Common Sense: Book #4 of the Common Denominator Series

Common Sense: Book #4 of the Common Denominator Series

by Richard David Bach

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Someone is kidnapping amnesiacs. Newly-wed private detectives Raam
Commoner and Kayman Karl are hired to find out how and why. Raam (rhymes
with bomb) is a recovering lawyer who joined his wife's PI firm after they
married, and Kayman (named after a south American alligator when her
mother's water broke in front of the crocodile exhibit at the zoo) is fast
earning a reputation as the best white collar detective in the LA Basin.
Raam goes undercover pretending to be suffering from memory loss, is
kidnapped and taken to a laboratory where a (probably mad) neuroscientist is
working on a mechanism to reprogram human brains with new personas in order
to create a for-profit private witness protection program. Kayman follows
Raam, and in a shootout with the scientist's henchmen the laboratory burns
down, the scientist and all his notes and equipment are lost, the henchmen
go to jail and Raam and Kayman go back to their core practice of corporate
espionage and security with a nice fee from the client whose husband had
gone missing and from the insurance company he was defrauding. When Raam and
Kayman get back to their office after their mad scientist episode they find
a new client waiting for them-Eddie Warden, Raam's coach back when he was
playing college baseball and now the manager of the leading team in Major
League Baseball. Coach Warden is being blackmailed for the murder of a woman
he had been having an affair with, and Raam and Kayman must find the real
murderer/blackmailer before the opening of the fast approaching World
Series-except their client is lying to them and the cops are closing in.
Baseball, money and hot sex drag them from Los Angeles to New York City to
Las Vegas as they discover that the murdered woman was a setup in a scheme
to fix the Series, that prostitution is a lucrative business in Vegas, and
that Major League Baseball will do a lot to keep itself clean.

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ISBN-13: 9781483539782
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 11/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 150
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