Clock and Dagger

Clock and Dagger

by Julianne Holmes

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Expert clockmaker Ruth Clagan has another murder on her hands in the second Clock Shop Mystery from the author of Just Killing Time.

Ruth has three days to pull off four events—including the grand reopening of Cog & Sprocket, the clock shop she inherited from her grandfather—so she doesn’t have time for Beckett Green’s nonsense. The competitive owner of a new bookstore, Green seems determined to put other businesses out of business by also carrying their specialty items. He’s trying to steal Ruth’s new watchmaker, Mark Pine, not to mention block her plans to renovate the town clock tower.
Ruth is already all wound up when she’s alarmed to discover Mark’s dead body. As the denizens of Orchard each chime in as to who they think the murderer is, Ruth needs to watch her back as she investigates on her own. Despite the danger, Ruth won’t stop until the killer is behind bars and serving time...

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ISBN-13: 9780425275535
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Series: A Clock Shop Mystery Series , #2
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 341,556
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Julianne Holmes is the author of Just Killing Time, the debut novel in the Clock Shop Mystery series and is the pseudonym for J. A. (Julie) Hennrikus, whose short stories have appeared in the award-winning Level Best Books. She serves on the boards of Sisters in Crime and Sisters in Crime New England, and is a member of Mystery Writers of America.

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Clock and Dagger 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Queenbethanny More than 1 year ago
My first foray into cozy mysteries. I thought that this was an enjoyable, fast paced plot with interesting characters. The series is set up so each story reveals just a little more about the characters and the town of Orchard. I will be going back to read the first of the series. However, I did think there were a lot of character to keep track of.
Debb23 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, the characters and their reactions are realistic and believable. I love Ruth who is strong and ready to help anyone but admits to her mistakes, like not getting to know her step grandmother better (whom I also love). The talk of clocks and watches I find interesting but it doesn't try to overwhelm you. When Ruth finds an employee she had hired dead we are taken on a story line that has twists and turns, a past that is found out, shady dealings with a new store owner that doesn't seem to want to work with the community and more. This book had me guessing and second guessing myself. I will definitely continue on with this series. *I won a copy of this book and this is my honest opinion of it.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts Ruth has been busy updating both the Cog & Sprocket and her apartment above the shop. She is still trying to restore the local clock tour but keeps getting waylaid by the city manager. The owner of the new bookstore, Beckett Green, is giving all the Orchard merchants headaches as he plans to open a place selling much more than books, competing with almost every business on Orchard by selling the similar merchandise. He even tries to lure one of Ruth’s employees away from her. Sadly the young man ends up dead, and Beckett Green is Ruth’s prime suspect, but the police have another suspect in mind. Ruth works well with the local police chief, but the city manager keeps calling in the “staties”, which doesn’t sit well with either of them. A lot takes place within these pages. The story ticks right along at the perfect pace. The book starts out with Ruth needing party supplies for several events including the grand reopening of the clock shop she inherited from her grandfather, her step grandmother’s surprise birthday party, and an event featuring most of the shops on the street. Add in a murder, a bit a jealousy, and a stranger coming to town and you have one heck of a story. I am impressed with all Ruth has taken on and happy to see she has surrounded herself with some great people. She does realize that she really needs to learn more about each of them because they are quickly becoming friends and not just mere acquaintances. The author is doing an excellent job at making the characters more three dimensional and engaging. I have grown to like most of them very much. The small town of Orchard is a great setting. Of course, it has it share of troublemakers and small town politics. Ruth’s grandfather used to be a favorite of all and a peacemaker when the need arose and his presence is greatly missed. The mystery itself was puzzling. I wasn’t sure who was our killer until a twist at the end that was absolutely perfect. I found the bits of knowledge about clocks and watches captivating. I love the idea of making jewelry out of the cogs and sprockets. Don’t waste any time, this series should be on the top of your To-Be-Read stack!
BeckyMcF More than 1 year ago
Clock and Dagger keeps the Clock Shop mystery series in excellent running order! Clever mystery plus more character development make for wonderful read!
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
The Last Thing Ruth Has Time for is a Murder Last year, I enjoyed the first book in the Clock Shop Mysteries by Julianne Holmes, so I was looking forward to revisiting the characters in Clock and Dagger, the second in the series. My patience was rewarded since this book was just as much fun as the first. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is going to be very busy for Ruth Clagen this year. Not only is she getting ready to reopen the clock shop she inherited from her grandfather, Cog & Sprocket, but the downtown merchants of Orchard, Massachusetts, are launching a discount program with a huge open house on the final Tuesday of December. Since this program was Ruth’s idea, she is heavily involved in the party. Despite some hiccups and run ins with her neighbor, bookstore owner Beckett Green, the open house goes off without a hitch. That is until Ruth discovers a dead body as things are winding down. A pocket watch next to the body catches Ruth’s interest. Why was it there? What could it mean? The book opens as Ruth is preparing for the party. This gives us a change to remeet the series regulars and set a few things in motion for the plot. However, I did feel like this part was a little slow. Once the murder happened, things definitely picked up, although one sub-plot continued to annoy me. But these are minor complaints overall because I really did enjoy the book. Let’s start with the fact that the murder victim wasn’t who I expected it to be at all. You’ll notice I was very careful not to give that away. That was just the first of many surprises in the plot that kept me turning the pages. The climax was very suspenseful and perfectly logical. One thing this series does well is capture life in a small town, complete with small town politics. That adds a wonderful component to the book here I loved watching unfold. It also showcases the great relationships that develop in a small town. I love these characters and the friendships that they all have and it was wonderful to see them all again. I especially love Ruth’s relationship with Caroline, her step-grandmother, which only grows here. It adds a great touch to this series. Naturally, we meet some new characters here, and they are strong as well. So if you are looking for a creative and cozy series, it’s time to check this one out. Clock and Dagger will please fans of the first and leave you counting the second until we can revisit these friends. NOTE: I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Clock and Dagger by Julianne Holmes is the second book in A Clock Shop Mystery series. Ruth Clagan is a horologist (clockmaker) and is getting ready to reopen Cog and Sprocket in Orchard, Massachusetts. Ruth made some changes to the store and apartment above after inheriting the shop from her Grandpa Thom (G.T. for short). Things have been made more difficult by Beckett Green. Beckett is opening a bookstore across the street called Been Here, Read That (which would be good for the town), but he has decided to add other services (to compete with local businesses). Beckett wishes to sell coffee and to sell clocks as well as offer repair services. He has been trying to hire Mark Pine away from Ruth. No one knows why Beckett is trying to antagonize his fellow shop owners. The opening party of Cog and Sprocket is going well. Ruth goes next door to Ben’s Barbershop (where they were keeping the food) and finds Mark dead. This definitely puts kink in Ruth’s plans. Ruth sets out to find the killer. But someone does not want her to solve this murder. Ruth has further complications with Kim Gray, the town manager, over the old town hall building (which the town leases from Ruth). The lease is set to expire on January 1. Ruth wishes to keep leasing to the town and repair the clock in the tower (which was a dream of her grandfather’s). However, Kim’s vision for the town does not line up with Ruth’s or the other shop owners. Will they be able to reach an agreement in time? Join Ruth on her latest adventure in Clock and Dagger. Clock and Dagger has a wonderfully complex mystery (there is more to it than meets the eye). I was able to solve it, but I do not think most people will see the final twist coming (it’s a good one). I did not have the pleasure of reading Just Killing Time (first book in series) prior to reading Clock and Dagger. But that did not hinder my reading (or enjoyment) of this book. The author did a good job of updating the reader on what happened in the first novel. I found Ms. Holmes to be a very descriptive writer. I give Clock and Dagger 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it). I did find some information to be repeated a few times (which was unnecessary), but otherwise Clock and Dagger is a pleasurable novel to read. I will definitely be reading future books in this series, and I will go back and read Just Killing Time. I received a complimentary copy of the novel in exchange for an honest evaluation. The opinions and comments expressed are strictly my own.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Clock And Dagger is the second book in the A Clock Shop Mystery series. Another very enjoyable visit with the folks of Orchard, MA. The New Year is approaching and Ruth Clagan has mixed emotions about it’s coming. She’s quite excited that she will be having the grand reopening of the Cog & Sprocket, but upset that matter with the lease of the town hall, which she inherited in addition to the Cog & Sprocket. Several businesses have gotten together and are offering a card to customers will invite the customer to visit other stores with an incentive of discounts. As the kick-off party for this new plan is going on, the body of Mark Pine, a young man that Ruth recently hired to repair clock and who Beckett Green, Ruth’s nemesis, has been trying to hire away, is found dead in Ben Clover’s barbershop. Ruth feels compelled to help find the killer as the young lady she has hired to design a website and the young man she has hired to shoot video and pictures for the site, are both persons of interest in the killing. The little community of Orchard is going through a process of trying to entice residents to shop locally and to strive to keep it as locally owned businesses. All the folks are interesting and believable and are working hard to keep the community as it once was. As a subplot, the appearance of Zane Phillips, an acquaintance of Caroline, Ruth’s step-grandmother, gives the reader a look at Caroline’s interesting past. I love the characters and the community of Orchard and am looking forward to the next book in this series.
LisaKsBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
I’ve waited a long time to read CLOCK AND DAGGER . . . It was worth the wait! Author Julianne Holmes has penned another amazing story with CLOCK AND DAGGER. Her attention to detail, and her very clear affection with this series, shines through with every word. Hooked half way into chapter one, my time spent reading this second book in the Clock Shop Mysteries was indeed time well spent. Page after page of CLOCK AND DAGGER I became more immersed into this wonderful story. Between the subject matter of clocks, which fascinated more than I would have thought, and the marvelous writing, I found it practically impossible to put this book down. Well done, Ms. Holmes! I’m already anxiously awaiting your next installment!