The City of the Saints, and across the Rocky Mountains to California

The City of the Saints, and across the Rocky Mountains to California

by Richard Francis Burton


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The British explorer Sir Richard F. Burton (1821-90) was a colourful and often controversial character. A talented linguist and keen ethnologist, he first gained celebrity for his adventurous 1853 trip to Mecca, conducted under the disguise of a pilgrim. He remains famous for his translation (with the British orientalist Forster Fitzgerald Arbuthnot) of The Kama Sutra (1883), a daring enterprise in the context of the Victorian society. First published in 1861, this book is an account of Burton's 1860 trip to Salt Lake City. It offers a geographical and ethnological study of Utah that focuses on the Mormon church. In the course of his research, Burton was able to meet the Mormon prophet Brigham Young, leader of the Latter-Day Saints and founder of Salt Lake City. Burton describes various Mormon customs, showing particular interest in polygamy, which he treats with critical distance and his characteristic sense of humour.

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ISBN-13: 9781108033169
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 09/22/2011
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - Travel and Exploration Series
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 752
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About the Author

Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) was an English explorer, author, translator, linguist, and orientalist. Though he published over forty books and countless articles during his life, only two were original works. He is best known for his translations, in particular his translations of One Thousand and One Nights and The Kama Sutra.

Table of Contents

Preface; 1. Why I went to Great Salt Lake City; 2. The Sioux or Dakotas; 3. Concluding the route to the Gt. S. L. City; 4. First week at Gt. S. L. City. Preliminaries; 5. Second week at Gt. S. L. City. Visit to the prophet; 6. Descriptive geography, ethnology, and statistics of UT; 7. Third week at Gt. S. L. City. Excursions; 8. Excursions continued; 9. Latter-Day Saints. Of the Mormon religion; 10. Further observations at Gt. S. L. City; 11. Last days at Gt. S. L. City; 12. To Ruby Valley; 13. To Carson Valley; Conclusion; Appendices; Index.

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