Complete Book of Baby Names: The Most Names (100,001+), Most Unique Names, Most Idea-Generating Lists (600+) and the Most Help to Find the Perfect Name

Complete Book of Baby Names: The Most Names (100,001+), Most Unique Names, Most Idea-Generating Lists (600+) and the Most Help to Find the Perfect Name

by Lesley Bolton

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The Complete Book of Baby Names: The Most Names (100,001+), Most Unique Names, Most Idea-Generating Lists (600+) and the Most Help to Find the Perfect Name

"If you've got an occasion to bestow a name, and you're looking for the widest possible range of choices,

you can't go wrong by bringing home a copy of The Complete Book of Baby Names."

Every year, hundreds of thousands of expectant parents turn to The Complete Book of Baby Namesas their essential, indispensable guide to choosing the best name for their child. Helpful and full of creative inspiration, this #1 bestseller gives you all the best ways to find your favorites and decide on the perfect fit.

The Most Names, Most Lists, Most Help to Find the Best Name:

  • More Names AND Richer Definitions

  • The Most (600+) Creative Lists to Inspire You

  • The Most Idea-Sparking Celebrity Baby Names

  • The Most Popular-and Unique-Names

  • The Newest Trends, Including What Makes the Perfect Name!

More than 600 Fun Lists to Help You Choose, Including:

  • Intellectual, creative names from literature and the arts

  • Strong, respected names from sports and politics

  • Unique, under-the-radar names that hit the right notes

Packed full of more than 100,001 baby names with origins, variations, and richer definitions, The Complete Book of Baby Names makes choosing your baby's name a joyful act of love.

Everything You Need . . .

  • The most up-to-date list of popular names - plus top twin names

  • Selecting sibling names that make sense for your family

  • Great gender-neutral names - plus the top 61 names

  • Adding a middle name - or two!

  • 18 essentials in choosing the perfect name . . .

  • And what not to name your baby

  • All the top baby boy and baby girl names!

  • Plus all the best variations and nicknames

All You Need in One Complete Book!


"The Complete Book of Baby Names is a great resource if you are naming a baby, and, it's also an interesting read. Busy Girl has been using it to inform all her friends what their names mean.Most importantly, though, it covers what NOT to name your baby. I'll let you check that one out yourself."

"Since this is my third child, I've been through my share of baby name books, about 2 a pregnancy. This one I found as my favorite, not just the first few chapters but the list of names are wonderful and broken not just into boy and girl categories but lists of popular names by country, twin names and hordes of other lists. You'll be amazed, as I was."

"If you're going to choose one baby name book and get the most bang for your buck, this is a good one to go with. It's more complete and helpful than any other single book I've seen out there and short of turning it into an OED-style multi-volume set, I'm not sure there's much more the author Lesley Bolton could pack in."

"The Complete Book of Baby Names is so fun too. It isn't just a list of names - it is like a course in baby-naming! With chapters on baby-naming history, naming trends, the attributes of a perfect name, middles names, etc. as well as 276 fun name lists like popular names in different countries, and bizarre lists such as the names of models, First Ladies, Reality TV Stars and more, this book could keep me going until I deliver!"

"We've seen a lot of baby name books in our time, some good, and some not so good. This one's a good one...It has the big list, so that you can look up the definitions of the names that you're considering. But, it also teaches you how to pick a really great name for your little bundle of joy... So, if you just want definitions, this book's got those. If you just don't know what name you want, or if you're scared of choosing the wrong name, this book can help."

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ISBN-13: 9781402253959
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/01/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 665,969
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About the Author

Lesley Bolton is the author of The Complete Book of Baby Names and 25,001 Best Baby Names and is a freelance writer and publishing professional. She lives in Terre Haute, Indiana.

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One of the first questions you will be asked by those who learn of your pregnancy is "Have you picked out a name?"--second only to "Are you have a boy or girl?" While this may be endearing at first, and somewhat annoying later, it only goes to show that there is an importance placed on names. As if preparing for the arrival of a baby isn't stressful enough, you are now under the added pressure of giving your child a name that he or she will have to live with for the rest of his or her life--or at least until he or she is old enough to legally change it. Add to that the never-ending suggestions from well-meaning family and friends--and possibly a few arguments with your partner--and baby-naming can become quite the daunting task! But it doesn't have to be. Believe it or not, you can actually have fun with the baby-naming process.

Yes, names influence first impressions. Yes, names sometimes spawn not-so-flattering nicknames that can follow a person all the way through retirement. Yes, names affect children's self-esteem. Yes, names are often obligatory ties to family. And yes, there are thousands to choose from. But what you must keep in mind is that this decision is yours. Not society's. Not your family's. Not your friend's. And certainly not stranger's. If you choose a name you take great pride in, your child will be proud of his or her name as well.

One of the biggest stressors surrounding the baby-naming process is the input you are guaranteed to receive from family members. Everyone from parents to aunts to good friends of the family will have an opinion that they're not afraid to share. And while you might want to honor your familyby using one of their names (either as a first name, middle name, or both), there are a few factors you should think about before doing so, which will be outlined in this book. And you thought naming the baby would be the easy part!

If you want the advice of others--terrific! You are certainly going to get it. If, however, you don't want the added pressure of having to defend a name you choose or finding polite excuses not to name your daughter after Great Aunt Gertie, then keep your thoughts to yourself. Since more and more couples want to know the baby's sex beforehand these days, the element of surprise has been taken away from family and friends. Instead, many couples choose to keep their baby's name a secret, which is a good way to work the surprise back into the event. Another plus is that it allows you to avoid negative feedback from others. Once Grandma gazes upon those newbie eyes for the first time, she won't even remember she disapproved of the name you chose, let alone why. However, even if you do choose to keep the name a secret, open your mind to suggestions from others. Someone just might throw that perfect name your way.

Some of the most important decisions you make for your child take place before birth, including choosing a name. While it might seem intimidating at first, once you begin to think of it as a creative process, you'll be able to let your imagination go and have fun.

Table of Contents

Introduction -
Chapter 1:Baby-Naming History
Chapter 2:In Vogue:Modern Naming Trends
Chapter 3:War of the Sexes
Chapter 4:The Attributes of a Perfect Name
Chapter 5:What Not to Name Your Baby
Chapter 6:Adding a Middle Name or Two
Chapter 7:Sibling Rivalry
Chapter 8:276 Fantastic Lists
1.Popular Names is Australia
2.Popular Names in Austria
3.Popular Names in England and Wales
4.Popular Names in Finland
5.Popular Names in Germany
6.Popular Names in Ireland
7.Popular Names in New Zealand
8.Popular Names in Northern Ireland
9.Popular Names in Norway
10.Popular Names in Scotland
11.Popular Names in Spain
12.Popular Names in Sweden
13.Popular Names in Belgium
14.Popular Names in British Columbia
15.Popular Names in Hungary
16.Popular Names in Slovenia
17.Popular Names in Catalonia
18.Popular Names in France
19.Popular Names in Alberta
20.Popular Names in Chile
21.Popular Names in the Czech Republic
22.Popular Names in Denmark
23.Popular Names in Iceland
24.Popular Names in Japan
25.Popular Names in the Netherlands
26.Popular Names in Poland
27.Popular Names in Portugal
28.Popular Names in Basque Country
29.Popular Names in Italy
30.Spiritual Names
31.Southern Names
32.Northeastern Names
33.Asian Names
34.Polish Names
35.Irish Names
36.Scottish Names
37.Welsh Names
38.Dutch Names
39.Arabic Names
40.African Names
41.Greek Names
42.Spanish Names
43.Italian Names
44.Scandinavian Names
45.Russian Names
46.German Names
47.French Names
49.Hockey Stars
51.Football Stars
52.Heisman Trophy-Winners
53.Basketball Stars
54.Track and Field Stars
55.Less-Than-Flattering Names
56.Disney Names
57.Nobel Prize-Winners
59.Yuppie Names
60.Mob Names
61.Biblical Names
62.Exotic Names
63.Auto-Racing Names
64.Biker Names
65.Hippie Names
67.Zodiac Signs
68.Native American Tribal Names
72.Bull Riders
73.International Spies
74.Redneck Names
75.Influential Names
76.Police Officers
78.Wild-Child Names
80.Sitcom Names
83.Grocery Clerks
85.FBI Agents
86.Unisex Names
87.Powerful Names
88.Presidential Names
91.Lighthearted Names
93.Humorous People
94.Eccentric Names
95.Brand Names
96.Nicknames as Names
98.Country Singers
102.Game-Show Hosts
105.Old-West Names
106.State Names
107.City Names
109.Drama Queens
110.Saint Names
112.Car Names
113.Last Names First
114.Shakespearian Names
115.Names from the Alphabet
117.Names That Double as Pets' Names
118.Gods and Goddesses
119.Mythological Characters
120.Mother-Nature Names
121.Virtue Names
123.Heroes and Heroines from American Literature
124.Truck Drivers
125.Celebrity Names
126.Roman Names
127.U.S. Authors
130.Children's Lit
132.Bird Names
135.A Names
136.B Names
137.C Names
138.D Names
139.E Names
140.F Names
141.G Names
142.H Names
143.I Names
144.J Names
145.K Names
146.L Names
147.M Names
148.N Names
149.O Names
150.P Names
151.Q Names
152.R Names
153.S Names
154.T Names
155.U Names
156.V Names
157.W Names
158.X Names
159.Y Names
160.Z Names
161.Sports Legends
162.Names to Grow Up With
164.Names That Make an Impression
166.Soap-Opera Names
167.Future Pop Stars
168.Class Clowns
172.Forensic Scientists
174.Interior Decorators
175.Home-Makeover Hosts
176.American Idols
177.Names That Are Candidates for Nicknames
178.Couch Potatoes
179.Names That Command Respect
180.Reality-TV Names
181.Disco Names
182.Celebrity Baby Names
183.Talk-Show Hosts
186.Names With Great Expectations
187.Literary Villains
188.Pro Wrestlers
190.Sesame Street Characters
191.Muppets Characters
192.Hurricane Names
193.Famous Generals
194.Pirate Names
195.MTV Names
196.British Authors
197.Classic Names
198.Flavorful Names
199.Masterpiece Theatre Names
201.Nouns as Names
202.Edible Names
204.Fairy-Tale Names
206.Romance Novelists
208.The In-Crowd Names
209.Plant Names
210.Tree Names
211.Movie Directors/Producers
212.Ballet Dancers
215.Patriotic Names
217.Popular-Song Names
219.Comic-Strip Characters
220.Famous for Being Famous
222.Amish Names
223.Storm-Inspired Names
226.Strong Names
228.First Ladies
229.Chess Players
231.Stunt Performers
233.Names that Were Invented
234.Urban Names
241.Country Names
249.African American Names
250.IT People
253.Aquatic Names
256.Soccer Players
257.Poker Players
258.Most Popular Names of the 1880s
259.Most Popular Names of the 1890s
260.Most Popular Names of the 1900s
261.Most Popular Names of the 1910s
262.Most Popular Names of the 1920s
263.Most Popular Names of the 1930s
264.Most Popular Names of the 1940s
265.Most Popular Names of the 1950s
266.Most Popular Names of the 1960s
267.Most Popular Names of the 1970s
268.Most Popular Names of the 1980s
269.Most Popular Names of the 1990s
270. Most Popular Names of 2000
271. Most Popular Names of 2001
272. Most Popular Names of 2002
273. Most Popular Names of 2003
274. Most Popular Names of 2004
275. Most Popular Names of 2005
276.Top Twin Names of 2005
Chapter 9:Girls Names
Chapter 10:Boys Names

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Complete Book of Baby Names: The Most Names (100,001+), Most Unique Names, Most Idea-Generating Lists (600+) and the Most Help to Find the Perfect Nam 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has 100,001+ baby names as well as flaws. It is organized into sections but most of them don't make sense. For instance one section of baby names is "gameshow hosts" or "grocery store clerks". Try another baby name bookthat is less confusing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*he softly massages her back, giving her a bit more comfort by leaning back a bit*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Audrey and Victoria. Those Names are adorable."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love to read about diffrent names and all of these name are so nice and unique
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im a small creamy colored she-wolf pup with green eyes that turn red when im really angry. Im nice and loyal and also having a hard time fitting in with my clan of cats.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have yellow eyes.....i have a black ears except for the tips are white( the tips are black )........i have a long white streak on my belly..........i am very agile........i am 1503 moons old
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blue grey she cat with blue eyes and white paws. Number: 6666679999