Circles of Our Lives: Journey

Circles of Our Lives: Journey

by Turtle Creek Chorale


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Release Date: 12/14/2004
Label: Turtle Creek Chorale
UPC: 0752478127023
catalogNumber: 127

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Turtle Creek Chorale   Primary Artist,Choir, Chorus
Ben E. King   Vocals
Christopher Mason   Tenor (Vocal)
Jerry Leiber   Vocals
Mike Davis   Trumpet,Baritone (Vocal)
Rob Landes   Sounds
Rusty Allen   Bass (Vocal)
Mike Brantley   Bass (Vocal)
Mark Cargill   Tenor (Vocal)
Scott Davidson   Tenor (Vocal)
Pat Erickson   Alto (Vocal)
Mark Hawkins   Soloist
Kevin Hodges   Tenor (Vocal)
David Jenkins   Tenor (Vocal)
Don Kennedy   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
John Lambert   Tenor (Vocal)
Kevin Martin   Tenor (Vocal)
Mike Stoller   Vocals
Wayne Taylor   Tenor (Vocal)
Doug Mitchell   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
Jerry Davis   Baritone (Vocal)
Sam D. Bass   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
Dave Rowland   Tenor (Vocal)
John Sims   Baritone (Vocal)
Rick Webb   Bass (Vocal)
Estella Yancey   Soprano (Vocal)
David Flemming   Bass (Vocal)
Maurie Elizondo   Soprano (Vocal)
Timothy Seelig   Conductor
Craig Robinson   Bass (Vocal)
Tim Wheeler   Baritone (Vocal)
Reggie Walker   Tenor (Vocal)
Sara Sprecher   Soprano (Vocal)
Christian Lavigne   Baritone (Vocal)
Robert Steele   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert Nichols   Tenor (Vocal)
Robin Austin   Soprano (Vocal)
Lian Gray   Alto (Vocal)
Laura Hardison   Alto (Vocal)
Jan Harrell   Soprano (Vocal)
SharonLynn Martinez   Soprano (Vocal)
Michele McCreary   Soprano (Vocal)
Mimi McLemore   Soprano (Vocal)
Shannon Pritchard   Soprano (Vocal)
Donna Robins   Alto (Vocal)
Joan Slavens   Alto (Vocal)
Shelley Sullivan   Alto (Vocal)
Noel Tardy   Alto (Vocal)
Sheri Wyles   Soprano (Vocal)
Kathy Zahrt   Alto (Vocal)
Mark McGrath   Bass (Vocal)
A.G. Black   Tenor (Vocal)
Jo Blackburn   Soprano (Vocal)
Ralph Blackburn   Bass (Vocal)
Harriet Boorhem   Soprano (Vocal)
Tab Boyles   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael R. Bradley   Bass (Vocal)
Gladys Brantley   Alto (Vocal)
Dennis Brickman   Oboe
Eve Campbell   Alto (Vocal)
Gene E Dolphus   Tenor (Vocal)
Donald Dureau   Bass (Vocal)
Lyle Andrew Ellerbach   Tenor (Vocal)
Chris Forman   Baritone (Vocal)
Mark Goodheart   Baritone (Vocal)
Thomas Jaekels   Tenor (Vocal)
Louis Kelly   Bass (Vocal)
James Kondysar   Tenor (Vocal)
Bill Kotch   Tenor (Vocal)
Tom D. Land   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert L. Lynch   Bass (Vocal)
Bert Martin   Bass (Vocal)
Peter Mena   Tenor (Vocal)
Joey Miertschin   Tenor (Vocal)
Frederick Moore   Bass (Vocal)
Jack Pettit   Baritone (Vocal)
Stephen Price   Bass (Vocal)
Mack Richard   Baritone (Vocal)
Halen Spence   Alto (Vocal)
Antoine Spencer   Accompaniment
Paul Wignall   Tenor (Vocal)
Gary R Williams   Baritone (Vocal)
Peter Marshall Anderson   Baritone (Vocal)
Daryl E. Baker   Tenor (Vocal)
John Beall   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Becerra   Bass (Vocal)
Kirk Bradford   Bass (Vocal),Vocals,Soloist
Greg Britt   Tenor (Vocal)
Patrick Brotherton   Bass (Vocal)
Carlas Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
C.E. Bunkley   Bass (Vocal)
Paul A. Burdett   Tenor (Vocal)
Steve Burgos   Baritone (Vocal)
T.Michael Chandler   Tenor (Vocal)
Darryl Clement   Bass (Vocal)
Douglas Clifton   Tenor (Vocal)
Wendy Crew   Soprano (Vocal)
David M. Daigle   Baritone (Vocal)
Timothy J. Dowler   Baritone (Vocal)
Robert Dulaney   Baritone (Vocal)
Tim Elhard   Tenor (Vocal)
Stephen Frels   Tenor (Vocal)
Richard Galvan   Baritone (Vocal)
Owen Gibson   Baritone (Vocal)
Ed Gonzales   Tenor (Vocal)
Jack Gramlich   Tenor (Vocal)
Maurice Griffin   Baritone (Vocal)
John Henrikson   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael R. Herrington   Tenor (Vocal)
J.B. Holman   Tenor (Vocal)
Joel Ihms   Baritone (Vocal)
Forrest Johnson   Baritone (Vocal)
Paul R. LaPierre   Bass (Vocal)
Roy Lierman   Bass (Vocal)
Gordon Markley   Baritone (Vocal)
Don Meissner   Bass (Vocal)
Michael Messmer   Baritone (Vocal)
Jack Mion   Bass (Vocal)
Mark H. Nagel   Tenor (Vocal)
Justin Normand   Baritone (Vocal)
Shawn Northcutt   Bass (Vocal)
Dan Oakes   Tenor (Vocal)
Mark Turner Parker   Bass (Vocal)
Allen Parks   Tenor (Vocal)
Lonnie Parks   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
Mike Paulus   Tenor (Vocal)
Fred Poggemeyer   Tenor (Vocal)
Warren Porter   Baritone (Vocal)
Rusty Prentice   Tenor (Vocal)
Jamie Rawson   Bass (Vocal)
Mike Renquist   Bass (Vocal)
Gary Rifkin   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
Benny Ruiz   Tenor (Vocal)
Michael Sharrett   Tenor (Vocal)
Cecil Sinclair   Baritone (Vocal)
Evan Randall Smith   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Andy Steingasser   Baritone (Vocal)
J. Christopher Stinnett   Tenor (Vocal)
Chuck Sweatt   Baritone (Vocal)
Robert Talley   Bass (Vocal)
Fred Theobald   Baritone (Vocal)
Leanne Thomas   Alto (Vocal)
Steven Thomas   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
Tom Timbol   Tenor (Vocal)
Bryan Tomes   Baritone (Vocal)
Jody Walden   Baritone (Vocal)
Keith Wall   Tenor (Vocal)
Brent Wood   Baritone (Vocal)
James "Ham" Jackson   Bass (Vocal)
Lawrence Jordan   Soprano (Vocal)
Robert "Red Top" Young   Tenor (Vocal)
Todd Thompson   Tenor (Vocal)
Jason Walker   Baritone (Vocal)
Richard York   Baritone (Vocal)
Michael Whiteside   Tenor (Vocal)
Peggy Honea   Bass
Wayne Cavender   Baritone (Vocal)
Pat Blanchard Modisette   Tenor (Vocal)
Tim Blanchard Modisette   Tenor (Vocal)
James H. Brown   Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Holguin   Tenor (Vocal)
Chuck Gibson   Baritone (Vocal)
David Giersch   Baritone (Vocal)
Freddie Owen   Bass (Vocal),Baritone (Vocal)
Hazel Jacobs   Alto (Vocal)
Nancy Kammerer   Alto (Vocal)
Alberto Lujan   Baritone (Vocal)
Patrick McCann   Bass (Vocal)
Roger Poindexter   Bass (Vocal)
J. Weston Woods   Bass (Vocal)
Edwin Young   Baritone (Vocal)
Amanda Burns   Baritone (Vocal)
Charles E. Mullins   Tenor (Vocal)
Mark Cooper Smith   Baritone (Vocal)
Roger Kennedy   Bass (Vocal)
Suzanne Hughes   Soprano (Vocal)
Ethan Alan Busteed   Violin
Robert Lamar Sims   Bass (Vocal),Accompaniment
Hector Alvarado   Baritone (Vocal)
Daniel Oberlender   Tenor (Vocal)
Terry Knapp   Tenor (Vocal)
Jonathan Fears   Vocals,Baritone (Vocal)
James Romanoff   Bass (Vocal)
Greg Vick   Tenor (Vocal)
Kenneth E. McBryde   Tenor (Vocal)
Mace Adams   Bass (Vocal)
Daniel H. Miot   Tenor (Vocal)
Mark Ford   Baritone (Vocal)
John Gallaway   Baritone (Vocal)
Darren Armstrong   Bass (Vocal)
David Moldenhauer   Tenor (Vocal)
Darrell Gipson   Baritone (Vocal)
Mauri Elizando   Sounds
Mark Hayward   Cello
Matthew Dorf   Tenor (Vocal)
Stacey N. Sturdivant   Tenor (Vocal)
Seth Gowans   Baritone (Vocal)
Brad Olesen   Tenor (Vocal)
Reed R. Hoke   Tenor (Vocal),Soloist
Roni Thornton   Soprano (Vocal)
Floyd L. Jackson   Baritone (Vocal)
Andrew Molina   Tenor (Vocal)
Erica Greenhouse   Soprano (Vocal)
Jacob Villarreal   Tenor (Vocal)
Troy Heine   Tenor (Vocal)
Peter Mutnan   Tenor (Vocal)
Buddy Mercer   Baritone (Vocal)
Christopher Bride   Tenor (Vocal)
John Share   Tenor (Vocal)
Steve Punches   Baritone (Vocal)
David Lawson   Bass (Vocal)
Scott Montroy   Baritone (Vocal)
Rusty Hampton   Tenor (Vocal)
Jim Ross   Bass (Vocal)
Daniel Shipman   Bass (Vocal)
Brian Larrison   Tenor (Vocal)
Keith Odums   Baritone (Vocal)
Peter Grimmett   Tenor (Vocal)
John Connell   Bass (Vocal)
Rick Dent   Bass (Vocal)
Joseph Rattan   Baritone (Vocal)
Jeff Kanters   Tenor (Vocal)
Jamie Brett Rifkin   Baritone (Vocal)
Elijah Cardona   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Samuel N. Gwin   Tenor (Vocal)
Danny Macdougall   Tenor (Vocal)
Will Freeman   Baritone (Vocal)
Vernon D. "Rusty" Ouder   Tenor (Vocal)
Guadalupe Rivera   Baritone (Vocal)
Collin Curtis   Tenor (Vocal)
Eric Ryan   Baritone (Vocal)
Carolyn Marlowe   Soprano (Vocal)
Ami Sadeh   Baritone (Vocal)
Brian Willette   Baritone (Vocal)
Wagner Luis   Tenor (Vocal)
Cole Dodson   Tenor (Vocal)
Martin Antonio Guerra   Tenor (Vocal)
Melvin Spears Damvillier   Bass (Vocal)
Jeffrey S. Ensign   Bass (Vocal)
Turtle Soup   Choir, Chorus
Mark Knight   Tenor (Vocal)
One-A-Chord   Choir, Chorus
Mike Davis   Trumpet
Bruce Carter   Baritone (Vocal)
Doug Mitchell   Vocals
Robert Cole   Tenor (Vocal)
Russ Rieger   Accompaniment
Encore   Choir, Chorus
Mark Trimble   Flute
Ashley Chappell   Percussion
Reed Hoke   Vocals
Mark Hawkins   Vocals
Craig R. Wilson   Vocals
Sam Bass   Vocals
Michael Boyd   Baritone (Vocal)
James Morgan   Bass (Vocal)
Michael Carrillo   Bass (Vocal)

Technical Credits

John Rutter   Composer
Ralph Vaughan Williams   Composer
Holly Near   Composer
Ben E. King   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Rob Landes   Composer
Ysaye Barnwell   Composer
Walter Robinson   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Kahlil Gibran   Composer,Text
Timothy Seelig   Composer,Director,Liner Notes,Text,Artistic Director
Antoine Spencer   Principal
David Brunner   Composer
Nolan Brett   Engineer
Kathleen McGuire   Arranger
Robert Lamar Sims   Director
Scott Rodgers   Engineer
Michael Hall   Engineer
Reed R. Hoke   Producer

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