Child Support For The Single Daddy: Understanding Child Support And How To Avoid Paying Excessive Amounts

Child Support For The Single Daddy: Understanding Child Support And How To Avoid Paying Excessive Amounts

by Nick Thomas


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Do You Have A Problem Understanding Child Support?

There are many single fathers who don't really 'get' child support. They don't understand what is involved and how difficult child support could be. Due to their lack of understanding, many single fathers end up paying excessive amount of child support to their ex-wives.

It makes their life crippled due to the high payments. Besides that, a single father might also encounter a difficult ex-wife, which makes child support additionally difficult.

In Child Support For The Single Daddy, Nick Thomas shares his experience with regards to child support. In this book, he has seek the stories and advice from other single fathers. He has gone through the commonly asked questions by single fathers and compiled a short guide.

From this book, you would have a clearer understanding about child support and avoid paying excessive amounts of child support to the ex-wife.

This book also helps clarifies certain issues such as:-

  • The Importance Of Child Support
  • Understand The Various Types Of Child Support
  • How To Prepare For A Child Support Hearing
  • How To Apply For Child Support Modifications
  • How Different Events Such As A Remarriage or Unemployment Changes Child Support

Whether you are a divorced father or a man who is going through his divorce proceeding, this book would give you light about what to expect from child support.

You would understand better the true purpose of child support and have a basic understanding of it. It would also save you money and you have peace of mind.

If you are interested to learn more about child support from an experienced single father, this book is for you...

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Disclaimer: Nick Thomas isn't a lawyer who is qualified to give advice about child support. However, he has the experience of being a single father counsellor. He has helped many single fathers gain confidence in their lives and start dating women again.

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