Covered Waters: Tempests of a Nomadic Trouter

Covered Waters: Tempests of a Nomadic Trouter

by Joseph Heywood

Paperback(Updated Edition)

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Originally published in 2003, Covered Waters is a "forgotten classic" by Joseph Heywood. Now back in print and featuring new material, this collection of autobiographical essays and fishing tales helps readers understand the extent of Heywood’s passion for the sport, especially in his native waters of Michigan. Covered Waters covers an outdoorsman’s wanderings and wonderings about fishing and life, and how the two are often interconnected. These episodes include reminiscences of his days in the U.S. Air Force, training to drop nukes on the Soviet Union in the Cold War; his temporary but intense obsession with bear hunting (which ended the moment he finally killed a bear); and, of course, his international adventures in fishing, recounting such hilarious scenes as two women in France engaged in what appeared to be strip fishing. After fishing the world over, Heywood finds that there is no water like home water, and no fishing partners like old friends.

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ISBN-13: 9781493013128
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 09/16/2015
Edition description: Updated Edition
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 588,151
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Joseph Heywood is the author of The Snowfly, Covered Waters, The Berkut, Taxi Dancer, The Domino Conspiracy, the nine Grady Service Mysteries, Hard Ground: Woods Cop Stories, Harder Ground, and Red Jacket and Mountains of the Misbegotten (Lute Bapcat Mysteries). Featuring Grady Service, a contemporary detective in the Upper Peninsula for Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, andLute Bapcat, a Rough Rider turned Michigan game warden in the 1910s, Heywood's mystery series have earned the author cult status among lovers of the outdoors, law enforcement officials, and mystery devotees. Heywood lives in Portage, Michigan. Visit the author’s web site at

Table of Contents

Prologue: On Becoming an Aspirinautix
Part IThe Sixties1
1Blood and Water3
2Satan's Demise11
3The Little Munoscong Academy17
4Discovering the West with Less Elan than Lewis & Clark21
5Shaky Starts25
6An Obsessive-Compulsive's Bath Mat Bear Rug29
7A Tale of Young Tigers and the Commuter War37
8Missions Not Missed: Adieu to Wars, Hot and Cold67
Part IIThe Seventies & Eighties75
9Hunting for Something77
10Life Forces: Sex and Rivers81
11A Hymn for Shrinking Waters85
12Lampreys and Other Nomads87
13Michigan Tribes: Ingrids and Militias97
14Tracking Natty Bumppo101
15Trouting Conundrums: The Name Game105
16Road-Ranger Ramble113
17Cats: Not the Musical117
18Fishing for Information123
19Of Yuks and Kids127
Part IIIEnding the Century133
20The Reality of Unreality135
21Fish Where They Are: Stovepipe Brookies139
22The Zen of Trouting: Mister Tom's Cabin141
23Tastes like Chicken143
24Fishing in the Dark153
25The Woods of the Blue Brassiere161
26Turning the Corner: Some Practical Thoughts about Fishing Downstream of a Stroke167
27Wending the Winding Road to Fish Camp175
28Hunting Hunters in the U.P.181
29Camp Fishhead: Eye-eee!203
30A Modest Proposal211
31Retiring to Life213
Epilogue: Getting Out of the Boat217

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