Civil War Archive: The History of the American Civil War in Documents

Civil War Archive: The History of the American Civil War in Documents




In the same successful format as Our Nation's Archive (1-57912-067-9), The Civil War Archive presents the full story of the war between the states in documents direct from the minds, pens and hearts of the men and women who experienced it.

Hundreds of papers, letters, memoirs — culled from family records, private correspondences, public archives and a variety of other sources — trace the war from the nomination of Abraham Lincoln, through violent battles at Bull Run, to the surrender of Lee at Appomattox, Reconstruction and beyond. Messages from lonely mothers at home, stories from soldiers on the front lines, lyrics to rousing battle hymns, confidential communications among officers - these primary documents render history in its rawest form and depict the war's impact on every spectrum of American society.

Expanding upon Henry Steele Commager's critically-acclaimed two-volume The Blue and the Gray, editor Erik Bruun brings to light new material that presents the Civil War through a contemporary lens, taking into account previously under-represented perspectives of blacks in the Civil War and including new sections on the war's aftermath and Reconstruction.

Entries are arranged chronologically, allowing The Civil War Archive to be read as a start-to-finish narrative of the war and its aftermath. In addition, each document is indexed by author and title, so history buffs can reference each piece by source or subject.

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ISBN-13: 9781579121105
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 05/28/2000
Edition description: REVISED & EXPANDED
Pages: 854
Product dimensions: 8.69(w) x 11.13(h) x 2.25(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Erik Bruun has been a reporter, editor, and freelance writer for more than twenty years. His books include Our Nation's Archive and American Values and Virtues. In his home community, he has taken a leadership role in several organizations that advocate for social change. He has three children.

Henry Steele Commager has had a long and distinguished career as a teacher and historian. His academic credentials include posts at New York University, Duke, Harvard, the University of Chicago, the University of California, Columbia and Amherst. Simultaneously, he has had a remarkable literary output since his first widely acclaimed book in 1930, The Growth of the American Republic, written in collaboration with Samuel Elliot Morison.

Table of Contents

I.Darkening Clouds39
1.Abraham Lincoln Is Nominated in the Wigwam39
2."First Gallant South Carolina Nobly Made the Stand"42
A.South Carolina Ordinance of Secession42
B.South Carolina Declaration of Causes of Secession42
3."She Has Left Us in Passion and Pride"43
4.Lincoln Refuses to Compromise on Slavery44
A.Letter to E. B. Washburne44
B.Letter to James T. Hale45
C.Letter to W. H. Seward45
5.Mayor Fernando Wood Recommends the Secession of New York45
6.Lincoln Is Inaugurated47
A.Herndon Describes the Inauguration47
B.The Public Man Attends the Inauguration48
7."We Are Not Enemies But Friends"50
8.Mr. Lincoln Hammers Out a Cabinet51
9.Seward Tries to Take Charge of the Lincoln Administration52
A.Memorandum from Secretary Seward53
B.Reply to Secretary Seward's Memorandum53
10.The Confederacy Organizes at Montgomery54
11.Constitution of the Confederate States of America56
12.A War Clerk Describes Davis and His Cabinet58
13.Sam Houston Refuses to Go with His State59
14.Inaugural Address of Jefferson Davis61
II.The Conflict Precipitated65
1.Mrs. Chesnut Watches the Attack on Fort Sumter65
2.Abner Doubleday Defends Fort Sumter69
3."The Heather Is on Fire"71
A.An Indiana Farm Boy Hears the News72
B."There Is But One Thought--The Stars and Stripes"72
C."One Great Eagle Scream"74
4."The Spirit of Virginia Cannot Be Crushed"75
5."I Am Filled with Horror at the Condition of Our Country"77
6.A Northern Democrat Urges Peaceful Separation78
7."The Race of Philip Sidneys Is Not Extinct"79
8.The Supreme Court Upholds the Constitution80
III.The Gathering of the Hosts83
1."Our People Are All United"84
2.Southern Ladies Send Their Men Off to War85
3.The North Builds a Vast Army Overnight87
4.Northern Boys Join the Ranks89
A.Warren Goss Enlists in the Union Army89
B.Lieutenant Favill Raises a Company and Gets a Commission90
C."We Thought the Rebellion Would Be Over Before Our Chance Would Come"92
5.Baltimore Mobs Attack the Sixth Massachusetts93
6.Frank Wilkeson Goes South with Blackguards, Thieves, and Bounty Jumpers96
7.Supplying the Confederacy with Arms and Ammunition98
8.How the Army of Northern Virginia Got Its Ordnance99
9.Secretary Benjamin Recalls the Mistakes of the Confederate Congress101
10.Northern Ordnance102
IV.Bull Run and the Peninsular Campaign105
1.A Confederate Doctor Describes the Victory at First Bull Run106
2."Bull Run Russell" Reports the Rout of the Federals108
3.Stonewall Jackson Credits God with the Victory112
4."The Capture of Washington Seems Inevitable"113
5.McClellan Opens the Peninsular Campaign113
6.General Wool Takes Norfolk115
7.The Army of the Potomac Marches to Meet McClellan117
8.R. E. Lee Takes Command117
9."Beauty" Stuart Rides Around McClellan's Army119
10.Oliver Norton Fights Like a Madman at Gaines' Mill123
11.The End of Seven Days125
A.The Federals Are Forced Back at White Oak Swamp125
B.Captain Livermore Fights at Malvern Hill126
12.Richard Auchmuty Reviews the Peninsular Campaign128
V.Stonewall Jackson and the Valley Campaign131
1.Dick Taylor Campaigns with Jackson in the Valley132
2.Taylor's Irishmen Capture a Battery at Port Republic138
3.Colonel Wolseley Visits Stonewall Jackson140
4.Henry Kyd Douglas Remembers Stonewall Jackson141
VI.Second Bull Run and Antietam145
1."Who Could Not Conquer with Such Troops as These?"146
2.Jackson Outsmarts and Outfights Pope at Manassas147
3.Pope Wastes His Strength on Jackson149
4.Longstreet Overwhelms Pope at Manassas152
5."Little Mac" Is Reappointed to Command157
A."To Fight Is Not His Forte"157
B.General Sherman Explains Why He Cannot Like McClellan158
C."Little Mac's A-Coming"158
6.McClellan "Saves His Country" Twice159
7.McClellan Finds the Lost Order163
8.McClellan Forces Turner's Gap and Crampton's Gap164
9.The Bloodiest Day of the War166
10.Hooker Hammers the Confederate Left--in Vain170
A.Wisconsin Boys Are Slaughtered in the Cornfield171
B.McLaws to the Rescue of Hood173
11.The Desperate Fighting along Bloody Lane175
A.Thomas Livermore Puts on His War Paint175
B.General Gordon Is Wounded Five Times at Antietam177
12."The Whole Landscape Turns Red" at Antietam179
VII.Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville183
1.Lincoln Urges McClellan to Advance184
2.Burnside Blunders at Fredericksburg185
A.The Yankees Attack Marye's Heights185
B.The Irish Brigade Is Repulsed on Marye's Hill188
C.The 5th New Hampshire to the Rescue189
3.The Gallant Pelham at Fredericksburg190
4.Night on the Field of Fredericksburg192
5.Lincoln Appoints Hooker to the Command of the Army194
6.Lee Whips Hooker at Chancellorsville195
7.Pleasonton Stops the Confederates at Hazel Grove198
8.Stuart and Anderson Link Up at Chancellorsville200
9.Lee Loses His Right Arm202
VIII.How the Soldiers Lived: Eastern Front205
1.Theodore Winthrop Recalls a Typical Day at Camp Cameron205
2.Abner Small Paints a Portrait of a Private in the Army of the Potomac207
3.Life with the Thirteenth Massachusetts209
4.Minutiae of Soldier Life in the Army of Northern Virginia212
5.Inventions and Gadgets Used by the Soldiers216
6.Hardtack and Coffee217
7."Starvation, Rags, Dirt, and Vermin"220
8.Voting in the Field222
A.Electioneering in the Camps222
B.President Lincoln Needs the Soldier Vote222
9.Red Tape, North and South223
A.Dunn Browne Has Trouble with the War Department223
B.A Confederate Lieutenant Complains That Red-Tapeism Will Lose the War224
10.The Confederates Get Religion225
A.Religion in the Confederate Army225
B.John Dooley Describes Prayer Meetings226
IX.Incidents of Army Life: Eastern Front227
1.How It Feels to Be under Fire227
2.Fitz John Porter Views the Confederates from a Balloon229
3.Stuart's Ball Is Interrupted by the Yankees231
4.Foreigners Fight in the Northern Army233
5.With "Extra Billy" Smith at York235
6.Blue and Gray Fraternize on the Picket Line237
7.Life with the Mosby Guerrillas238
8.Rebel and Yankee Yells240
9.Women Among the Ranks241
A.Letters of Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, Alias Private Lyons Wakeman242
B.Exploits of Mrs. Major Belle Reynolds243
X.From Fort Donelson to Stones River245
1.Grant Wins his Spurs at Belmont245
2.U. S. Grant Becomes Unconditional Surrender Grant247
3.With the Dixie Grays at Shiloh252
4.An Illinois Private Fights at the Hornet's Nest257
5.The Orphan Brigade Is Shattered at Stones River262
XI.The Struggle for Missouri and the West265
1.Cotton Is King at the Battle of Lexington265
2.Guerrilla Warfare in Missouri268
3.The Tide Turns at Pea Ridge270
4.The Confederates Scatter after Pea Ridge272
5.Quantrill and His Guerrillas Sack Lawrence275
6.Colonel Bailey Dams the Red River277
7.Price Invades the North and Is Defeated at Westport280
XII.How the Soldiers Lived: Western Front283
1.John Chipman Gray Views the Western Soldier283
2.A Wisconsin Boy Complains of the Hardships of Training284
3.Religion and Play in the Army of the Tennessee285
4.The Great Revival in the Army of Tennessee288
5.From Reveille to Taps289
6.An Indiana Boy Reassures His Mother about Morals in the Army293
7.Graft and Corruption in the Confederate Commissary294
8.The Soldiers Get Paid and the Sutler Gets the Money295
9.Song and Play in the Army of Tennessee297
A.Theatricals in the Army297
B.Good Cheer in the Ranks298
XIII.Incidents of Army Life: Western Front301
1.Mark Twain Recalls a Campaign That Failed301
2.Major Connolly Loses Faith in the Chivalry of the South309
3.The Great Locomotive Chase in Georgia312
4.A Badger Boy Meets the Originals of Uncle Tom's Cabin319
5.The Confederates Escape in the Teche Country320
6.General Wilson Raises His Cavalry the Hard Way324
XIV.The Problem of Discipline325
1.Thomas Wentworth Higginson Explains the Value of Trained Officers326
2."It Does Not Suit Our Fellows to Be Commanded Much"330
3.Conduct Unbecoming an Officer331
4.A Camp of Skulkers at Cedar Mountain333
5."The Army Is Becoming Awfully Depraved"333
6.Robert Gould Shaw Complains that War Is a Dirty Business335
7.The Yankee Invaders Pillage and Burn336
A."The Soldiers Delight in Destroying Everything"337
B.The Yankees Sack Sarah Morgan's Home337
C.Grierson's Raiders on a Rampage340
D."Oh, Earth, Behold the Monster!"342
8.Punishments in the Union and Confederate Armies343
A.Punishments in the Army of the Potomac344
B.Punishments in the Army of Northern Virginia345
9.Executing Deserters346
A.General Sheridan Executes Two Deserters at Chattanooga346
B.Executing Deserters from the Confederate Army347
10.General Lee Discusses the Problem of Discipline347
A.The Need for Punishment as a Deterrant348
B."We Cannot Escape the Disgrace that Attends these Evildoers"349
11.Sex in the Civil War350
XV.Great Britain and the American Civil War351
1.Henry Ravenel Expects Foreign Intervention352
2.Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Rejoices in the Break-Up of the Union352
3.George Ticknor Explains the War to His English Friends354
4.Captain Wilkes Seizes Mason and Slidell356
5."Shall It Be Love, Or Hate, John?"358
6.Palmerston and Russell Discuss Intervention360
7."An Error, the Most Singular and Palpable"362
8.The English Press Condemns the Emancipation Proclamation363
9.Manchester Workingmen Stand by the Union365
A."We Are Truly One People"365
B."An Instance of Sublime Christian Heroism"366
10.Richard Cobden Rejoices in the Emancipation Proclamation367
11.English Aristocrats Organize for Southern Independence368
12."The Reasons Why Great Britain is Averse to Recognise Us"370
13.Minister Adams Points Out That This Is War371
XVI.Songs the Soldiers Sang373
2.The Bonnie Blue Flag374
3.John Brown's Body375
4.All Quiet along the Potomac375
5.Marching Along376
6.Maryland! My Maryland!377
7.The Battle Hymn of the Republic377
A.Writing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"378
B.The Battle Hymn of the Republic378
C."The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in Libby Prison379
8.We Are Coming, Father Abraham379
9.The Battle-Cry of Freedom380
10.Tramp, Tramp, Tramp381
11.Just Before the Battle, Mother381
12.Tenting Tonight382
13.Marching Through Georgia382
14.Mister, Here's Your Mule383
A.Mister, Here's Your Mule383
B.Do They Miss Me in the Trenches384
C.We Are the Boys of Potomac's Ranks384
D.Goober Peas385
E.Grafted into the Army385
16.When Johnny Comes Marching Home387
XVII.Poems of the Civil War389
1.Poet Laureate of the South389
2.The Death of Slavery392
3.Barbara Frietchie393
4."Oh, Mother, look down from Heav'n on me"394
A.The Drummer Boy of Shiloh394
B.Little Giffen395
C.Killed at the Ford395
D.Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night396

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