Common Birds of North America: An Illustrated Guide to 50 of the Most Common North American Birds

Common Birds of North America: An Illustrated Guide to 50 of the Most Common North American Birds

by Paul Watts

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Your guide to 50 most common birds for America. If you are interested in birding, this is for you. Know your secret visitor. With this coming spring, there will be lot of birds� activities. Get familiar with the American birds. A guide for students, hobbyists and improving general knowledge.

Common Birds of North America provides you with the information you need to start a fascinating new hobby that will provides hours of joy for you and your family.

Common Birds of North America is the perfect guide to identifying the most common birds. With this illustrated guide, you will be able to readily identify everyday birds. The birds depicted in this book are valuable reminders.

We need them; we need the same clean and wholesome environment upon which they rely; we must work to ensure their continued well-being (and that of other migratory and non-hunted species) so that our own future can be assured.

You will find this guide to be your first step in appreciating the hobby of birding.

Here are the 50 birds you will find in this book:

1. Baltimore Oriole
2. Barn Swallow
3. Chickadee
4. Blue Bird
5. Blue Jay
6. Bobwhite
7. Brown Creeper
8. Brown Thrasher
9. Canada Goose
10. Cardinal
11. Catbird
12. Cedar Waxwing
13. Chimney Swift
14. Chipping Sparrow
15. Cowbird
16. Crow
17. Downy Woodpecker
18. Flicker
19. Goldfinch
20. Grackle
21. Green Heron
22. Herring Gull
23. House Sparrow
24. House Wren
25. Junco
26. Killdeer
27. Mallard
28. Mockingbird
29. Mourning Dove
30. Myrtle Warbler
31. Nighthawk
32. Pigeon
33. Purple Martin
34. Red-eyed Vireo
35. Red-headed WP
36. Red-winged BB
37. Robin
38. Hummingbird
39. Song Sparrow
40. Sparrow Hawk
41. Starling
42. Towhee
43. Tufted Titmouse
44. Turkey Vulture
45. White-breasted Nuthatch
46. White-crowned Sparrow
47. Wood Pewee
48. Wood Thrush
49. Yellowthroat
50. Yellow Warbler

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