Choosing to Unchoose: Conscious Choice Creating Change

Choosing to Unchoose: Conscious Choice Creating Change

by Linda Berger, Lillian Flowers


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We have coined a new word: "unchoosing." It has come to mean for us the opportunity to act on life's circumstances instead of reacting to them. It is the process of first discerning when past thought patterns are in play and then "unchoosing," stepping outside of old behaviors long enough to risk making a choice with a difference.

Within the concept of "unchoosing" lies the discomfort associated with being in a new choice. It is consciously choosing to create change outside of old paradigms, old ways of being - your story. Through "unchoosing" our own denial systems and survival strategies, we created growth for ourselves. We found that we had been playing it safe most of our lives, re-choosing the safe, familiar choices and repackaging them for an illusion of change.

This book describes the process of "unchoosing" that we discovered on our journey to wholeness. We're happy to say that we have far outgrown the many drafts of this book - although our sense of humor has not.

"Living in the moment - how can you, when you are still reliving your past through your safe choices?" MARY MAGDALENE


The reason you have this book in your hands is not as important as the purchase of it. Buying this book was a choice. You "unchose" all the other books on the bookstore shelf.

You may have purchased this book because you heard that there are lots of quotes in it from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis. And there are. We were chosen by the three of them to channel their words. They are an intrinsic part of this book. Their words became our words that will become your words.

If you happen to have purchased this book because there is dissatisfaction in your life, then let us paraphrase the combined words of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis for you: your dissatisfaction is an indication of your readiness for change. And that is good. You are on a journey through this book that will be marked by "unchoosing." That is also good.

As you shift and change through the exercises in this book, you will come to understand why our words and those of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis are now in your life.

The exercises are designed to maneuver around denial systems and survival techniques. These exercises are energetically designed. They aid in thwarting the need we sometimes have to sabotage our efforts to change.

This book will allow you to unlock real change and give you the tools to "unchoose" the past in order to redefine your future. The following chapters are designed to minimize the fear in transforming and creating new choices.

Trust us. Or rather, trust Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis. We did!

"The reasons why you do the things you do may vary in words. But they do not vary in intent. Quite simply, if you are not coming from the heart, you are coming from the ego. And if you are coming from ego, it is all about you, is it not?" ISIS

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