Content's Dream: Essays 1975-1984

Content's Dream: Essays 1975-1984

by Charles Bernstein

Hardcover(1st ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780940650572
Publisher: Sun & Moon Press
Publication date: 06/28/1986
Series: Sun and Moon Classics Ser.
Edition description: 1st ed
Pages: 350

Table of Contents

1The Secret of Syntax
Three or Four Things I Know about Him13
Stray Straws and Straw Men40
A Particular Thing50
The Dollar Value of Poetry57
Thought's Measure61
2Film of Perception
Frames of Reference89
Words and Pictures114
3Reading, Person, Philosophy
The Objects of Meaning: Reading Cavell Reading Wittgenstein165
Meaning the Meaning: Arakawa's Critique of Space184
The Stadium of Explanation196
On Theatricality199
Writing and Method217
The Academy in Peril: William Carlos Williams Meets the MLA244
Jackson at Home252
Maintaining Space: Clark Coolidge's Early Works259
Making Words Visible / Hannah Weiner266
The Alphabet of Stride271
Counting and Uncounting274
Writing Against the Body276
Robin Blaser Introduction282
Hejinian's Notes284
I Think I Understand Alan Davies286
With Words: An Assembling of Visual Works from New York289
Hearing 'Here': Robert Creeley's Poetics of Duration292
Narrating Narration: The Shapes of Ron Silliman's Work305
Undone Business321
The Telling340
The Conspiracy of "Us"343
Blood on the Cutting Room Floor351
Living Tissue/Dead Ideas363
An Interview with Tom Beckett385
Socialist Realism or Real Socialism?411

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