Chess in Concert [2008 London Concert Cast]

Chess in Concert [2008 London Concert Cast]

by Josh Groban, Idina Menzel



With stirring live performances from Josh Groban, Idina Menzel (Wicked), and Adam Pascal (Rent), Chess in Concert revives the eclectic yet wonderfully pop 1980's musical by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson (Abba) and Tim Rice (Jesus Christ Superstar, The Lion King, Evita).

Recorded at London’s Royal Albert Hall in May 2008, this spectacular concert features the City of London Philharmonic and the 100-voice West End Chorus, in addition to the all-star cast of singers.

The original Chess concept album was recorded in 1984 and scored the hit songs "I Know Him So Well" and "One Night In Bangkok." The theatrical version opened in London’s West End in 1986 and played for three years.

Chess in Concert is available as a two-CD set, in a single-disc highlights version, and on DVD. From the Label

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Release Date: 06/16/2009
Label: Reprise / Wea
UPC: 0093624979814
catalogNumber: 517635

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Josh Groban   Primary Artist,Baritone (Vocal),cast
Idina Menzel   Primary Artist,Vocals,cast
Dave Bishop   Clarinet,Flute,Baritone Saxophone
Mitch Dalton   Guitar
Andy Findon   Flute,Piccolo,Alto Saxophone
John Goodenough   Dancer,cast
Nick Holland   Cello
Chris Jenkins   Choir, Chorus,Tenor (Vocal)
London Philharmonic Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Dominic O'Dell   Cello
David Theodore   Oboe,Cor anglais
Steve McManus   Bass Guitar,Double Bass
David Miles   Bassoon,Contrabassoon
Julian Tear   Violin
Marti Pellow   Vocals,cast
Rolf Wilson   Violin,Leader
David Firman   Conductor
Mark Warman   Musical Direction
Julian Leaper   Violin
Julian Trafford   Violin
Andy Vinter   Keyboards
Clarke Peters   Vocals,cast
Adrian Hallowell   Tuba,Bass Trombone
Andy McGlasson   Drums
Adam Pascal   Vocals,cast
Nigel Black   Horn
David Bucknall   Cello
Andy Wood   Trombone
Susie Dumbreck   Soprano,Choir, Chorus
Joel Llufrio   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
West End Chorus   Choir, Chorus
Chad Horton   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Christian Lund   Vocals,cast
Fiona McDonald   Dancer,cast
Mark Fleming   cast
Donald Rice   Baritone,Choir, Chorus
Kerry Ellis   Vocals,cast
Andrew Playfoot   Vocals,cast
Lucy Wakeford   Harp
Judith Herbert   Cello
Daniel Byrne   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus
Michael Steffan   cast
Penny Bradshaw   Cello
Ben Stevens   Cello
Charles Brunton   Baritone,Choir, Chorus
Thomas Lloyd   Baritone,Choir, Chorus
David Bedella   Vocals,cast
Kerenza Peacock   Violin
Christopher Colley   Vocals
Alex Marshall   Baritone,Choir, Chorus
Mark Evans   Dancer,cast
Jim Lynch   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Amelia Hemingsley   Vocals
Lindsay Shaw   Dancer
Bryony Thompson   Dancer
Lucie Waugh   Dancer
Leila Benn Harris   Vocals
Zoe Rice   Vocals
Sarah Kirkham   Dancer
Tabitha Webb   Vocals
Jon Robyns   Vocals
Steve Serlin   Vocals
Cantabile - The London Quartet   Vocal Ensemble
Jo Goodenough   Dancer
Aoife Mulholland   Vocals
Barnaby Ingram   Dancer
Debbie Kurup   Vocals
Chelsea De Carvalho   Dancer
Grant Anthony   Vocals
Vanessa Campbell   Dancer
Tara Young   Dancer
David Michael Johnson   Vocals
Henry Webster   Accordion,Baritone,Choir, Chorus,cast
Stuart Morley   Choir Director
Anabel Kutay   Dancer
Richard Peakman   Dancer
Nicole Bondzie   Dancer
Luella Briggs   Dancer
Jasmine Kerr   Dancer
Thomas Bay Pedersen   Vocals
Lee Ormsby   Vocals
Bonnie Parker   Dancer
Melanie Hyde   Dancer
Keith Anthony Higham   Vocals
Ben Dixon   Dancer
Brian Wright   Violin
Tiffany Graves   Vocals
Mark Evans   Dancer
Caroline Jones   Dancer
Justin Pearson   Cello
Steven Brooks   cast

Technical Credits

Sally Darling   Scriptwriter
Benny Andersson   Contributor
John Cohen   Legal Advisor
Anders Eljas   Arranger,Orchestration
Robin Sellars   Engineer
Björn Ulvaeus   Contributor
Nigel Wright   Producer
Tim Rice   Lyricist,Producer,Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Adaptation
David Horn   Executive Producer
Tom Whalley   Executive Producer
Mike Cox   Engineer
David May   Producer
Toby Alington   Engineering
Rolf Wilson   Orchestra Leader
David Firman   Musical Supervision
Mark Warman   Musical Director
Luisi B. Estevez   Transportation
Paul Lyden   Audio Control
Scott Mackenzie   Operation
Austin Shaw   Producer
Kevan Allen   Choreographer
Claire Terri   Choreographer,Assistant Choreographer
Hugh Wooldridge   Director,Producer,Adaptation,Direction
David Eugene Edwards   Accounting
Pippa Ailion   Casting
John Beug   Executive Producer
Diarmuid Quinn   Executive Producer
Esther Somlo   Marketing,Marketing Coordinator
Elizabeth Flowers   Management
Bill & Kristin Morris   Management
David Elliot   Executive Administrator
Martin Gray   Marketing
Philip Goudal   Assistant Management
Lucy Noble   Programming
Lincoln Parkhouse   Pyrotechnics
Ben Chamberlain   Public Relations
Jodie Jenkins   Marketing
Luis Estevez   Transportation
Tanya Goldfarb   Legal Advisor
Huw Jenkins   Graphic Design
Kenny Wax   Management
Neil Benson   Accounting
Paul Lydon   Audio Control
Caroline Place   Technical Administration
Phil Wright   Engineer
Rehana Rose Khan   Animation,Projection
David Edwards   Accounting
Manique Ratner   Script Supervisor
Steve Blincoe   Engineer
Dion Singer   Executive Soundtrack Producer
Marilyn Lyons-Clintons   Legal Advisor
Bill Morris   Management
Gemma Fuller   Administration
Lucy Wood   Management
Jessica Silvester   Marketing
Max Mills   Engineer
Fiona Scott-Lockyer   Management
Jasper Hope   Event Coordinator
Damon Elliott   Executive Administrator
Andrew Wright   Choreographer

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Chess in Concert [2008 London Concert Cast] 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
vegasnites777 More than 1 year ago
I just recently viewed the 2008 concert version of "Chess" which originated in the 1980's. As a matter of fact, I not only prize the original soundtrack, but saw the live show in London twice during the late 80's. How dissapointed I was with the 2008 concert version for a number of reasons, but primarily three (3). 1. The female cast simply did not compare to the original songs 2. Some of the original songs (i.e. Pity the Child) were taken out - and why??? ("Model of Decorum...."; "Pity the Child"; "Where I Want to Be"....etc. 3. The songs that were added were not only uninspiring, but replaced the original songs which were taken out Sorry, but I was anything but impressed....and with so much material to work with, was this the best that could be done? Yikes - this was a true, true letdown.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BuffaloDeb More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed watching this cast so much on PBS, that I purchased the CD for my daughter; she is a new fan. This cast provides strong vocals and makes for wonderful listening! I was particularly impressed by Josh Groban's performance and found this genre to be an exciting change of pace from the vocals I usually hear him perform. The entire cast is outstanding!
jasmine15 More than 1 year ago
it has become an essential part of my entertainment library. josh groban is always perfect, and it is always great to see idina menzel and adam pascal perform together. the production at the royal albert hall was inspired and you can rarely ever go wrong with anything that tim rice has stamped his name on. the whole ensemble creates an extremely cohesive and streamlined show. i have fallen in love with this show and recommend it to even the most wayward of theater lover.
BriannaCullen More than 1 year ago
I had never watched Chess all the way through. I had only heard snippets of songs from being a fan of Josh's, so I had heard his version of "Anthem". This was shown on my local PBS station, so I recorded it and watched it. The WHOLE 2 1/2 hour show is definitely worth getting. The whole cast was incredible; Josh as Anatoly, Idina as Florence, Adam as Freddie, Kerry as Svetlana and everyone else gave very stirring and commendable performances. If you haven't picked up the DVD and CD versions yet, you're missing OUT. I especially loved: "Anthem", "Nobody's Side", "I Know Him So Well", "Someone Else's Story", "Heaven Help My Heart", "You and I", and "One Night in Bangkok", just to name a few. The whole thing is worth every penny.
renwaaarr More than 1 year ago
Gnord's review was way off base on a few things. MERANO, is incredible! Is a NEEDED piece to the musical. Before this---I've only heard the CD, from the 80's and have been waiting for the world to catch up with the greatness of Chess. There is soooo much going on and so much to take in that it is almost no wonder, the previous attempts to bring it to Broadway and the West End, couldn't make this a boffo hit. THAT'S going to change, after this concert! It was spectacular from beginning to end. Those that don't appreciate Merano---(which actually is the opening song in the original), just do NOT get it! Merano is a festive song about the great chess match that is about to unfold in their city. Gosh----I can not believe someone can want that song out of the play. What a spectacle it was, with 100's in the colorful chorus and Freddie doing his braggadocio. Was sooo pertinent the play. And an absolute joy to hear. Ok On with the review. There's a line in Chess, by Groban that says, (paraphrased), "This, so called crazy American has revitalized Chess all on his own". Mr Groban... YOU have revitilized Chess, all on your own. I read how all this came about to have Groban do this. I'm a fan of his NOW! I love the new production...and as Tim Rice said.."Now---it is done right". It IS. The new songs are great and the ending is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than the original. In fact----the ending was one reason the play failed before. I was praying, they adjusted it--and thankfully they did. I'm telling ya...I'm telling EVERYBODY----this is going to sweep Broadway and the West End after this particular version gets going. A few more notes... Idina was fantastic....and anyone who thought elsewise, just doesn't understand---she has her OWN voice. It wasn't in a soundbooth, it was live and beautiful. PLEASE, don't expect Elaine Page when you hear her. Expect Idina. AND... This friggin guy Adam Pascal, is unbelievable! I've never heard him before...and I was totally blown away. I'll agree with people that say, Murray Head, was better for the,"One night in Bangkok", song. Head was fantastic. In fact, he was fantastic on the whole CD of Chess...but Pascal, has now claimed fame and the right to being the measuring stick, for all other Freddie's for," "Pity the Child". That was jaw dropping. His entire persona and voice was just fantastic thoughout. I'm a fan. I heard the sound wasn't the greatest when it was seen live...but the DVD, brings out what was really the way the voices were meant to be heard. Nothing but good will come from this fantastic concert/play. People that have something to critisize...are just nit-picking. This will be the NEXT, great wonder of theaterland. Ren
gnordt More than 1 year ago
Groban as the Russian, Menzel as Florence, and Kerry Ellis as the Russian's wife Svetlana, were simply great. Menzel and Ellis give the best performance of "I know him so well" that I have heard, and I have heard a great many. I loved Groban's version of "Anthem", though the supporting singers almost drown him out at the climatic end of the song. Overall, I enjoyed the performance very much, and look forward to watching it again and again (though I will fast forward through the Merano song, it is too long, is not that great, and frankly, the plot would not really miss that song. I would omit it to shorten the overall length of the play). A few minor criticisms to this performance. The voice of the Arbiter was not nearly strong enough, the plot seemed a little rushed near the end. Additionally, the ending is different from the version I first saw many years ago. I preferred the ending wherein the Russian throws the match to Freddie (the American) to help Florence reunite with her Father. This ending also has Freddie (the American player) committing an action near the end that is completely inconsistent with his character. That said, the plusses greatly outweight the minuses. I enjoyed the performance very much, and recommend it. Gnordt
Sera-Alexia More than 1 year ago
Inspiring, is the first word that comes into my head as I think about this bold musical of our time. Starring Josh Groban as Anatoly, Wicked's Idina Menzel as Florence and Rent's Adam Pascal as Freddie. Soulful, breathtaking songs capture every moment and essence of this show. The soundtrack of Chess is irresisible. The DVD of Chess addicting. Never have I seen or heard anything so intense since Wicked the Musical. Chess is a musical that is climbing and claiming heart and soul of every fan in the audience. The beautiful "I Know Him So Well", is sung so well by Idina Menzel and Kerry Ellis. "Anthem" is gloriously sung and portrayed well by Josh Groban. "You and I" is one of many reoccuring themes throughout the performance of Chess. One will never loose with Chess in Concert.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago