Corpsman Up!

Corpsman Up!

by David Johnson


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I entered the military as most enlistees with only the beliefs I was raised with. I thought I knew what I was getting into only to discover that very little of combat was like anything I imagined it to be. I soon found myself wondering about the processes that got me to a war I personally opposed and have had to wonder since what that says about me.

I remember the day the foundation of my beliefs was shook to the ground. A dying Marine wanted to know how god, the god that was suppose to protect him from harm, could have let what happened to him happen. I did not know, a realization that turned my whole world upside down. Why were we here --- dying in some mosquito infested swamp? For what? And who were the beneficiaries?

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ISBN-13: 9780595521265
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/18/2009
Pages: 404
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bernie-Weisz More than 1 year ago
Truly a thought provoking book, David Johnson's "Corpsman Up!" will leave the reader upon completing this with a variety of questions and issues. What was accomplished in Vietnam? How many unreported atrocities truly were there? What is the "Military Industrial Complex" and how does it profit from conflict America emeshes itself in? What is Fascism? Does God exist? Is the Bible a bunch of myths? Is Christianity a cult? In terms of "Faith Healing", is taking dying people's money by offering false hope despicable? If a Christian buys health insurance, is that a testimony of disbelief? Does the Bible preach rampant sexism? Was it written for the privileged class for the benefit of the privileged class? Was Jesus gentle, or truly a family man? These issues, and many more will the reader of "Corpsman Up" encounter, surely to raise the ire of some, others the curiosity, indignation and further. David Johnson is not afraid to point out that if there was no Vietnam, there were no corporate profits. If there is a surplus of supply (guns, planes, tanks, bombs), a "demand" must be created (war in S.E. Asia) and a motive must go along with it (the supposed "Gulf of Tonkin" incident and the "Domino Theory"). There are so many more issues that the reader will come across when reading "Corpsman Up" that it is impossible to read more than 10 pages in this book without going off to the Internet to look up something or to go purchase another book mentioned within these pages. Johnson discusses the My Lai massacre and his feelings about that embarrassing event, America's rearmament of both Germany after W.W.II and Iraq after it's war with Iraq, the definition of Fascism and how it relates to society today, and the ignorance of the thousands fighting fascism when they cannot even define what it was. However, the most controversial part of this book, which I will not give away in this review, is David Johnson's discussion of God, the Bible, science, Evolutionism verses Creationism, Christianity per se, and the belief in what Johnson labels a "higher power". Right or wrong, I applaud this author for having the courage to question some very cherished beliefs and institutions, challenge the integrity of the movers and shakers of this country, and whether or not you agree or not with this book, I can guarantee you that when you finish the last pages of "Corpsman Up" your views on a variety of subjects mentioned within the pages of this memoir will never be the same!!!!! A must read!!!!