The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide

The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide

by Mark Minasi

Paperback(2nd ed)

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The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide is a problem-solving wonder. In simple, easy-to-follow language, it shows you how to prevent disasters, fix the ones that occur, and maximize your PC's power and longevity. Based on author Mark Minasi's popular seminars, this book is an unbelievable value—for only $59.99 U.S., it teaches you everything you need to know to meet your PC challenges.

Coverage includes:

  • Preventing hardware disasters
  • Installing new components
  • Upgrading memory
  • Replacing power supplies
  • Installing EIDE hard drives
  • Adding SCSI ports and devices
  • Partitioning and formatting EIDE and SCSI drives
  • Protecting your PC from viruses
  • Solving data backup challenges
  • Adding and repairing removable media devices CD-ROMs, floppies, and others
  • Troubleshooting printers Installing communications devices
  • Upgrading mice and keyboards Installing video and sound cards
  • Tackling networking issues Choosing a new PC
  • Troubleshooting Internet connectivity problems
  • Building your own PC
  • Solving special laptop problems
Featured on the CDs

On the first CD, you'll find over one hour of instructional video in which PC expert Mark Minasi teaches you his field-proven upgrade and repair techniques. Based on his popular $800 seminars, these videos are a great resource and an unbeatable value. On the second CD, you get over 20 system tune-up and diagnostic tools—utilities that help you monitor and fine-tune your PC's performance, restrict access to important data, and recover quickly when disaster strikes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780782112597
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/01/1993
Edition description: 2nd ed
Pages: 757

Table of Contents


Part 1: Core Components
Chapter 1: Five Easy Pieces: PC Hardware in a Nutshell
Chapter 2: Inside the PC: Core Components
Chapter 3: Taking Apart and Rebuilding the PC
Chapter 4: Avoiding Service: Preventive Maintenance
Chapter 5: Installing New Circuit Boards
Chapter 6: System Memory
Chapter 7: Power Supplies and Power Protection

Part 2: Devices
Chapter 8: Hard Disk Drive Overview and Terminology
Chapter 9: CD-ROM and DVD Drives
Chapter 10: Understanding and Installing ATA Drives
Chapter 11: Understanding and Installing SCSI Devices
Chapter 12: Partitioning, Formatting, and Managing Drives
Chapter 13: Protecting and Maintaining Hard Disks
Chapter 14: Understanding, Installing, and Troubleshooting Floppy Drives

Part 3: Supporting and Managing External Drives
Chapter 15: Printer Types and Interfaces
Chapter 16: Troubleshooting Inkjet Printers
Chapter 17: Troubleshooting Laser Printers
Chapter 18: Understanding and Troubleshooting Scanners
Chapter 19: Keyboards and Mice

Part 4: Multimedia
Chapter 20: Video Adapters and Displays
Chapter 21: Play It Loud: Sound Cards
Chapter 22: Digital Imaging

Part 5: Hardware Management and Troubleshooting
Chapter 23: Hardware Management via Software Solutions
Chapter 24: Using the Internet for Hardware Support
Chapter 25: Troubleshooting PC Problems

Part 6: Networking, Mobile Computing,and the Internet
Chapter 26: Networking Concepts and Hardware
Chapter 27: Installing and Troubleshooting Networks
Chapter 28: Modems and Other Internet Connection Devices
Chapter 29: Viruses and Other Nasty Bugs
Chapter 30: Notebook/Laptop Computers


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