for hard-shell gun case
matches/butane lighters
meat saw
mesh bug suit
metal detector
money pouch/money belt
nail scissors/clippers
open-toe sandals
orange clothing
orange cloth tape
orange trail tape
other stamps
paper towels
pepper spray
personal protection handgun
photo album
photo copy of passport
pieces of hose (for antler tips)
pocket water container
portable CB radios
portable grill/stove
portable table
pull house electrical plugs
radar cap
reading material
regular water bottle
rifle and extra rifle
rifle sling
rubber floor mats
rubber scope cover (rifle)
safety belt
seal-skin gloves
seat cushion
shampoo and soap
shovel (long handle)
shovel (small folding type)
sleeping bag (compact)
sleeping bag (full size)
sleeping cot
small duffel bag (in truck bag)
snake-bite kit
snake-proof boots
snow camouflage
sox/hand warmers
sox/pocket on top
space blanket (compact)
space blanket (full size)
spare eyeglasses (2)
spotting scope
stocking hat
straps/rope for car-top rack
tape measure
tarp for back of truck
tennis shoes
Therm-a-Rest air mattress
toilet paper
tow rope
towels and wash cloths
traveler's checks
tree stand/lock-key/cable
tree steps
truck hitch box
truck hitch deer rack/rope
turn down furnace/air conditioner (home)
turn off home ice machine
turtleneck sweater
varmint call (mouth)
video camera/accessories
wallet and personal checks
warm coat and vest
warm neck scarf
watch/extra watch
water cups
waterproof gun case
water purifier
weather band radio
weight scale
wind gauge/thermometer
window mount/tripod
wipe and dry towelettes
wool jacket
wool shirt and pants
writing paper
X-large plastic bags to cover duffel bag

Game Care Suggestion

If you are going after big game, plan ahead of time what you will do with the meat, head, skin, and so on. An excellent book on meat handling is Making the Most of Your Deer by Dennis Walrod (Stackpole Books, revised and updated 2004 edition).


Custom maps of Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) for Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are provided by Colorado hunt maps are available through Other good sources of online mapping are and

Choosing your guide and outfitter

You'd think that we'd always get the red-carpet treatment when invited to hunt with a guide or outfitter. Hah! Outfitters and guides can make or break your hunt, and we've met some of both.

As I climbed on the horse in the early morning darkness, I told one guide/outfitter that I was a novice riding horses. He chuckled, and in total darkness we climbed half a mile in darkness on loose rocks, horses sliding on almost every step. Scared the hell out of me. I'll never go back there.

On another hunt, I arrowed a fat eight-point whitetail buck. I was ecstatic. It was the biggest buck I've ever taken with a bow. The guide/outfitter was furious. He said that I should have waited and shot a bigger one for the record books, so he could use me for publicity.

I once hit a wild pig with an arrow on guided hunt. The pig raced into a thicket and was crashing around. The guide told me to stay back, as he would dispatch the wounded pig with his rifle. The pig emerges from the thicket and stands still, 15 yards from the guide. The guide shoots twice and totally misses the pig.

Then there was the time when in the early morning darkness a turkey guide told me to sit down under a tree while he put out the decoy. The tree turned out to be an Osage orange. Ouch!!!

Chasing The Hunter's Dream. Copyright © by Jeffrey Engel. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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