Choose Your Own Roles

Choose Your Own Roles

by Bradley Franc


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Either by choice or by circumstance, we live a number of roles in our life. By selecting a role, we choose a destiny. Sometimes it is the destiny we want but sometimes it is not. Choose Your Own Roles demonstrates how your roles define your destiny or purpose in life. It also provides a road-map to help you examine and select the roles you want to live.
By choosing and living the roles you want, you discover real and substantial personal development. This book will inspire you to get more out of their life. Whether that more is from work, relationships or yourself, you can achieve real and sustainable growth.
Although the development of goals is certainly important, many people give up because they have not set the proper foundation. Before you establish a goal you should determine and confirm your purpose. You need to ask "why" you want a particular goal. Does it really connect to your purpose?
This book also deals with failure. Often the fear of failure is the number one reason people do not even try to achieve their goals. This book explains that we cannot achieve our goals without experiencing some form of failure. Failure must be embraced and analyzed to determine how to adjust your personal navigation system to progress toward success.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/06/2014
Pages: 238
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